‘Another Fraudulent Band Election?’

“…Members of the Driftpile Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,974 people}, a ‘First Nation’ {Aboriginal community} on the southern shore of Lesser Slave Lake {Alberta}, are seeking a re-do of the December 20th election for their Chief and members of Council. 

“According to the ‘Lakeside Leader’,
April Isadore (one of the proponents) claims that the petition to do so has “…well over 250 signatures”. Isadore, one of many candidates who failed to be elected to council in December, has said that
…it’s nothing personal. There’s no ill feeling about who’s in there now. I’m objecting to the process.”

“Isadore has said that improper handling of mail-in ballots may have affected the outcome of the election. She is appealing for a formal appeal, which is accepted, can prompt a fresh election if the federal authorities deem that the election process was mishandled.

“Such a thing is not completely out of the blue. Members from Bigstone Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 8,208 people} were demanding change and transparency due to leadership scandal and members on council who were removed without sufficient cause. Back in 2018, the 2018 Bigstone Cree ‘Nation’ election was overturned. Consequently, Chief Clara Moberly, elected in October, served just two months before losing the December election to Silas Yellowknee, after arbitrators invalidated the previous election.

“Bigstone and Driftpile ‘First Nation’ is located in ‘Treaty 8’ region in Northern Alberta.”

–‘Alberta First Nation calls for investigation into election’,
Buffalo Tribune, Feb.9, 2021

COMMENT: “It’s about people’s right to vote, and the manipulation of that right by creating a small window for the time to vote, leaving voters to in state of panic to get their vote in while the C&C secure their own votes and no one else. When they hire an electoral officer, they hire ‘STRANGERS’ and make them responsible for the list of electors, and leave it up to electors to be sure they are on the list. They limit the time for this process, and ensure their supporters vote and no one else.”
From 2018:
“An Alberta ‘First Nation’ {aboriginal community} is mired in controversy after its Chief and Council recently awarded themselves bonuses worth nearly $700,000, apparently unbeknownst to the Band membership until after the cheques were cut.

“The Bigstone Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 8,127 people} Band council’s decision to take a payment from a Band-owned company it controls points to problems with the Band’s governance and could be unlawful, according to Sean Jones, a Vancouver lawyer practising {so-called} ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} law…

“The Bigstone Cree ‘Nation’, which includes the communities of Wabasca, Chipewyan Lake and Calling Lake in northern Alberta, has a population of roughly 8,000 and is governed by a chief and 10 councillors from the three communities…

   “It’s nobody’s business but ours”,
said the Chief in a brief phone interview Wednesday…

“Financial records provided to the federal government under the ‘First Nations’ Financial Transparency Act (‘FN’FTA) show that the Chief was paid $90,000 in 2016-17, while each Councillor made $82,800…

“Under the ‘FN’FTA, all ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal communities} must provide financial statements to the federal government. But the legislation doesn’t require detailed information about Band-owned businesses, as that could put them at a competitive disadvantage by forcing them to reveal private business information.

“Gladue-Beauregard said Band members have little information about revenue from Band-owned businesses, and don’t even know how many such businesses exist… He said the ‘First Nation’ desperately needs money to repair roads and improve housing, and profits from Band-owned businesses should be put to better use on behalf of the membership…”

–‘Alberta chief and council award themselves nearly $700,000 in bonuses from band-owned company’,
MAURA FORREST , Calgary Herald, October 10, 2018
See also:
Who’s Got the Money?’ (Fraud/Ministikwan Lake, Sask.) {Nov.22, 2020}:
“A gathering at Ministikwan Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 1,354 people}…sought to bring attention to allegations of fraud, theft and negligence directed at the community’s chief…and the Band’s manager…”

Chiefs in the News: Napoleon Mercredi’ (Fraud/Saskatchewan) {Oct.9, 2019}:
“Napoleon Mercredi was Chief at Fond Du Lac Denesuline ‘First Nation’ {Fond du Lac Dene ‘Nation’, a ‘nation’ of 2,109 people} from 2009 to 2011. Over $400,000 was allegedly misappropriated during Mercredi’s time as chief…”

Reserve Residents Suffer Under Segregation’ (Chief and Council Corruption) {Aug.22, 2019}:
“What are your Chief and Council doing to combat drugs, alcohol and gangs on your ‘First Nations’ territory?”

Court Admonishes Onion Lake’ (Posting Finances) {Aug.7, 2019}:
“A Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench judge has ordered the Onion Lake Cree ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 6,393 people} to post its financial documents online. Last fall, Band member Charmaine Stick asked the Band to provide its most recent audited financial statements on the internet. When Onion Lake refused, she took the matter to court…”

Silencing Opposition’ (Stoney Nakoda ‘First Nation’) {October 28, 2018}:
It’s bad enough that so many aboriginal reserve residents are being cheated and bullied by their Chiefs and councils. Now, Chiefs are trying to use Canadian courts to silence criticism of their conduct. Here are 2 examples…




    1. “Aboriginal’ is the legal term that is used in the Constitution and in Canadian law. ‘Indigenous’ is a U.N. politicized term that doesn’t apply in North America as Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America, but an earlier wave of migrants. ‘First Nations’ is a recent political term designed to advance Aboriginal exceptionalism and special rights. Most tribes were not even remotely large enough to be referred to as ‘nations’ as they were merely extended families. In addition, ‘nations’ as a modern term refers to ‘nation-states’. No Aboriginal groupings are regarded as ‘nation-states’…


      1. Ah. So you would restrict the use of indigenous to only the area of Africa where Homo sapiens first developed; all other areas of the planet being occupied as the first humans migrated and therefore humans are not indigenous anywhere else. Seems a waste of a word, but I can see where you’re coming from.
        Aboriginal means “first of its kind present in a region,” so, while not the legal term, I don’t see from your reply how you could object to using “First Peoples.” As to First Nations, there is no size requirement for designation as a nation, nor is nation-state the only understanding of the term nation. There are recognized stateless-nations beyond the groups you call Aboriginal. A typical definition of nation goes “a large [again, I find nowhere that describes exactly how large] body of people, associated with a particular territory, that is sufficiently conscious of its unity to seek or to possess a government” (dictionary.com). I do not deny that the use of “First Nations” is political, but your rejection of it is political as well. And your representation of the aims of Aboriginal/First Nations peoples is disingenuous, based on your own political objectives and biases. There is room for discussion about Canada’s role and relationship with its Aboriginal/First Nations people, but there is no need for dismissive disrespect (such as wearing a headdress in some of your videos, and “correcting” every instance of Indigenous and First Nations).


      2. Why is ““correcting” every instance of Indigenous and First Nations” ‘disrespectful’? We have a retired proofreader among our members and he simply corrects English grammar and spelling. It is absurd — as well as confusing for the general public — to be using 4 different names for the same group of people {‘Indian’ is still a valid legal term, as demonstrated by the ‘Indian Act’}. So, we ‘correct’ them to “Aboriginal”…


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