‘More Biased Media’

Generalizing racist accusations based on isolated incidents is called ‘Race-baiting’. Shame on the once-proud ‘Globe & Mail’…

“The ‘Indigenous’ community {sic, Aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America} is systematically denied, more than any other group, the most important medicine a person can receive when they are suffering: kindness… For many ‘First Nations’ {‘Aboriginals’}, the sentiment is familiar, as it is to other deliberately oppressed {?} groups… 

“Some will argue…that these deaths would have happened even if these people weren’t ‘First Nations’ seeking medical care. Even if true, it misses a larger point…

{No, the “larger point” is that ‘racism is NOT the issue’…}

“A national curriculum should be developed for Canada’s youth, ‘Indigenous’ and non-‘Indigenous’ , teaching natural laws seen from a ‘First Nations’ perspective, as passed down for thousands of years…”

{The racism in this statement is palpable. ALL people who live off of the land have more connection to the land and its ‘natural laws’ – regardless of Race! And most Canadian Aboriginals no longer live off the land, which makes the statement even more foolish…}

–‘Indigenous communities are denied the most important medicine people can receive: Kindness’,

COMMENT: “Time to eliminate the Indian Act and the Reserve concept. Native governance is based on group tradition which results in the corruption and cronyism that dominates many band experiences. Governments must treat aboriginals as individuals, not as members of a band (group). This will be the start of real progress for natives. Private property ownership, welfare cheques directly to individuals for whom the benefit is intended. Individuals will see their real benefactors as Canadian Governments and taxpayers, and not the chief of the family in charge on the reserve.”
“2016 census: 56% of Canada’s indigenous live outside of Indigenous communities (AKA: reserves). What do you think the figure is five years later? 60% is my guess. Maybe more.
Is it really lack of “kindness”? Probably not. My hunch: they make more money in Canada’s towns and cities.”
“Oh, my god – enough already!!!”
“When I read this I must admit I am very skeptical – Skeptical that before Europeans arrived, the natives existed in this paradise with nature…and Iroquois stripping skin off of captives before they died, that was all “kindness”. And what did happen to all those giant mammals, Woolly Mammoths, etc, before whites arrived? Any chance they were hunted to extinction? Natives I have met have a brutal sense of pecking order, between Bands and within their own Band hierarchy. Environment-wise , the ugliest excesses of hunting/fishing abuse I have seen were at the hands of natives, Ghost nets, headless sheep carcasses, traps left forgotten.

“Yes, we took a self-sufficient group of people and made them wards of the state.
Terrible (We should write a cheque and get it over with). But time to move on. I don’t teach my kids the thinking of my ancestors from 1472 because it’s been proven wrong.
And fine to have some brief teachings around native beliefs, but I want mine to Learn Mandarin and Study STEM.”
“I don’t want to be unkind, but ‘First Nations’ people are just people just like everyone else. There is no connection-to-nature gene, or ancient-wisdom gene. Just educational and life experiences may be different.”
“Perhaps we need to start LISTENING to these people who the “indigenous” say treat them so badly. Perhaps there are reasons. e.g. How are they treating people in their hospital situations? How are they acting and appearing in daily life? Responsibility for change is a TWO way street.”
“Public health care = grumpy service from the government workers in health care. It is a natural side effect of government work. There is no competition, there are limited resources and massive demand for the health care beyond available resources. That means service quality MUST be poor. Patients have no choice between providers and facilities, so there is zero motivation to be nice to patients, and no time to be, either. In Canada, you just have to get used it and be thankful to have the low-cost health care we enjoy here – service without a smile.”
“It’s not a colonial pyramid of superiority. It is a human pyramid. Europeans and Indigenous people each had hierarchies amongst themselves before they ever came into contact. Beyond that glaring error – trying to blame all human nature on colonizers – the author is correct that being kind to one another is a worthy goal. If only the author could have resisted their own bit of spite…”

See also:
More Divisive CBC Propaganda{July 26, 2019}:
“The CBC continues to do its utmost to create racial division and resentment in Canada. Daily stories about Attawapiskat never fail to mention the massive reserve corruption that is at the root of their problems {See links below}. Instead, it’s all Canada’s fault. In this story, they even mention the St. Anne’s Residential School’s “electric chair” — a story that was long ago debunked as fiction. Shame…”

CBC Blames Canadians’:
“This is hilarious. Here’s a CBC employee {They used to be called ‘journalists’} complaining about the fact that whenever the CBC covers ‘aboriginal issues’, their audience declines. In their typically-blinkered ideological fashion, they have decided that it’s Canadians’ fault – for just not caring about ‘aboriginal issues’…”

Thank you from ERBL inc. Canada

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