‘Another Violent Aboriginal Criminal Gets Off Easy’

More excuse-making for Aboriginal violence:

Bobby Crane slashed the throat of a visually impaired Calgary man during the morning rush hour.”

“Sending an offender who slashed the throat of a total stranger on a CTrain to a federal prison would do no good for either the perpetrator or society, a judge said Monday.

“Instead, provincial court Judge Harry Van Harten sentenced Bobby Crane, 25, to the maximum provincial jail time of two years less a day and ordered him to serve three additional years of probation.

“Van Harten agreed with defence lawyer Rebecca Snukal that the justice system had failed Crane by repeatedly sending him to jail instead of getting him help in navigating life while suffering from Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

{The Nanny State speaks…}

“Snukal said since 2019 her client has been given the equivalent of 6 1/2 years in jail terms, but only two periods of probation. She said she has lined up a placement for Crane in the John Howard Society’s FASD program which will hopefully help him cope with the challenges his illness has caused throughout his life.

{He could have gone for help at any time…}

Crown prosecutor Tara Wells sought a four-year penitentiary term for Crane, who slashed the throat of a visually impaired Calgary man on his way to work during morning rush hour. In a victim impact statement, Leonard Smith, 65, said doctors told him the 23-centimetre gash on his throat missed his carotid artery by four millimetres.

“Wells said a severe sentence was required for what she called

a horrific act of random violence”.

Reading from a statement of agreed facts, Wells said Smith was standing on a CTrain around 6:20 a.m. last May 18, when he was attacked by Crane.

“She said Crane told a friend he wanted “to get” a guy before walking up to Smith with a utility knife.

The accused … slashed his throat, dragging his knife from the right side to the left side of Mr. Smith’s neck.”

“In his statement, Smith said he has not been able to use public transit, which he requires to get around since his visual impairment prevents him driving, since the assault.

“Snukal said sending Crane to a federal prison would just make him a further danger to society upon his eventual release.

{The same can be said about ANY jail sentence!}

If you were to impose the sentence that ‘my friend’ is asking … that doesn’t help the public”,

she said.

“Allowing Crane to take part in the FASD program while on probation will, Snukal said.

That’s going to give him a life and that’s what I’m asking you to do”,

she told Van Harten.

{If he offends again, YOU should go to jail…}

“The judge agreed, noting incarceration wasn’t the answer {?}.

I bet he could do another four years standing on his head”,

he said.

{And that’s why we need work camps. P.S. Maybe this judge should switch to Social Work!}

“Van Harten said the ‘generational trauma’ European society has caused to ‘Indigenous’ {Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Siberia and Mongolia} communities had to be addressed.

{What a load of B.S.!}

The history of colonialism {‘Modernity’} has to be taken into account”,

he said.

{The “history of colonialism” has nothing to do with a lack of personal character…}

“With credit for his time on remand since his arrest, Crane will have 14 more months of custody to serve.”

–‘Man who slashed stranger’s throat on CTrain avoids federal prison; judge considers FASD diagnosis’,

Kevin Martin, Calgary Herald, Nov. 28, 2022


See also:

Another Result of Systemic Racism’ (Violent Offenders) {Oct.17, 2022}:

This is what Canada gets for having systemic racism in its court system. ‘Gladue’ has simply made Canadian communities – and particularly Aboriginal communities – less and less safe…

Rider has 39 previous convictions, including multiple assaults and one conviction for manslaughter in 2018.”

“A prolific offender is once again facing serious charges – this time for an incident with a firearm in Tsawwassen.”


The Folly Of ‘Gladue {August 28, 2016}:

Media reports have described Christine Mequish as “among the most dangerous women in the country”, a convicted killer with a record that includes 25 violent crimes since 1984. Last April, following an armed robbery conviction in La Tuque, Que., the 58-year-old was declared a dangerous offender — just the fourth Canadian woman ever designated as such. But while noting her “brutal behaviour” and the likelihood that she will again cause “death, serious abuse or serious psychological harm to other people”, the sentencing judge stopped short of ordering the indeterminate sentence requested by the Crown.

“The reason for the lighter sentence: Mequish is an aboriginal…”



FASD is the ‘new face of Nunavut{April 29, 2016}:

“The most common symptoms of FASD include a permanently-damaged brain and nervous system, leading to mental retardation, poor impulse control and various mental health problems.”


More Discriminatory Funding{Sept. 7, 2019}:

Why not ALL people with FASD? Why the discrimination?

The federal government has committed nearly $1 million to helping ‘indigenous’ (they mean ‘aboriginal’} people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Saskatchewan and Yukon.”



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  1. Aboriginals get away with too much!! A lighter sentence that a White would NEVER get. Total discrimination! And the division, distance and disrespect continues for them because they expect the preferential treatment while they play the blame/victim/hate on White and colonialism/you owe us/race card game!!Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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