‘Treaty 9: An Inconvenient Truth’

Aboriginal leadership loves trumpeting the slogan ‘Honour the Treaties’ but whenever it suits them, they like to ignore the actual Treaty wording…

“Three ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginal communities’} in Ontario’s remote north are declaring a moratorium on development in the ‘Ring of Fire’, and are threatening legal action to preserve their {former} lands and rights. 

“The far-flung communities of Attawapiskat {a ‘nation’ of 3,681 people}, Fort Albany {Albany ‘FN’, a ‘nation’ of 5,267 people} and Neskantaga ‘First Nations’ {a ‘nation’ of 492 people} want a greater say on the size and scope of Ottawa’s regional assessment process, and how mining in the James Bay lowlands could impact the environment and their way of life.

{“Their lands” were surrendered by Treaty long ago. Honour The Treaties!
TREATY 9: “The Ojibeway, Cree and other Indians, inhabitants of the territory within the limits hereinafter defined and described…do hereby cede, release, surrender and yield up to the government of the Dominion of Canada, for His Majesty the King and His successors for ever, all their rights titles and privileges whatsoever, to the lands included within the following limits…”
{There follows a lengthy description of the territory ceded, released, surrendered, etc.}

“And also, the said Indian rights, titles and privileges whatsoever to all other lands wherever situated in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, the District of Keewatin, or in any other portion of the Dominion of Canada.

“To have and to hold the same to His Majesty the King and His successors for ever…”
https://www.rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca/eng/1100100028863/1581293189896 }

“In an April 1 news release, the three ‘First Nations’ said their lands and rights “stand to be seriously and permanently desecrated by massive scale mining” in the isolated, high-grade mineral belt, some 500 kilometres north of Thunder Bay.

“The communities are calling Ottawa’s Regional Assessment process “political puffery“, that’s too narrow in focus and offers only “token” involvement by area ‘First Nations’. They call the government’s study “window dressing” and a “box-ticking exercise” that puts ‘First Nations’ on the margins of the process.

The risks are too great to allow the Crown to steamroll over our Mother Earth, our rights and our future“,

the press release said.

{‘Mother Earth?’:
“We are constantly lectured by aboriginal supremacists about how ‘white man’ needs to understand our relationship with ‘Mother Earth’, the way that aboriginals ‘inherently’ do. It will therefore come as a surprise to many that ‘Mother Earth’ as a concept in Canadian culture is European in origin and has virtually no history or connection with aboriginal culture or belief – and that’s according to aboriginal elders and ‘scholars’.”
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2016/09/19/mother-earth/ }

“They join Mushkegowuk Council which, earlier this year, called for a moratorium until studies and plans were done to ensure their {former} ‘traditional lands’ and watersheds are protected.

The three communities insist the moratorium will be “defended and enforced” by their lawyers in the courts.

{In violation of the the Treaty:
‘TREATY 9’, also known as the “James Bay Treaty”: {the northernmost part of Ontario, from Manitoba to Quebec; includes the now-infamous Attawapiskat…}:
“And the undersigned Ojibeway, Cree and other chiefs and headmen, on their own behalf and on behalf of all the Indians whom they represent, DO HEREBY SOLEMNLY PROMISE and engage TO STRICTLY OBSERVE THIS TREATY, and also TO CONDUCT AND BEHAVE THEMSELVES AS GOOD AND LOYAL SUBJECTS of His Majesty the King.

“THEY PROMISE AND ENGAGE THAT THEY WILL, IN ALL RESPECTS, OBEY AND ABIDE BY THE LAW; that they will maintain peace between each other and between themselves and other tribes of Indians, and between themselves and others of His Majesty’s subjects, whether Indians, half-breeds or whites, this year inhabiting AND HEREAFTER TO INHABIT any part of the said ceded territory; and THAT THEY WILL NOT MOLEST THE PERSON OR PROPERTY of any inhabitant of such ceded tract, or of any other district or country, OR INTERFERE WITH OR TROUBLE ANY PERSON PASSING OR TRAVELLING THROUGH THE SAID TRACT, or any part thereof, and that they will assist the officers of His Majesty in bringing to justice and punishment any Indian offending against the stipulations of this treaty, or infringing the law in force in the country so ceded…”
https://www.rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca/eng/1100100028863/1581293189896 }

“Attawapiskat is represented by noted Toronto lawyer Kate Kempton, a partner at {Aboriginal Industry law firm} ‘Olthuis Kleer Townshend LLP’, who represents ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’} clients on matters of treaty, environmental and mining laws.

“In an emailed response to ‘Northern Ontario Business’, Kempton said the communities are calling for a temporary halt on “any work underway” and in the future. This means mineral exploration by the mining companies and the environmental assessments underway on three proposed access roads. Kempton said pushing ahead without a full understanding of the impact of development on a sensitive and globally important ecosystem {?} like the James Bay lowlands is “irresponsible” and “threatening” to the communities.
{Honour The Treaties, you hypocrites!}

You can’t do a wilfully blind or half-ass job of cumulative effects assessment and planning“,
she said.

“The ‘Ring of Fire’ holds vast mineral potential {That belongs to all of the citizens of Ontario} that could be in production for many generations. This huge wetland region has never seen any kind of industrial or permanent road development before. Instead of doing individual one-off project assessments, Ottawa introduced the new ‘Regional Assessment’ to better evaluate the cumulative effects in a regional context in order to make better environmental planning and management decisions.

“Federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson kicked off Ottawa’s Regional Assessment process for the ‘Ring of Fire’ in February 2020, acting on requests made the previous fall by Aroland ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 734 people}, ‘Wildlife Conservation Society Canada’ and the ‘Osgoode Environmental Justice and Sustainability Clinic’.

“It’s the second study of its kind in Canada. The first was applied to an offshore oil and gas exploration project near Newfoundland. That process is being legally challenged by groups like ‘Ecojustice’, ‘Sierra Club Canada Foundation’ and ‘WWF-Canada’.
{All of them working on behalf of American and U.N. interests, NOT Canadian…}

“In the release, the three communities claim Ottawa assured them there would be an “equal partnership{Why would they do that?} and “meaningful involvement” throughout the process. They were promised it would start when the scamdemic is over, allowing ‘First Nations’ to ‘safely’ take part.

“The communities said they put the feds “on notice” late last year that they intended to put forward a ‘First Nation’-led assessment process of their own, one that would take a comprehensive look at the impacts of all mining-related development. The ‘Impact Assessment Agency of Canada’ (IAAC) informed them they would wait for their proposal – which calls for ‘Indigenous’ {sic} governing bodies overseeing the scope of this process – before making any decisions.

“The communities now say the agency has informed them it had “no intent of paying any attention to any such proposal“. They accuse the Canadian government of “acting with duplicity behind our backs” with Queen’s Park to move their own process forward.

“Kempton said that’s what has prompted the call for the moratorium, in discovering how far advanced the Canadian government was in its agreement with Ontario, and how “watered down” the scope of the regional study will likely be. The proposed access roads will not be included in the assessment, they were told.

“This government’s assessment process is now at the terms of reference stage, meaning Ottawa is looking for public and community input to draft the parameters of regional impact study. The commenting opportunity still remains open, according to the ‘Impact Assessment Agency of Canada’s project page.

“Whether or not the communities decide to participate in this process, Kempton said, depends on the substance of a scoping document to be released by the IAAC at the end of April. It’ll also determine whether it triggers legal action.

“The communities respond that the moratorium will be lifted once the Canadian government makes good in its promises to “conduct the (Regional Impact Agreement) on terms that respect our rights and protect our Mother Earth“.
{You don’t have Race rights to this ceded land, and using ‘Mother Earth’ as a reason is cultural appropriation…}

“The two James Bay coastal communities of {dysfunctional and corrupt} Attawapiskat and Fort Albany, and {dysfunctional} Neskantaga, southwest of the ‘Ring of Fire’, have been staunch critics on the federal and provincial governments’ methods and manner of development planning and consultation. According to Kempton, Attawapiskat contends much of the Ring of Fire area is within its {FORMER!} ‘traditional territory’, which overlaps with other First Nations’ {FORMER!} territories.

“Citing a plethora of {fictitious} inherent, treaty and international laws and rights, the communities consider themselves “caretakers” of the region. They regard the James Bay lowlands “as one of the last and most important bastions of defence against climate collapse“.
{Sounds like American environmental activist hysteria…}

“They maintain they have a
sacred duty to protect the environment from mining-related development and protect the world from catastrophic climate change“.

{‘The Myth of Aboriginal Environmental Stewardship’:
“Nothing is so pernicious as the profoundly-racist notion that somehow ‘indigenous peoples’ are genetically endowed with a special relationship, a spiritual kinship, with nature that makes them superior caretakers of the land … Why is so much weight afforded to what is essentially raw, localized experience? If you strip away its spiritual accoutrements, you’re left with little more than the same wisdom that allows a fisherman to gauge impending weather, or derive crude conclusions on the state of fish stocks… Surely, this is common sense. A person of any race or background can, at least in theory, be equally capable of protecting or destroying the environment.”
https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/the-myth-of-aboriginal-environmental-stewardship/ }

“They’re part of a growing campaign by environmental and legal groups calling for a halt to all mining-related work in the James Bay region and for a protection plan to be put in place to safeguard the area’s watershed and to respect ‘Indigenous’ rights.

“Planning and construction of the proposed community access roads to the ‘Ring of Fire’ are being overseen by a combination of Marten Falls {a ‘nation’ of 819 people} and Webequie ‘First Nations’ {a ‘nation’ of 928 people}, and the Ontario government.

“The lead mine developer in the region, ‘Noront Resources’, is counting on all the environmental assessments of the road being finished by 2023, followed by permitting and two years of road construction leading up toward a 2025 completion. The timeline is designed to match ‘Noront’s project schedule to put its first mine, the ‘Eagle’s Nest’ nickel-copper-platinum group metals project, into commercial production.”

–‘Three First Nation communities say they’ll go to court over the Ring of Fire’,
Ian Ross, TB NewsWatch, Apr.7, 2021

See also:
Ring of Fire: Update {Sept. 8, 2019}:
“This fiasco is the result of unjust court rulings that have forced companies to negotiate ‘settlements’ with aboriginal tribes even though the land in question – and all rights to it — were legally surrendered by Treaty…”

Dealing With Dysfunction’ (Ring of Fire):
“We’re often told by band members, before you do consultation, you need to build a relationship, (which) we’re ready to do. But it’s hard to build a relationship with any ‘First Nation’ Band unless they respond to us. The vast majority of ‘First Nations’ to which we send (messages) to chief and council, do not respond…”

Defying Canada’ (Resources ‘Veto’):
“Robin Junger, a Vancouver lawyer who specializes in ‘aboriginal law’, said that even in cases where ‘aboriginal title’ has been proven, the federal government still has final say on whether a project goes ahead.
“THE LAW IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR ON THIS, the Supreme Court of Canada has said so many times: Consultation is important, it has to be done in earnest and meaningfully, but IT DOESN’T PROVIDE A VETO” …”

Money isn’t Attawapiskat’s problem{April 23, 2016}:
“The mining company has done over $350 MILLION in business with companies at Attawapiskat since 2006 to supply DeBeers with helicopters, camp catering, fuel, dynamite and other supplies. Many of those businesses are owned by the Band. The proceeds are supposed to go towards new housing, sanitation and recreation. But by the looks of Attawapiskat, the money isn’t making it to where it’s supposed to go.”



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