‘Aboriginals Lead Attack on Canada Day’

To me, the cancellation of Canada Day was a very divisive act. And I think that Canadians more than ever need to be looking to the things that unify us.”

Cancel Canada Day (R-CANADALEFT-Reddit)

“The decision to rename ‘Canada Day’ celebrations in Winnipeg has divided people, including those running in the Manitoba capital’s October mayoral election, and led to debates over whether it constitutes “cancel culture”. It comes at a time when cities across Canada are figuring out how to celebrate the anniversary of Confederation while respecting the process of {one-way} ‘reconciliation’. 

“Each year, Canada Day celebrations are held at The Forks, a historic site, events centre and green space at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in downtown Winnipeg. This year, though, the celebrations will be a little different.

We are ‘reimagining’ a Canada Day, a new day, that includes a reflective, inclusive and fun day for everyone to come together”,

says an events notice on The Forks’ website.

“The celebrations, which news reports have said will be called “New Day”, will feature “spaces for healing, with ‘Indigenous’-led music, dance, and sacred fires”, food trucks and picnic spots, “family-friendly, multicultural entertainment”, including ‘Indigenous’ {sic} games, a chalk and bubble station and an oral history tour with ‘Indigenous’ elders.

{Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia.}

“The changes have been divisive among some in the city {!}.

“Jenny Motkaluk, who’s running for Mayor in the October mayoral election, ignited a firestorm when she posted on social media that she will be “proudly celebrating Canada’s birthday because I love my country unconditionally”. (The backlash was fast and furious {and misogynist}, with one of the more extreme responses calling her a “dog whistling c–t”.)

“Motkaluk told ‘National Post’ on Thursday that she was “really upset” when she heard about the changes. Canada Day, she said, is a way to celebrate the country and to

celebrate our responsibility to making it even better in the future”.

Canada is my home and Canada is your home. And Canada is the one thing that unites all of us. We’re all Canadians”,

said Motkaluk.

And to me, the cancellation of Canada Day was a very divisive act. And I think that Canadians more than ever need to be looking to the things that unify us.”

“For her, the issue isn’t that the programming is different this year, with, for example, no fireworks.

It’s about the fact that they felt that we couldn’t call it Canada Day anymore, right?

Motkaluk said.

“For those wishing to have a more celebratory Canada Day, said {Aboriginal activist} Robert-Falcon Ouellette, a former member of Parliament and mayoral candidate, there are other opportunities in town for those people.

Taking the time on Canada Day, which is usually a day of celebration, to be reflective, to think about our history, think about ‘reconciliation’, and what that means and what type of country we want is extremely important”,

said Ouellette, who’s from the Red Pheasant Cree ‘Nation’.

Sometimes it’s good to take a day where we actually reflect on where we’ve come as a country and where we’re going as a nation.”

{Red Pheasant Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,570 people} is notorious for its criminal activity in the surrounding communities. Colten Boushie, the young man killed while robbing a local farm, was from this reserve.}

“For Winnipeggers, the changes have been divisive, said Rana Bokhari, the former leader of the Manitoba ‘Liberal’ Party, who’s also running for mayor. Still, Bokhari said,

I can’t wait to take my family there.”

{This is the foolish woman who, while leading the provincial ‘Liberal’ Party, proposed creating segregated Aboriginal-only Legislature seats:

–‘Liberals would set aside at least 10% of Manitoba seats for {so-called} ‘indigenous’ MLAs’,

Chris Glover, CBC News, Mar 24, 2016

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/liberals-would-set-aside-at-least-10-of-manitoba-seats-for-indigenous-mlas-1.3506141 }

What I value about this decision is that it was done in a way that’s in light of the {possible} unmarked graves, in light of what ‘Indigenous’ communities were going through, in light of these conversations that we’re having, these words that we are saying about reconciliation”,

Bokhari said.

{Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia.}

“Last year on Canada Day, thousands of people in Winnipeg — and around Manitoba — turned out to events honouring residential school ‘survivors’ {former students} wearing orange T-shirts, rather than the traditional red-and-white of Canada.

I know it’s a hard decision. You know, but change is hard. Healing is hard. Coming together as a community is hard, and it’s going to be hard”,

said Bokhari.

{Yes, especially when activists keep taking actions that alienate the majority of Canadians…}

“Don Woodstock, another Mayoral candidate, described the decision as “cancel culture B.S.”, a sentiment that’s been echoed by People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, who said Canada Day was

cancel culture’s new target”.

The majority of the folks that are part of the cancel culture BS do not work, they live off of parents or the government and really do not care one bit about me, you or Winnipeg”,

said Woodstock in a release.

“In an interview, Woodstock agreed that the ‘colonial’ system had ‘marginalized’ ‘Indigenous’ people.

But to cancel Canada Day, because of that fact, and to try and say to me and others that we shouldn’t celebrate Canada Day? No, man”,

Woodstock said.

“He said he would prefer that the event continued to be called Canada Day but incorporated more of Canada’s history…

The Forks did not respond to the ‘National Post’s request for comment on the Canada Day changes. But, the ‘Winnipeg Sun’ reported The Forks had consulted with {only} ‘Indigenous’ communities about changing the way Canada Day is celebrated.

We acknowledge the anger and hurt ‘Indigenous’ communities are feeling, and we know we have a role to play in the healing process”,

said Sara Stasiuk, CEO of ‘The Forks North Portage Partnership’.

“Other cities in Canada are ‘grappling’ with how to celebrate Canada Day while acknowledging that, in the wake of the discovery of ‘probable’ {?} graves of ‘Indigenous’ children who died at residential schools, the celebratory atmosphere clashes with {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.

“In 2021, just weeks after the first major announcement of ‘probable’ {? Evidence?} graves in Kamloops, {the communist City Council of} Victoria cancelled its Canada Day celebrations.

“This year, in Kamloops, the city says “Canada Day is forever changed”, and that it will work with Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc {a local tribe} to ensure Canada’s ‘true’ history is incorporated”. While Edmonton is still hosting a Canada Day event, the city notes the day

also offers us time to grieve, learn, reflect, commit to understanding the truth and move ahead towards {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.”

“In Vancouver, the annual Canada Day celebrations at the Port of Vancouver are taking a “new direction”, with, similar to Winnipeg, a new theme and name: Canada Together. As well, citing security and costs {?}, the port has cancelled the fireworks.

“Scott Gillingham, a Winnipeg councillor who’s also running for Mayor, said he intends to visit the event, plus other events around the city.

It’s unfortunate the debate has become so polarizing, especially online. The result is that it’s really taking away from the fact that Canada Day is to be a day where we come together, and reconciliation is focused on unity {No, it’s not…},

said Gillingham.”

–‘’Cancel culture’s new target’? Renaming of Canada Day events in Winnipeg sparks controversy’,

Tyler Dawson, National Post, June 23, 2022


Canada Day (Facts.net)

“If the goal is to make Canada more inclusive, how is that achieved by cancelling Canada Day?

“At the Forks in Winnipeg, there will be no Canada Day this year. Instead, there will be a new day called, unimaginatively enough, ‘New Day’.

“Since the Forks is Winnipeg’s busiest gathering place with more than 4 million visitors a year, its Canada Day celebration has traditionally been the largest in Manitoba.

“But this year, instead of bands and fireworks, there will be (according to the Forks website) a day devoted to reflection, inclusion and “fun for everyone”.

“Don’t worry, the traditional speeches by politicians will still be offered. So if you’re more than a little masochistic, and speeches are the main Canada Day attraction for you, you’ll still get your fill of politicos’ pontifications.

“But what if you’re proud of Canada, warts and all? What if you want to blow off a little midsummer’s steam and rejoice in what this country has done right while also acknowledging (but not dwelling on) things it may have done wrong?

“What if your idea of inclusion is trying to craft a festival that will showcase the contribution of many cultures to the Canadian nation, and help us all understand and respect one another by having fun together, rather than an event that sounds like the equivalent of donning a hairshirt and subjecting yourself to purifying flagellation?

“And what if, in the process of cancelling Canada Day, organizers alienate people who are proud of the country and like the annual celebration? Don’t those people deserve to be included in the official inclusiveness, too?

“Or are only the people who accept the “woke” version of our country’s history to have a July 1 event?

“I fail to see how ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘reconciliation’ are advanced if the people politically correct crusaders believe are the most in need of being educated are discouraged from coming.

“Edmonton is going ahead with its Canada Day events. Vancouver, too. And both of those cities have ‘Indigenous’ populations in the range of Winnipeg’s.

“Edmonton’s attitude is “Canada Day marks the anniversary of Confederation and also offers us time to grieve, learn, reflect, commit to understanding the truth and move ahead towards reconciliation”. But also to celebrate. Together.

“Vancouver says it’s ‘C-Da’y events will seek to “weave together the fabric of the nation”.

“We just held ‘National ‘Indigenous’ Peoples’ Day’ (which is more widely known as orange-shirt day) and in September, we will commemorate the second ‘National Day for Truth and Reconciliation’ (or as the PM calls, ‘National Surfin’ in Tofino Day’).

“Those two commemorations are much better suited to reflection and contemplation on such issues as how to overcome the still very real fallout from the residential school system.

“I believe Canada Day would be more useful if it showed us how to have fun together, how to enjoy each others’ company, to share a country as one and have a good time doing it.

“‘White’ “progressives” may welcome yet another day set aside for beating themselves up for the crimes of ‘colonialism’ and for refusing to see any of the good done by European settlers. But ordinary Canadians need to party once in a while.

“Besides, our country deserves more respect than another official day in which its achievements are minimized, even disparaged.

“Do problems – real, significant problems – remain? Of course. We need always to work at ensuring fairness, equality and justice for everyone. Every country does. Canada is a work in progress. But getting rid of Canada Day is similar to the Trudeau government flying our flag at half mast for months on end to recognize deaths at residential schools. In the end, it was counterproductive.”

–‘The latest attempt to cancel Canada Day? Renaming it ‘New Day’’,

Lorne Gunter, Toronto Sun, June 26, 2022


See also: 

Race Rights Added To Citizenship Oath{June 8, 2022}:

We stand strongly opposed to any ‘rights’ based on race or ethnicity:

I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada, including the Constitution, which recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal and treaty rights of ‘First Nations’, Inuit and Métis Peoples, and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.”



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