‘Manitoba Chiefs Attack The Existence of Canada’

I state without fear that I am not a ‘settler,’ I am not a ‘colonizer,’ and I am not a guest in this country. I am a Canadian. I reject a false and divisive narrative that seeks to guilt Canadians into abandoning their love of Canada.

“Winnipeg mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk says the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) has created a “false and divisive narrative” that’s trying to guilt voters into “abandoning” their love of Canada.

“Earlier this month, Motkaluk publicly stated she wants The Forks not to continue with renaming July 1 events as “A New Day“. The name change, according to The Forks this summer, was meant to reflect on ‘reconciliation’ efforts, and the ‘potential discovery’ of unmarked burial sites on former residential school grounds.

{None have yet to be found!}

“Motkaluk said if elected mayor, she would appoint people to The Forks board who would help her celebrate Canada Day at the national historic site. In response that same day, the AMC published a statement on its website, denouncing that promise.

{And denouncing Canada and its people…}

The Canada that Jenny Motkaluk is celebrating was built off the suffering ‘First Nations’ and should have never existed in the first place“,

the statement read.

Canada is home for all of us, ’First Nations’ peoples and settlers alike {Canadian Aboriginals are also ‘settlers’ from Siberia and Mongolia}. As a nation, we need to come together and agree that celebrating ‘colonization’ {‘modernization’} and {non-existent} ‘genocide’ is no longer part of the agenda.”

Jenny Motkaluk makes a campaign announcement on Sept. 28, 2022. (Jeff Stapleton-CBC)

On Monday, Motkaluk responded in a press release and open letter, saying the AMC is

declaring Canada should never have existed at all {!}.

I state without fear that I am not a ‘settler,’ I am not a ‘colonizer,’ and I am not a guest in this country. I am a Canadian“,

she wrote.

I reject the cancellation of Canada Day, especially at the Forks, and I reject a false and divisive narrative that seeks to guilt Canadians into abandoning their love of Canada.”

“In a Monday interview, AMC deputy Grand Chief Cornell McLean called Winnipeg the “largest reserve in the country” since it has the largest urban ‘Indigenous’ population in Canada.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Deputy Grand Chief Cornell McLean. (CBC)

“Cornell repeated some of the points brought up in the initial statement, saying all politicians should work toward {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.

We agreed {?} celebrating ‘colonization’ and ‘genocide’ is no longer part of the agenda. What point is she trying to make?

he asked.

You can’t just go off on a little tirade every time someone makes a comment. Nothing was directed toward her or any other candidate — we merely made comments toward some of her beliefs.”

{You made traitorous and derogatory statements about Canada!}

“In the letter, Motkaluk said she will not participate in the AMC’s mayoral forum next week. She also said she’s weighing whether or not she’ll participate in the debate held by the Chiefs of Treaty One ‘Nation’ {There is NO ‘Treaty One ‘Nation’…} — depending on if they agree with AMC or not.

“She’s also asking the other 10 mayoral candidates to mark their stance on the issue, and if they

agree Canada Day is a macabre celebration of genocide?

“Advance polls in Winnipeg are open until Oct. 21. Election day is Oct. 26.”

–‘Winnipeg mayoral candidate calls AMC’s statement defending new July 1 events ‘false and divisive narrative’’,

Sam Samson, CBC News, Oct. 17, 2022


See also:

Cancel Canada Day (R-CANADALEFT-Reddit)

Aboriginals Lead Attack on Canada Day {June 30, 2022}:

To me, the cancellation of Canada Day was a very divisive act. And I think that Canadians more than ever need to be looking to the things that unify us.”

The decision to rename ‘Canada Day’ celebrations in Winnipeg has divided people and comes at a time when cities across Canada are figuring out how to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation while respecting the process of {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.”


Winnipeg mayoral candidate Don Woodstock, standing at left. (Travis Golby-CBC)

Condemned for the Truth {Sept.23, 2022}:

‘Black’ candidate labelled ‘Racist’ for telling the truth:

Some Winnipeg mayoral contestants are condemning candidate Don Woodstock for standing up at a forum on women’s issues and stating {the fact that} ‘Indigenous’ {sic} men are the cause of violence against ‘Indigenous’ women.”


Stop Hiding The Truth {Sept.20, 2019}:

“This is what racist propaganda looks like. Here we have APTN doing an in-depth feature on the high number of aboriginal murder victims in Winnipeg while failing to even comment on WHO IS DOING THE KILLING! {See below}:

“‘Indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} people account for almost half of the homicide victims in the city of Winnipeg. Of the 119 homicides in the city over the last five years, 47.1% are ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men and women…



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  1. Some aboriginal people fail to realize that 95% of Canadians are proud of this Country. It’s our home, too. We are not going anywhere and do not apologize for being citizens. It’s a minority of aboriginals that are perpetually disaffected, with nothing positive to say or act on. I think many Canadians are now exhausted with that, the refusal of the aboriginal leadership to be honest about their lack of objectivity and their refusal to accept any responsibility for their condition. The unilateral approach will never be successful. If you truly want reconciliation, meet Canadians half way.


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