‘TD Bank Encouraging Anti-‘Conservative’ Vote’

Aboriginal Race rights activists disguised as ‘diversity trainers’:

“‘Social justice’ trainers have been caught telling a group of TD Bank workers not to vote for the ‘Conservatives’ because they do not care about ‘indigenous’ people. 

From what I know, ‘Conservatives’ go against a lot of what ‘indigenous’ people are trying to do, because they advocate for pipelines”, {?}

said one trainer named Carol, in a video obtained by the Western Standard…

They don’t want ‘indigenous’ people to have a voice.”

{Canadian Aboriginals are ‘indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia.}

The ‘trainer’ {‘programmer’} told TD staff the ‘Liberals’ and NDP care more about ‘indigenous’ people. She went on to say the Greens are huge on supporting ‘indigenous’ people because the party is “very connected to the land.

I would say those areas are what to vote for versus ‘Conservative’ because I’ve noticed what a lot of their contentions are against ‘Indigenous’ {Race} rights“,

said the trainer at the end of July meeting.

Another ‘diversity trainer’ said ‘Conservatives’ do not prioritize ‘reconciliation’.

“The ‘trainer’ complained about how Ontario Premier Doug Ford scrapped curriculum consultations about ‘indigenous’ history after being elected in 2018.

I see people like Jagmeet Singh who are trying to consult and actually speaking with ‘indigenous’ about what we want, what we are looking for”,

she said.

Consultation is very important to our community to feel that we have a voice and our voice is being heard.”

The ‘trainer’ said the NDP is the best at fighting for ‘indigenous’ rights.

“The Western Standard reached out to TD officials but hasn’t heard back as of publishing time.

“This incident was revealed after TD posted a job ad on August 4 for an LGBT business development manager for its ‘Diverse Segments Team’.

{This job ad mirrors one the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) posted on July 14 for an ‘anti-racism’ and ‘inclusion’ director paying between $90,961 and $123,067 per year.”

https://www.westernstandard.news/news/td-bank-looking-to-hire-2slgbtq-business-administrator/article_8c3c4e52-142a-11ed-9be6-37a9c1f68873.html }

–‘TD diversity trainers caught telling employees to not vote Conservative’,

Jonathan Bradley, Western Standard, Aug.12, 2022


See also:

Correcting Celebrity Misconceptions{Mar.27, 2021}:

Let’s have a conversation based on facts; not stereotypes based on dogmas or an ideology. I look forward to sharing with you a different perspective on the oil sands industry and the important role it plays in our economy and social development.

Meet Stephen Buffalo, President and CEO of the ‘Indian Resource Council of Canada’, who has taken to social media to make a request to Jane Fonda to have a calm and fact-based discussion about the oil and gas industry in Canada…”


I Can Speak For Myself(Female Aboriginal Oil Worker) {Oct.13, 2020}:

To hear it from oil sands critics, politicians and activists, ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} people in the oil sands are a contradiction. Surely, they cannot exist. Or if they do, they are surely victims of a predatory resource industry, or are colonized sellouts.

So I thought I’d share my own story…”


Chief Denounces Environmentalist ‘Red-washing(B.C.) {April 15, 2018}:

Some aboriginal leaders are getting tired of being manipulated by ‘environmental’ activists:

Cancellation of the ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline would cost B.C. ‘First Nations’ hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits, job training, and employment and business opportunities, according to Cheam Chief Ernie Crey.”



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  1. Sounds like it’s time to find a new bank to deal with. A banks thats is non political seems the TD Bank needs to deal with financial matters and stop the political brainwashing!!!


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