‘Condemned for the Truth’

Black’ candidate labelled ‘Racist’ for telling the truth:

“Some Winnipeg mayoral contestants are condemning candidate Don Woodstock for standing up at a forum on women’s issues and stating {the fact that} ‘Indigenous’ {sic} men are the cause of violence against ‘Indigenous’ women. 

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Don Woodstock, standing at left. (Travis Golby-CBC)

{Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia.}

“Woodstock, a security-company owner who is making his second run for mayor, told an audience of about 60 mayoral-campaign workers and ordinary citizens on Thursday evening he believes “Aboriginal men” are the reason violence is committed against ‘Indigenous’ women.

“Woodstock made the comments Thursday evening at a forum organized by the ‘Council of Winnipeg Women’ and held at the John Osborn unit of the Army Navy Air Force Veterans, in Polo Park. All of the candidates were provided the same questions, in advance, about how they would improve public safety, Winnipeg Transit and housing for women in this city.

“When it was Woodstock’s turn to address safety, he said “Aboriginal{The correct Constitutional term – Don’t know why CBC has put it in quotation marks} men don’t respect ‘Indigenous’ women, and that is why there is violence against ‘Indigenous’ women.

“After the forum, he repeated his comments.

{VIDEO is included at the link below…}

In my view, in what I’ve seen and what I hear, Indigenous men and youths need to come to the table to solve this problem of missing and murdered Indigenous women. This is the link“,

Woodstock said.

In most cases, if you talk to them and listen to them and listen how they view and value women, it’s not the same as how I view and value women.

“Woodstock went on to say ‘Indigenous’ men have too many sexual and romantic partners.

Why do some youngsters see themselves as the only thing that is good for them is to have multiple wives, multiple sweethearts, multiple mothers, multiple families?

he asked, adding he does not believe his opinion is controversial.

I’m giving you my view of what I’ve seen.”

“Fellow mayoral candidates Jenny Motkaluk, Rick Shone and Shaun Loney condemned Woodstock’s comments as ‘racist’.

“Candidate Rana Bokhari briefly walked out when Woodstock made his comments.

{Manitoba Liberals Pushing for Segregated Legislature {March 31, 2016}:

If Manitoba voters elect a ‘Liberal’ {Party} government, the voting system will be changed and at least 10% of MLAs would be ‘indigenous’. ‘Liberal’ {Party} Leader Rana Bokhari announced Thursday at the Manitoba Legislature that the number of seats under proportional representation may increase from the current 57 but whatever the number, 10% would be set aside for ‘indigenous people’, BUT FOR NO OTHER PARTICULAR GROUP.”

https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/manitoba-liberals-pushing-for-segregated-legislature/ }

‘Disgraceful, disrespectful, completely inaccurate’

I don’t think I needed to sit here and listen to him spew that absolute disgraceful, disrespectful, completely inaccurate, factually incorrect, perpetuating-more-violence-against-women comment“,

she said, adding Woodstock should have been asked to leave the forum.

{YOU should be made to actually research this subject, to combat your ignorance!}

When you victimize some of the most vulnerable people in the city, you should go. This isn’t the place for you.”

“Forum organizer Brenda Buleziuk said she was disappointed.

It saddens me to hear people still talking like that, as if they’re still back in the dark ages“,

she said.

{YOU are the one living in self-righteous ignorance…}

“Robert-Falcon Ouellette, the only ‘Indigenous’ candidate at the forum, arrived too late to hear Woodstock’s comment…

“Most of the candidates who took part in the forum used their time at the microphone to make passionate statements about the need to protect women, refugees, the LGBT community and other vulnerable Winnipeggers…”

–‘Winnipeg mayoral candidate Don Woodstock blames Indigenous men for violence against Indigenous women’,

Bartley Kives, CBC News, Sept. 23, 2022



See also:

Most murdered and missing aboriginal women victims of indigenous perpetrators: RCMP{April 14, 2015}:

Seventy per cent of the perpetrators in Canada’s cases of murdered and missing aboriginal women are indigenous, the RCMP commissioner has confirmed.”


Stop Blaming ALL Canadians{October 7, 2015}:

When aboriginal women are battered or murdered, the perpetrator is their male partner in the overwhelming majority of the cases. That partner is almost always aboriginal. Aboriginal women are also far more likely to be battered or murdered by their partners than are non-aboriginal women… Rather than concentrating on the massive problem of aboriginal male violence to women, aboriginal leaders insist on trying to focus on the tiny fraction of female victims of violence who are missing and may have been murdered by non-aboriginal men…”


Finally, The Truth… (Missing Women) {November 25, 2015}:

Across Canada, in nearly one-third of all homicide cases in 2014, the accused person was of aboriginal descent, although indigenous people only make up five per cent of the Canadian population.”


Stop Hiding The Truth (Ab. Men Killing Ab. Women) {Sept.20, 2019}:

“This is what racist propaganda looks like. Here we have APTN doing an in-depth feature on the high number of aboriginal murder victims in Winnipeg while failing to even comment on WHO IS DOING THE KILLING! {See below}:

“‘Indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} people account for almost half of the homicide victims in the city of Winnipeg. Of the 119 homicides in the city over the last five years, 47.1% are ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} men and women…




  1. Mr. Woodstock is not wrong. In 2015, the RCMP released a report on Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women last May based on statistics from police agencies across the country. It said at least 1,181 indigenous women and girls were murdered or went missing between 1980 and 2012. The RCMP divulged previously unreleased information about ethnicity collected by the RCMP. Mr. Paulson wrote: “The consolidated data from the nearly 300 contributing police agencies has confirmed that 70 per cent of the offenders were of aboriginal origin, 25 per cent were non-aboriginal, and five per cent were of unknown ethnicity.” This is consistent with more recent, published Stats Can data indicating aboriginal community violence occurs at rates well over double that in the general population.

    None of this violence will ever be fully addressed until the aboriginal leadership and their communities step up to accept responsibility for their violence. The blame game, typically deflecting to colonialism or intergenerational trauma as reasons, can never fix the tragic problem of disproportionate violence by aboriginal men against other aboriginals, especially the women.


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