‘More Of The Same’

While we readily encourage Canadians to try forming new political organizations, what is the point, if you’re just serving up the same crap in different packaging?

The newest entry – the ‘Centrist Party of Canada’ – has simply copied the Aboriginal Industry’s rhetoric where the Aboriginal issue is concerned. There isn’t a single new idea in this cliche-heavy diatribe. It should also be noted that there aren’t any concrete policy proposals amongst the field of verbiage. Why bother?

Here’s their ‘policy’, with our Comments in Brackets {In Red, for those reading the web page}…

“Canada is the best country in the world, however, hate and discrimination still affect our communities. The roots of racial discrimination were founded with the inception of Confederation of Canada in the form of residential schools. The ‘indigenous’ {sic, Canadian Aboriginals are indigenous to Siberia and Mongolia} children were forcefully admitted in these schools against the consent of their parents.
{Nonsense. Most children were taken to the schools voluntarily by their families…}

“These were government sponsored religious schools under the churches {Where Aboriginal children learned to read and write}. Thousands of children suffered physical and sexual abuse in these schools {There’s no way of verifying that number}. More than six thousand children died
{Out of 150,000, over an 80-year period. P.S. The death rate was not abnormal for children in that era; in fact, being away at Residential school spared many children from the diseases that swept through many villages.}
and many of these children’s bodies were never returned to their families. Mr. Johan {sic, ‘John’} A. Macdonald, the first prime minister, was the founder of these schools.
{And the man who gave Aboriginals the vote…}

“‘Indigenous’ and ‘racialized’ {The racist term for non-‘white’} communities still experience hate and discrimination in our country. ‘Systemic racism’ and discrimination can affect the way people are offered interviews for jobs, hired or promoted, the level of public service they receive, or how they interact with institutions like schools, hospital, law enforcement and courtrooms.

“Racism diminishes the humanity of ‘marginalized{ALL} people. ‘Racial communities’ {? You are confusing Race and Culture} and ‘Indigenous’ peoples face discrimination and racism in their daily lives even when dealing with governmental institutions.

“In Canada today, ‘racialized’ people {There’s that offensive racist term again…} are less likely to find an employment suitable for their qualification. Immigrants and ‘racialized’ communities are the targets of divisive rhetoric; therefore, we cannot stand by and allow racism to divide our communities.

“‘Diversity is our strength’ is only a talk if we do not take practical actions to counter racism.

“Centrist Party of Canada will always stand against hate in all its forms and work to end systemic injustice, racism, and discrimination.”

Centrist Party of Canada
They simply join the chorus of idiocy that permeates our political parties:
Conservative’ Party Cowardice’ (Residential Schools) {Feb.7, 2021}:
It’s hard to tell if this is more about political correctness or political cowardice…or both. Either way, it reinforces an unnecessarily-negative view of Canada’s past that just weakens our nation. It also is yet another example of the lack of real political Opposition in Canada – a dangerous situation where Canada’s future is concerned…
   “‘Conservative’ {Party} Leader Erin O’Toole walked back his comments about residential schools…saying the system was not intended to try and “provide education”…”

The Green Party at least has produced some policy proposals in the past – as unhelpful and dangerous though they might be: 
“Many non-natives are unaware of the fundamental human rights violations occurring within our midst. Canadian Aboriginal peoples, ‘First Nation’ {Indian}, Métis and Inuit, know that the fundamental assumption of colonial powers since the first Europeans arrived in what is now Canada has been a policy of assimilation.

“Unbeknownst to most non-native Canadians, and even some ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginals}, the ultimate disposition of land claims agreement is the extinguishment of Aboriginal title {Without extinguishment, this divisive nonsense will never end}. This is an ‘inherent’ {racial} right {?} of ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} people and its extinguishment violates international human rights law…
{Translation: “The Aboriginals own Canada and the U.N. says so“.}

“Finally, in November of 2010, after years of stalling, the government of Canada quietly signed the “UN Declaration on the ‘Rights’ of Indigenous Peoples“. Their delay was unconscionable and embarrassing. Now, action is required.
{The delay was prudent. The document violates the Canadian Constitution and the sovereignty of Canada. The signing was a sell-out of Canadian sovereignty…}

“As government {Well, everyone can dream…}, the Greens will speedily move to implement the UN Declaration. We will also restore the $5.1 billion commitment {that’s $5.1 billion MORE} and the specifics of the ‘Kelowna Accord’…

“The issues impacting Aboriginal people in Canada are complex and cannot be assessed without a full sense of the ‘searing violence’ of generations of occupation and assault upon their traditional cultures and values.”
{This was obviously influenced by their American former leader, who confuses Canadian and U.S. history…}

{And then, finally, something to enthusiastically agree with…}
No Canadian should be satisfied with the failed policies of the ‘Indian Act’, the huge bureaucracy of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and the enormous outlays of funding for lawyers and “experts” in the interminable comprehensive claims process.
{And yet, you oppose ‘extinguishment’ — the only thing that would put an end to this. Further down the list, they insist on setting up an even more elaborate negotiation and consultation process — without the possibility of extinguishment — that will employ all the people they just condemned… and more… forever…}

“That shift must begin with…an end to policies of assimilation…”
{There’s that ‘a’ word again. The aboriginals must be kept apart from cultural contamination, or else Indian children might start… playing hockey? They already do that. Is that assimilation? Is it that aboriginal teenagers might want to form a rock band — which they do — with ELECTRIC guitars, playing a European ‘settler’ musical scale? Are they then lost forever? And the ‘assimilation’ of speaking English and French – quelle horreur!}

“Health specialists and behavioural experts need to be trained FROM WITHIN COMMUNITIES to provide the proper support for fetal alcohol syndrome children.”
{A good idea — although they still want to keep the racial separation, because Aboriginal experiences of illness are somehow different from all other races…}

“The Green Party of Canada will ensure that governments and corporations alike respect the 1990 Supreme Court of Canada ‘Sparrow’ decision, upholding aboriginal rights such as fishing and the right of Aboriginal peoples to be consulted about decisions and accommodated in those decisions that impact their resources and their future.”
{They don’t own any resources — read the treaties…}

“We must work together to ensure no more communities are added to THE LIST OF SHAME in Canada: Oka, Ipperwash, Gustafson Lake, Sutikalh, Sun Peaks, Cheam and Caledonia.
{The shame, of course, being aboriginal terrorism…}

“Our shift in attitude will mean true ‘nation-to-nation’ dialogue and negotiations {The diminishment of Canadian sovereignty}. It will mean a ‘just accommodation’ of aboriginal peoples’ aspirations and an equitable sharing of Canada’s natural resources.”
{Once again, willing to split Canada into multiple ‘nations’ and willing to give a disproportionate ownership of the Canadian people’s natural resources to only 4% of the population…}

“Green Party MPs will:
“Honour Canada’s fiduciary responsibility and the Aboriginal RIGHTS, treaty RIGHTS and other RIGHTS of Aboriginal peoples, including their inherent RIGHTS of self-government.”
{That’s the “inherent right of self-government” that was VOTED DOWN by the Canadian people in the Charlottetown Referendum. Their ‘right of self-government’ is as Canadian citizens…}

“In partnership with aboriginal peoples, work towards the creation of an ‘Aboriginal Lands and Treaties Tribunal Act’ to…ensure that treaty negotiations and claims resolutions do not result in the extinguishment of Aboriginal and treaty rights.”
{Extinguishment of treaty rights is the only way to stop this from continuing forever…}

“Review all existing federal policies on self-government, in consultation with Aboriginal representatives, to ensure they are achieving the goals of Aboriginal peoples.”
{Never mind the goals of the rest of the Canadian people…}

“Ensure that negotiations of treaties and self-government are not based on the extinguishment of Aboriginal title and rights, and on assimilation, but on ‘reconciliation’ of rights and title, and that negotiations recognize the diversity of traditional self-governance.”
{And on, and on, and on, and on… until Canada is broken up into hundreds of pieces…}

{‘nations’ Within A ‘Nation:
Our nation of Canada is now only one of several “nations” within our borders, with the other ‘nations’ also receiving special Constitutional powers. This has created a Constitutional rights hierarchy, rather than equal rights for all Canadians. It began, of course, with the Quebecois “nation” and has spread like a virus, with new would-be aboriginal “nations” springing up in all corners of our land. Now, it’s even taboo in some circles to refer to Canada as “One Nation”…”
https://canadiansforlegalequality.wordpress.com/2016/07/05/nations-within-a-nation/ }

“Fully implement the recommendations of the 1996 {aboriginal} ‘Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples’, thereby embarking on true ‘nation-to-nation’ negotiations on a full range of outstanding legal issues and land claims.”
{Canada being just one ‘nation’ among many…} 

{‘RCAP and the Fragmentation of Canada‘ (Flanagan):
Canada will be redefined as a multinational state embracing an archipelago of aboriginal nations that own a third of Canada’s land mass, are immune from federal & provincial taxation, are supported by transfer payments from citizens who do pay taxes, are able to opt out of federal & provincial legislation, and engage in “nation to nation” diplomacy with whatever is left of Canada.”
https://canadiansforlegalequalityblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/01/rcap-and-the-fragmentation-of-canada/ }

“Launch and maintain new processes DRIVEN BY ABORIGINAL PRIORITIES and legal entitlements {Clearly discriminatory towards the rest of Canadians}…and, if in accordance with the wishes of ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal tribes}, the phased-out elimination of the Indian Act.”
{But only if the aboriginals wish it; otherwise, we’re keeping Segregation.}

{And, for all you immigrants and your ancestors, whose blood, sweat and tears built modern Canada…}
“Promote Aboriginal culture, language and history AS A FUNDAMENTAL SOURCE OF CANADIAN IDENTITY.”

“Support the development of Aboriginal education curricula that are language and culture specific.”
{They support segregated, race based education… Now, that should help bring us all closer together… And this was supposed to be an alternative party, that “thinks outside the box”…}

“Only the Green Party grasps the future.”
See also {from 2015}:
“In the New World … where EVERYBODY’s descendants came from somewhere else … “nations” (Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Australia, etc.) have been regarded in modern times as a compendium of all the people … from everywhere … that is, ANYONE holding citizenship is part of the Canadian “nation”.

“But apparently, Mulcair and Trudeau do NOT see Canada this way. Both of them, during the course of the campaign, have expressed the view that Canada is composed of TWO nations: those of us from all around the world, as outlined above … and aboriginals.

“Because both have said, if elected, they will establish a new relationship and regard any negotiations between the government and aboriginals as being on the basis of “NATION TO NATION”…”

–‘NDP/Libs’ APARTHEID View of Canadian ‘Nation’,
Harv Oberfeld, August 16th, 2015


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