‘Teacher Cancelled For Telling The Truth’

“B.C. history teacher Jim McMurtry (@James_Walter01) told his students most residential school deaths were caused by disease (a fact). He was promptly walked out of his classroom—in front of his students— and suspended…”



“Jim McMurtry, son of retired chief justice of Ontario Roy McMurtry and an award-winning educator of nearly 40 years, says his “non-conformist teaching which sometimes combats the political indoctrination of school” has been met with him being suspended twice, his pay docked, and him now facing a recommendation for termination by the Abbotsford School District.”

–‘Canadian teacher gets cancelled for teaching truth about residential school deaths’,

Rebel News Canada, Nov. 6, 2022


B.C. history teacher Jim McMurtry (Rebel News)

Most of those children died of disease, just like most other Canadian children…

In Ontario alone, 36,000 children died from diphtheria between 1880 and 1929… It wasn’t until the early 20th century that “immunization against smallpox and diphtheria had begun in Ontario schools“.

“Public health activities accelerated when Canadian soldiers returned home from the First World War, bringing with them the Spanish influenza of 1918-1919. An estimated 40 to 50 million people were killed worldwide by the pandemic, including approximately 50,000 Canadians. Once on Canada’s shores, the virus spread quickly across the country, even to remote communities…”

–‘Chapter 2: The Chief Public Health Officer’s report on the state of public health in Canada 2008 – Canada’s public health history’,

Public Health Agency of Canada




“Some children had serious illnesses—TB, chronic ear infections, and ruptured appendices, for example—that were diagnosed and treated only because they attended residential schools. In fact, a number of the children arrived at Stringer Hall with seriously infected bug bites in their scalps that required having their hair washed, cut, and topical antibiotics applied. Some children arrived with serious ear infections, and residential supervisors often provided the appropriate medical treatment. Importantly, a young nurse was on staff at Stringer Hall, and doctors and dentists were on call to treat children, something that probably would not have happened if they were out on the land, hunting and fishing with their parents.”

–‘Truth, Reconciliation, and Aboriginal Residential Schools: A Reply to Michael Ignatieff’,

Rodney A. Clifton, V2 Journal, June 19, 2009



“It is estimated that in the long history of Aboriginal education, approximately 150,000 children attended residential schools. According to the Royal Commission, this number represents only about 20% of the total number of Aboriginal school-aged children over this time period…

“The {Partial} Truth and Reconciliation Commission has estimated that more than 4,100 students died while attending residential schools…

“Undoubtedly, during the same period many children who attended public schools also died, but they rarely died while at school because most of them were sent home or to a hospital. Residential schools, on the other hand, had infirmaries for sick children, so it understandable that some of the students died at school.

“Did more residential school students die in numbers grossly disproportionate to public school students? Did residential school students routinely die of abuse and neglect? Are there mass graves of unnamed Aboriginal children while non-Aboriginal children were buried in separate, marked plots? It has become conventional wisdom that the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’. The truth is, there’s no evidence to support any of these conclusions…”

–‘Some Other Truths About Indian Residential Schools’,

Rodney A. Clifton, C2Journal, May 19, 2015



“Most aboriginal children did not attend residential schools. According to the ‘Report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ (TRC) a total of 150,000 children attended the schools from 1800 to 1970. Although more children attended in some years than in others, this is an average of less than 1,000 per year. That is a small number in relation to the millions of aboriginal people who lived during that time period.”

–‘Residential schools legacy: The numbers don’t support the narrative’,

BRIAN GIESBRECHT, The Rebel, February 23, 2016



“At least 3,000 children…are now known to have died while they were attending Canada’s aboriginal residential schools, according to new unpublished research… The largest single killer, by far, was disease. For decades starting in about 1910, tuberculosis was a consistent killer — in part because of widespread ignorance over how diseases were spread.”

–CBC, Feb.18, 2013



“The Spanish flu epidemic in 1918-1919 also took a devastating toll on students — and in some cases, staff… While a statistical analysis has yet to be done, the records examined over the past few years also show children also died of malnutrition or accidents. Schools consistently burned down, killing students and staff. Drownings or exposure were another cause…”

–Huffington Post, Feb.18, 2013



–‘‘Biggest fake news story in Canada’: Kamloops mass grave debunked by academics’,

Dana Kennedy, New York Post, May 27, 2022


See also:

B.C. Schools Now Re-education Camps{Oct.13, 2022}:

This is coercion. Stop shoving this down people’s throats! And if it’s about “education”, stop using the misnomer “Indigenous”. Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia:

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the ‘First Nations’ Education Steering Committee (FNESC), is implementing a new graduation requirement. Expected to take effect in the 2023-24 school year, this requirement will ensure all secondary students complete ‘Indigenous’-focused coursework before they graduate from B.C.’s K-12 education system.”


An Issue of Freedom of Speech‘ (Aboriginal Issues) {Feb.20, 2021}:

At any given moment there is a sort of self-prevailing orthodoxy, a tacit agreement not to discuss some large and uncomfortable fact.”

George Orwell

“The Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal establishments, for their own sometimes-selfish purposes — contrary to one of the most fundamental values of democracy: free and open debate on important public issues — have in effect declared a ban on free speech around this profound human rights issue…”


Tossed Out Of The Sandbox{August 21, 2018}:

I have been driven over the edge by the systematic campaign over the last few years to blacken the reputation of our first and best prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, a campaign in which prominent aboriginals and some of their white ‘liberal’ fan club have played the predominant part.

Brock University has stripped a retired political science professor of his status as a ‘professor emeritus’, after he posted “intemperate and offensive” comments on social media deriding {some} ‘indigenous’ {actually, ‘aboriginal’} people…”


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