‘Pipeline Opponent In Hot Water’

“According to sources, Chief Na’Mox {John Ridsdale}, most-famously known for being a stalwart opponent of the ‘Coastal GasLink’ pipeline…is in some hot water. The Wet’suwet’en {Hereditary} chief came onto the residence of a Hazelton woman recently while intoxicated and shot her dog, which later died on the way to a clinic.

“Police subsequently arrived after being called and entered the chief’s home, where he was arrested and his guns were seized by police. 

“‘Viewpoint from the North’ claims it does not know if these guns were properly stored or if Ridsdale had the proper licensing to have them.

“Local residents are now debating over social media whether Ridsdale remains fit to serve as a hereditary chief, with dissent rising even among his former supporters.

“‘Viewpoint from the North’ reports that although a potlatch or public meeting would be held for a public discussion, COVID restrictions have made this impossible. Conversely, an emergency meeting was held over ‘Zoom’ between concerned citizens in private last night.

Three female hereditary chiefs who supported the pipeline project and opposed Na’mox, had tried to form a coalition that would bring the ‘Office of the Wet’suwet’en’ and elected Band councils together, before being stripped of their hereditary chief titles for their efforts. Those titles were then given to male members who oppose the pipeline. Critics have stated that Chief Na’mox was the “mastermind and primary driver” behind this move.”

–‘Wet’suwet’en chief arrested after for shooting a dog while intoxicated’,
Buffalo Tribune, Feb.5, 2021

Chief Na’Mox (John Ridsdale)

“Before I post this story, I wanted to say we sat back on this national news story for more than 24 hours, hoping the national press would do their jobs, and yes we know they were notified. That said, I can only surmise they did not run it for racist reasons or fear of being labeled racist for running it. Nonetheless, its a story of both national interest and importance…

“This incident occurred in the Hazelton area; in particular, it was in the Hagwilget village on reserve land… Police arrived after being called and entered John Ridsdale’s home where he was arrested and allegedly all his guns were taken by police. We have no information of if these guns were properly stored or if John had proper licensing to have them.

“The dog died despite being rushed to a veterinary clinic. They did try to save it, but the dog died due to its injuries.

“John was the mastermind and primary driver behind the stripping of titles of the ‘Wet’suwet’en Matrilineal Coalition’ — three legitimate hereditary chiefs — for the crime of having a different opinion on how to deal with the CGL pipeline. Locally, Chief Na’Mox, also known as John Ridsdale, was often referred to as the head of the ‘gang of five’ male hereditary chiefs

“Na’moks said he has been at home near Smithers ever since (Actually he lives near Hazelton, at the Hagwilget village)… Cpl. Madonna Saunderson confirmed the killing of the dog and said an active investigation is focussed on the
careless use of a firearm in a residential area. She said the file will be forward to the BC Prosecution Service for charge assessment, but that no futher information was available at this time”.

“Chief Na’Mox has a court date on April 23rd, 9:30am, in Hazelton. Just what part of that is the mainstream press finding illegal to publish? Come on CBC, CTV, Global — take off your kindergarten gloves and publish a real news story. You all published his anti-CGL stories; now stop the cover-up and tell Canadians the truth for a change.”

–‘Chief Na’Mox also known as John Ridsdale was arrested and kept in jail overnight’,
Viewpoint From The North, February 4, 2021, Updated: Feb 7th 2021


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