‘Another Result of Systemic Racism’

This is what Canada gets for having systemic racism in its court system. ‘Gladue’ has simply made Canadian communities – and particularly Aboriginal communities – less and less safe…

Rider has 39 previous convictions, including multiple assaults and one conviction for manslaughter in 2018.”

“A prolific offender is once again facing serious charges – this time for an incident with a firearm in Tsawwassen.

“Zachery Frederick Rider, 42-years-old, of no fixed address, has been charged with:

–carry, use, or threaten to use a weapon or an imitation weapon,

–use of an imitation firearm while committing the indictable offense of assault,

–possess weapon for a dangerous purpose,

–utter threats to cause death or bodily harm

and resist or willfully obstruct a police officer.

“Rider remains in custody with his next court appearance scheduled for this afternoon (Friday) in Surrey provincial court.

“Rider has 39 previous convictions, including multiple assaults and one conviction for manslaughter in 2018.

“The recent arrest and charges relate to an incident on Oct. 11 at approx. 9:30 p.m. when Delta Police were called regarding a male trying to stop traffic in the 5800 block of 16th Ave. in Tsawwassen…

In total, seven complainants called the police to report this male in possession of a firearm, pointing the firearm, stopping traffic, and threatening and confronting people.”

“…Officers located the male and attempted to de-escalate the situation to take him into custody; however, the male was not cooperative, and a 40mm less-lethal impact round was deployed, striking the male in the leg. The male proceeded to comply with the officer’s instruction and was taken into custody without further incident. A replica handgun was recovered at the arrest scene.”

–‘Charges sworn in firearms incident in Tsawwassen’,

Ian Jacques, Delta Optimist, Oct.14, 2022


Zachery Rider. (Calgary Police Service)

From 2016:

“Calgary police want to talk to a person of interest relating to the death of a 58-year-old man in Bankview on Tuesday, which has been deemed a homicide. Police are looking for Zachery Frederick Rider, 36, of no fixed address…

Rider is described as Aboriginal, 180 pounds and 5’8″. Police say Rider is known to police…”

–‘Police looking for person of interest in Bankview homicide’,

CBC News, Nov. 24, 2016


See also: 

The Folly Of ‘Gladue’ {August 28, 2016}:

Media reports have described Christine Mequish as “among the most dangerous women in the country”, a convicted killer with a record that includes 25 violent crimes since 1984. Last April, following an armed robbery conviction in La Tuque, Que., the 58-year-old was declared a dangerous offender — just the fourth Canadian woman ever designated as such. But while noting her “brutal behaviour” and the likelihood that she will again cause “death, serious abuse or serious psychological harm to other people”, the sentencing judge stopped short of ordering the indeterminate sentence requested by the Crown.

“The reason for the lighter sentence: Mequish is an aboriginal…”


Conning The System(Gladue) {October 18, 2016}:

Exploiting the racial bias in Canadian sentencing:

Man behind violent jewelry store heist delays sentencing at last minute by telling court his mother is Cherokee’…”


Undermining Public Safety (Healing Lodges) {August 21, 2016}:

“Last Saturday night, Darrell Moosomin walked away from prison. Classified as a dangerous offender, the 54-year-old had been serving an indeterminate sentence in a minimum-security ‘First Nations’ Healing Lodge in central Alberta. Over the weekend, he was granted permission to attend a powwow ceremony under the supervision of an elder.

He was reported missing at 8:45 p.m. that night…


Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada{April 13, 2018}:

We have repeatedly pointed out that the contemporary billion-dollar Aboriginal Industry is the creation of a Canadian legal profession that, coincidentally, happens to be the chief beneficiary of the expansion of race-based differential treatment in law. To the detriment of Canada’s future, Canadian law schools seem to be gearing up for unlimited expansion of this discrimination-based legal gravy train…”



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