‘Race-Baiting Reward’

Queen’s U. Continues to destroy its reputation as a quality university…
‘Queen’s Appoints Race-Baiting, Resentful Aboriginal Activist as Chancellor’:

“Queen’s University has selected longtime ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia} rights advocate and former Senator Murray Sinclair as its 15th chancellor. The Kingston, Ont., university selected Sinclair — who was the first ‘Indigenous’ judge on the bench in Manitoba and the second ‘Indigenous’ judge appointed in Canada — after what it says was an extensive consultation with students, staff and alumni. Some attributes the committee looked for was diversity, inclusion and ‘Indigeneity’, the university announced in a news release Wednesday.
{Using Race as a selection criteria. Disgusting…}

“Sinclair will begin his new role ‘offering guidance’ to the school on July 1…

“From 2009 to 2015, Sinclair led the {Aboriginal} {Partial} ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’, which issued 94 ‘calls to action’ to ‘reconcile’ Canada’s history of ‘cultural genocide’ against ‘Indigenous’ people. He was appointed to the Red Chamber in 2016 and served as a Senator until this past January.

“As he left his post, Sinclair urged Canadians to reckon with ‘systemic racism’ “bred into our very institutions“.

‘Indigenous’ people and ‘people of colour’ {The racist term for non-‘white’} standing up and saying ‘Enough is enough’ is one thing … [but] the people in charge of the institutions that we’re trying to address really do need to take stock of what they’re doing, and change the way they do business“,
he told CBC News in January…
{YOU need to change the way YOU do business…}

“Sinclair will sit on a number of committees and his duties will include presiding over convocations, conferring degrees, hosting dignitaries and chairing the committee that selects the university’s principal. He is taking over former chancellor Jim Leech, who’s been in that role since 2014, says the school.”

–‘Former Sen. Murray Sinclair appointed as Queen’s University chancellor’,
CBC News, Apr. 28, 2021

Murray Sinclair (Photo by Ken Jones)

The Race-baiter at work:
“As he retires from the Senate this week, Sen. Murray Sinclair says Canada still needs a reckoning on “the systemic racism that has been bred into our very institutions“.

“Sinclair, 70, retires from the Red Chamber on Jan. 31 to work on mentoring young {Aboriginal Industry} lawyers in {so-called} ‘Indigenous’ law {suing Canadians}, and to write his memoirs…”

–‘Sen. Murray Sinclair urges Canadians to reckon with systemic racism’,
CBC Radio, Jan. 27, 2021

See also:
Threat Disguised As A Warning’ (Murray Sinclair/Violence) {May 8, 2019}:
“As long as he calls it a ‘warning’ — rather than the threat that it’s intended to be – he knows he’s safe from potential prosecution. It’s amazing how extremist he is and yet, he was able able to get a judicial appointment, and his radical TRC Report accepted by the Canadian mainstream – a mainstream that still doesn’t recognize that nothing will satisfy him…”

Clean Up Your Own Backyard’ (Murray Sinclair and wife) {January 3, 2016}:
“While Justice Murray Sinclair of the ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ continues to lecture and guilt-trip Canadians for the perceived ‘sins’ of their ancestors, his wife has been accused of repeatedly bullying and intimidating both clients and staff at the aboriginal aid society {‘Native Women’s Transition Centre’} which she directs…”


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