‘Still Changing Canada’s Citizenship Oath’

Government incompetence isn’t always a bad thing…

“More than five years after the {Partial} ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ called on the federal government to revise the Canadian citizenship oath and exam guide, newcomers still study a book that contains a single {one-sided} paragraph on residential schools and they take an oath that doesn’t refer to treaties with ‘Indigenous’ {sic, Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America} peoples.

“‘Calls for Action’ Nos. 93 and 94 in the commission’s final report in December, 2015, called on the government to ‘update’ {alter} the citizenship guide and oath to reflect a more inclusive history of ‘Indigenous’ peoples and a recognition of their treaties and {Race} rights.

“The ‘Liberal’ {Party} government introduced a new law in October to adopt a revised oath of citizenship that will have new Canadians swear to faithfully observe the country’s treaties with ‘Indigenous’ peoples. Two previous versions of the law died with the 2019 election.

“Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino told the House of Commons ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs Committee last month that his department is consulting with national ‘Indigenous’ organizations to revise the citizenship guide to include more information.

“The five largest ‘Indigenous’ organizations in the country told the ‘Canadian Press’ that they have not been involved in any formal consultations recently with the government on the new guide. The organizations are the Assembly of ‘First Nations’, the Métis {mixed-Race} National Council, the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami and the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

“A‘FN’ Alberta Regional Chief Marlene Poitras said ‘Indigenous’ peoples’ history and culture should be reflected in the materials that newcomers study to become citizens.

Absolutely, (the citizenship guide) should be changed”,
she said in an interview.
{One-sided} ‘Education’ is key – about who we are, how we existed here and welcomed the newcomers here, signed treaties, then had to deal with residential schools.”

{Some welcomed newcomers, some didn’t; some signed treaties, some didn’t; less than 1/3 of Aboriginal children attended a Residential school. Put THAT info in the citizenship guide!}

“Natan Obed, president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, said his organization worked with the immigration department in 2017 and 2018 on a new guide, but work has stopped.

“The A‘FN’ asked the department in 2018 to seek out ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal} historians to ensure inclusion of ‘First Nations’ content in the guide.

Officials from (the department) have been in touch with A‘FN’ recently to discuss next steps and to share a new version of the guide. A meeting has not yet been scheduled”,
the A‘FN’ said in a statement.

“The department said in a statement the new citizenship guide will be published “as soon as we can”, noting that a launch date for the new guide has not been set.

“Clement Chartier, the president of the Métis {mixed-Race} National Council, said his organization received a draft of the revised guide on May 3, 2018.

Since then, I’ve not seen anything”,
Mr. Chartier said.

“NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan said her party shares concerns about the slow progress on the {Partial} Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s ‘calls for action’. She said the government’s introduction of ‘Bill C-8’ to revise the oath of citizenship came too late.

This is the third time in which this bill has come before Parliament and each time prior to this, the government’s chosen to introduce the bill so late in the day”,
she said.

“Ms. Kwan said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has talked recently about the possibility of having an early federal election.

Will ‘Bill C-8’ once again be railroaded and not be completed?
she said.

“Chief Poitras is worried ‘C-8’ would die in Parliament if an election is called, since that wipes the legislative agenda clean.

I’m hearing that there’s another election and they still kind of go back and forth about the semantics of it”,
she said.
It’s not going to go anywhere again.”

“The department said Mr. Mendicino is grateful to the parliamentary committee members for voting to send ‘C-8’ back to the House of Commons for third reading. He looks forward to seeing it pass through the Senate and becoming law as soon as possible.

“‘Conservative’ {Party} ‘Indigenous’ services critic Gary Vidal said it’s unfortunate that the ‘Liberals’ once again seem to be missing an opportunity to act.

The ‘Liberal’ {Party} government has been big on promises of reconciliation but slow on action”,
he said.

“Lorraine Whitman, the president of Native Women’s Association of Canada, said she was invited to testify on ‘Bill C-8’ last week, only two days before the committee meeting…

“National Chief Elmer St. Pierre of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples said his organization was not consulted on any of the new laws the government has put forward to advance the rights and the livelihoods of ‘Indigenous’ people.

I was able to speak for six minutes on the citizenship”,
he said, referring to his testimony at the committee meeting on ‘Bill C-8’.

We weren’t really informed and it was kind of like the 11th hour when they gave us the opportunity to talk”,
he said.

“Chief Poitras said all political parties should work together to pass ‘Bill C-8’ quickly.

Make this a non-partisan issue”,
she said.
“If Canada is really serious about addressing ‘systemic racism’ and dealing with {partial} truth and reconciliation, they would honour those recommendations and move forward with this legislation to receive royal assent.”

–‘Five years after call to add Indigenous rights to citizenship guide, no changes made’,

COMMENT: “Leave it alone….this will not advance reconciliation…”
“I am firmly against this but heh – what rights do the majority have anymore?”
“Virtue signalling & tribal politics.”
“Canada is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic country and I don’t care who came here first or ahead of anybody. Everyone should be treated the same.”

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Changing Canada’s Citizenship Oath {Feb.15, 2017}:
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How Government Works‘:
“Once upon a time, the government took over a vast scrapyard in the middle of a desert. One day, a citizen pointed out,
   “Someone might steal from it at night“.
“So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.
“Then the university said,
   “How does the watchman do his job without instruction?
“So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies…”

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