‘More Mixed-Race Nonsense’

There was NEVER a so-called ‘Metis Nation’ in British Columbia, nor is there one now. This is the absurd result of a modern nation ignorantly embracing the tribal and racial divisions of the past – including fictitious ones like the ‘Metis Nation of B.C.’…

“Métis {mixed-Race} and other ‘Indigenous’ {Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America} people are eligible to get their {flu} shots 15 years younger than the rest of the population, meaning they can get their shot at 65 when 80-year-old residents are being called.

“Dr. Daniele Behn Smith, the deputy provincial health officer for ‘Indigenous’ Health {a racially-segregated health service}, said they’ve been working hard to make Métis people “feel seen” during the vaccination process {More overt systemic racism}
   “…we have a lot of work to do to create ‘cultural safety’ throughout systems

“Health officials in British Columbia say they’re working to make the COVID-19 vaccine rollout a “culturally safe experience {?} for ‘Indigenous’ people…”

–‘B.C. health officials call for culturally safe vaccination plan for Métis residents’,
Canadian Press, Feb. 20, 2021

See also:
Living In A Court-Induced Fantasyland’ (Metis ‘Nation’ B.C.) {Feb.9, 2021}:
   “‘Métis ‘Nation’ British Columbia’ sent a letter demanding the next government start recognizing Métis as a distinct people and enter into government-to-government talks…”
   The Supreme Court foolishness of giving so-called ‘Aboriginal rights’ to those who claim to be ‘Metis’ has only begun to negatively affect Canada. The Metis ‘Nation’ was historically situated in Manitoba and Saskatchewan and part of Alberta; yet, here we have the ridiculously-named “Metis ‘Nation’ of B.C.” demanding their share of the racial booty…


Fighting Over Unearned Spoils’ (Metis Infighting) {Sept.5, 2020}:
“Metis ‘Nation’-Saskatchewan (M‘N’-S) director Derek Langan, describing eastern Metis people, used the words “mix bloods”, “Heinz-57s”, “mongrels” and “monkeys” during a speech…”

Supreme Court Dividing Canadians’ (Metis/Non-Status) {April 14, 2016}:
   “There is no consensus on who is considered Métis or a non-status Indian, nor need there be. Cultural and ethnic labels do not lend themselves to neat boundaries.”
{From the Supreme Court ruling… What a legal goldmine…}.”

Thank you from ERBL inc. Canada

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