‘Disgraced Aboriginal ‘Liberal’ Party MP Rewarded’

The article somehow omitted that he’s Aboriginal:

the first Mi’kmaq Member of Parliament in Canada”.

I guess for the government, that excuses all the rest…

The ‘Liberal’ {Party} MP who said “every skinny aboriginal girl is on crystal meth” has been named parliamentary secretary for Crown-‘Indigenous’ relations”,

‘Liberal’ Party MP Jaimie Battiste

said Blacklock’s Reporter.


“The appointment carries an $18,100 bonus to the $185,800-a year salary for MP Jaimie Battiste (Sydney-Victoria, N.S.).

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not refer to Battiste’s past in naming him among 39 new parliamentary secretaries Friday. Battiste publicly said sorry in 2019 after the Toronto Sun disclosed his public comments about ‘indigenous’ {sic, Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Siberia and Mongolia} women, Asian immigrants, gay men and sexual assault.

Why do I assume every skinny aboriginal girl is on crystal meth or pills?

Battiste wrote in one Tweet.

“In other messages, Battiste said he was looking for a girlfriend who was good at “cleaning, folding, cooking”, tweeted that men’s tennis “sounds exactly like gay porn” and wrote: “I would accidentally sexually assault a cougar — twice”.

“In one tweet, Battiste mocked Chinese-Canadians attempting to sing a Christmas carol:

Deck the haaas with bell of jorry, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra raaa”.

“Battiste has twice won election with less than 40% of the vote in Sydney, N.S., one of the safest ‘Liberal’ {Party} seats in the country…

“Battiste’s appointment as parliamentary secretary followed a 2020 appearance at the Commons ‘indigenous’ affairs committee, in which said he was upset by racial intolerance and quoted Nelson Mandela…

“He proposed a motion that MPs

educate and create awareness of ‘indigenous’ history and {Race} rights in Canada”.

One of the most disheartening things that we’ve been seeing across Canada over the past few months is more heightened acts of racism and discrimination{!},

said Battiste.

And it’s really disheartening to talk about, but I think it’s important.”

“Battiste last June 1 told the Commons other Canadians should learn more about ‘indigenous’ culture.”

–‘MP who said every thin aboriginal girl is on meth gets plum post in indigenous relations’,

Dave Naylor, Western Standard Dec 6, 2021 Updated May 3, 2022


See also:

Another Racist ‘Liberal’ Party Aboriginal…

“A ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal} transparency bill…has attracted new controversy after a Senate ‘Liberal’ accused the ‘Conservative’ {Party} MP behind the legislation of acting like a “white man”.

“Both parliamentarians come from Saskatchewan and both are Cree. ‘Conservative’ {Party} MP Rob Clarke is now calling on Senate ‘Liberal’ Lillian Dyck to publicly apologize and withdraw her comments.

“Dyck says she doesn’t consider her comments offensive…

“In an interview, Dyck said that use of the term “white man” was not considered derogatory {?}, saying it had even been used during the committee’s deliberations by a fellow Aboriginal Senator {So, it’s O.K. because another racist already said it?}. Dyck said the Cree term for white man – ‘môniyâw‘ – and its use in regard to the ‘Indian Act’ and history is “just the way the language is {?}.

We use that ‘white man’ comment all the time because at the signing of the treaties it was the white man and the Indians”,

Dyck said {No, it was EUROPEANS!}.

I didn’t think using the term ‘white man’ was offensive.”

{Then she must not find the term ‘Indian’ offensive, as well, for the same historical reasons…}

–‘Cree MP accused by Cree senator of acting like a ‘white man’,

Jordan Press, Ottawa Citizen Dec.11, 2014



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