‘Ring of Fire: Update’

This fiasco is the result of unjust court rulings that have forced companies to negotiate ‘settlements’ with aboriginal tribes even though the land in question – and all rights to it — were legally surrendered by Treaty:

“This time nine years ago, the potential of the ‘Ring of Fire’ mineral belt in Northwestern Ontario was being realized. More than 30 mining exploration companies were digging around the James Bay lowlands and finding immense evidence of mineral deposits, chiefly chromite — the main ingredient in stainless steel. 

“People salivated over the economic impact and potential job creation. Then-premier Dalton McGuinty called the project key to Ontario’s economic recovery. His northern development minister, Thunder Bay’s Michael Gravelle, began the first of many meetings with ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal tribes} in the region.

“Initially, few in the business world took seriously the need to consult with ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal tribes} before putting development plans in motion.
{Because it was – and is – ridiculous!}
This led to protests by those communities and eventually to a whole new legal framework {invented and unConstitutionally legislated by the Supreme Court of Canada} ensuring such consultation would precede any development.

“Everyone involved realized the potential to provide economic stimulus across the North, a region accustomed to crumbs while the rest of Ontario dined heartily.
“Fast forward to 2017. How things changed!

“The ‘Liberal’ government run by Kathleen Wynne reluctantly came to the conclusion that all those years of trying to negotiate a framework agreement with the ‘Matawa Tribal Council’ representing nine ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal tribes} surrounding the Ring of Fire were hopeless. Instead, the government would deal with individual ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal tribes} that indicated a willingness to get involved and get started. Naturally, this annoyed those in charge at ‘Matawa’.

“Sooner or later, however, the economy of negotiation — and there is an entire sub-economy that thrives on talking — has to give way to the economy of Northwestern Ontario. The former is supposed to jolt the latter, and nine years of consultation hasn’t brought that jolt much closer. There are tentative plans to build access into the region but they’re still just plans.

“As Marten Falls ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 802 people} Chief Bruce Achneepineskum said in November, talks with Ontario “failed” because ‘Matawa’ could not agree on a negotiating protocol. “We just ran out of time”, he said.

“Marten Falls and Aroland ‘First Nations’ {a ‘nation’ of 727 people} have agreements with RoF developer ‘NorOnt’ and Webequie {934 people} is in talks with them. Ginoogaming {975 people} Chief Celia Echum used her re-election statement last week to say she will work on maximizing business opportunities with RoF miner ‘Premier Gold’. Long Lake 58 {1,615 people} has indicated a desire to proceed based on revenue-sharing. That leaves Ebamatoong {2,698 people}, Neskantaga {488 people} and Constance Lake {1,762 people} still insisting that talks continue.

“In a sentiment that must be occurring to residents of other Matawa communities, Achneepineskum said road access would bring desperately-needed jobs closer to reality in his community.

How can we stop young people’s ambitions . . . for a better life if we don’t start taking steps to making the economic opportunities that lie there at the Ring of Fire? We have to create hope”,
he said.

“This week, we’ve seen the current ‘Conservative’ government follow the ‘Liberal’ lead. Greg Rickford of Kenora, the regional cabinet minister, confirmed the old framework agreement is dead. Instead, he said, the government will pursue individual deals with the nine ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal tribes} to, as he put it, address their needs and opportunities.

“’Matawa’ should have seen this coming. Shortly before the 2018 Ontario election, former premier Bob Rae, ‘Matawa’s lead negotiator {!}, sent a memo warning the nine tribal chiefs to resolve their internal differences or face the collapse of collective negotiations to develop the Ring of Fire. Otherwise, he said, the incoming Tory government (by this time polls had made the election result clear) would end the formal agreement and pursue a new course. It was prescient advice.

“Can individual communities prosper outside the ‘Matawa’ umbrella? Or would they stand to gain more by insisting talks continue for a tenth year, an eleventh…?

“Ebamatoong and Neskantaga say the government’s piecemeal approach is a divide-and-conquer tactic. Ebamatoong Chief Elizabeth Atlookan told CBC last fall,
We went in as a team of nine . . . The government was able to fracture (us) . . . It caused a rift among the ‘nations’.”

“She said the “betrayal” happened in August 2017 when Wynne announced separate all-weather road deals with Marten Falls, Webequie and Nibinamik. And now these and other communities are well on the way to a bright new future while a ‘Matawa’ minority clings to a negotiating model that was going nowhere.

“Sooner or later, someone has to pull the plug on a hopeless process. That successive Ontario governments have done just that, and either entered into agreements with willing partners or helped them to deal directly with mining companies anxious to include them in the spoils, suggests it is the right approach.

‘First Nations’ {aboriginal} interests must be protected {?} but so must their opportunities.”

–‘Ring of Fire negotiation model has failed’,
See also:
Dealing With Dysfunction’ (Ring of Fire–James Bay Treaty ‘No. 9’):
“We’re often told by band members, before you do consultation, you need to build a relationship, (which) we’re ready to do. But it’s hard to build a relationship with any ‘First Nation’ Band unless they respond to us. The vast majority of ‘First Nations’ to which we send (messages) to chief and council, do not respond.”

The Screwing Of Solid Gold Resources{September 1, 2014}:
“”I have to tell you, I have a lot of animosity towards the Crown (province of Ontario) right at this moment. I spent $5 million of shareholders’ money and invested it in that area because the Crown invited us to do that — in fact, encouraged us to do that…and we get blindsided by ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal Bands}. All they have to do anymore is say,
“Oh, that’s sacred ground over there”…”

Shakedown’ (Northern Superior Sues Ontario over ‘Consult and Accommodate’) {September 21, 2015}:
“In one instance outlined in court documents, the company claims Sachigo Lake ‘First Nation’ demanded close to a quarter of its exploration budget – about $1.2 million – for its 2012 drill campaign, calling it an “administration fee”. When the company refused to give in, the ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 814 people} served them with an “eviction” notice {from what is no longer aboriginal land}, forcing them to stop exploration work and leave the area.”

Lying About The Treaties’:
“Schools across Ontario marked the start of province’s first ‘Treaties Recognition Week’…with speakers telling students that treaties with ‘indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} peoples are ‘living documents’ that need to be honoured…”

Chief Wants More Money’ (Chief Day, Premier Wynne, Robinson Huron Treaty) {September 13, 2016}:
‘We Need To Be Full Partners in All Future Economic Growth through Treaty, ‘Inherent’ and Land Rights, Says Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day’

A History Lesson for Bob Rae’ (Peter Best):
“Bob Rae is wrong and unfair to our British and Canadian ancestors to state the written treaties were “forced on” the Indian bands who signed them, and that they were deliberately “starved into submission”. This totally unsupported assertion is gravely insulting to our forefathers, who generally acted honourably and sympathetically towards the Indian bands with whom they were treating…”
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