‘Tossed Out Of The Sandbox’

I have been driven over the edge by the systematic campaign over the last few years to blacken the reputation of our first and best prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, a campaign in which prominent aboriginals and some of their white ‘liberal’ fan club have played the predominant part.”

“Brock University has stripped a retired political science professor of his status as a ‘professor emeritus’, after he posted “intemperate and offensive” comments on social media deriding {some} ‘indigenous’ {actually, ‘aboriginal’} people. 

“During a special meeting of the university’s Senate governance committee, members voted to withdraw the title after Garth Stevenson attacked ‘indigenous’ Canadians in numerous posts on social media websites.

“In one post — referring to a Victoria B.C. decision to relocate a statue of Sir John A. MacDonald away from city hall — Stevenson described {some} ‘indigenous’ people as 

sniveling aboriginals who probably never did a day’s work in their lives.”

“In another post, he wrote 

to hell with your cleansing, blessing and healing. The so-called ‘First Nations’ seem to be taking over this country and it will soon be unfit for civilized people to live in“.

“Brock Senate ‘Chair’ Scott Henderson said he learned about the “multiple appalling tweets and Facebook postings” late Thursday.

“There was an immediate discussion about how we should deal with this issue, given the fact that Mr. Stevenson was retired from Brock and the ‘horrific’ comments he was making were on social media platforms not directly associated with or controlled by the university.”

“Brock President Gervan Fearon issued a statement Friday morning condemning Stevenson’s comments and requesting that the university’s Senate governance committee withdraw Stevenson’s ‘professor emeritus’ status. Fearon’s request was unanimously approved.

The issue is not one related to free speech {Liar – you just put a price on speech} as we are in no position to censor Mr. Stevenson’s comments“,
Henderson said.
As an academic community, Brock encourages a diversity of opinion, but we also expect thoughtful, reasonable debate.”

“In an email sent to ‘The Standard’ and ‘CBC’ last week, Stevenson called the emeritus status a meaningless title“.

Although it might deprive me of the right to borrow books from their library, I am sure I can live without that“,
he wrote.

“But contacted following the senate governance committee’s decision on Wednesday, Stevenson said the university’s decision to withdraw his emeritus status was not justified.

I am always suspicious of unanimous votes by any body of people on any issue, because it suggests that at least some of them were following the crowd rather than thinking for themselves“,
he wrote in an email.

“Stevenson also apologized for the offensive social media posts.

While my language was intemperate and offensive and I apologize for it, I think the campaign to destroy the reputation of Sir John A. Macdonald is entirely unjustified and that was the point that I was trying to make“,
he wrote.

“Stevenson also referred to a letter written by Mark Mercer — a professor at St. Mary’s University in Halifax and President of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship — urging Brock University’s president to reconsider. {See below…}

“He said Mercer’s letter 

presents the arguments against Brock’s action more eloquently than I could” …”

–‘Stevenson stripped of emeritus status’,
Allan Benner, St. Catharines Standard, Aug. 15, 2018


Professor Emeritus Garth Stevenson (Facebook)

Mark Mercer:
“Brock University recently condemned statements made by Garth Stevenson, a retired political science professor, and is poised to revoke Dr. Stevenson’s ‘professor emeritus’ status. Whatever one thinks about what Dr. Stevenson said or how he said it, Brock’s reaction is profoundly wrongheaded.

“There are three grounds on which Brock’s actions can be criticized.
First, revoking an honour for academic achievement on irrelevant grounds devalues academic achievement.
Second, when a university takes a stand on matters of public interest, it encourages conformity in viewpoint among its professors and students.
Third, when a university encourages conformity in viewpoint, the public is right to be sceptical of research coming from that university.

“‘Emeritus’ status is conferred in recognition of a retiring professor’s achievements as a teacher and researcher. Dr. Stevenson had written numerous books and articles, many of which are still discussed in classes and professional journals across Canada. On academic grounds, he was clearly deserving of the honour his colleagues bestowed on him when he retired. Since a professor’s political or social opinions are irrelevant when the awarding of the title “Professor Emeritus” is considered, they cannot be relevant retroactively.

“If Brock revokes Dr. Stevenson’s emeritus status, it will be telling the world that academic achievement is not worth honouring just for its own sake.

“Dr. Stevenson made known through social media his views and feelings regarding the removal of a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald and of those people, including ‘First Nations’ {‘aboriginal’} Canadians, who advocated removing the statue. We can all agree, though, that whether the statue should have been removed and the reasons why and why not are matters of public interest, as is the place of ‘First Nations’ within Canada.

“Brock University has a responsibility to promote candid and open discussion of matters of public interest. Certainly, its professors should be free to comment on matters of public interest as they see fit, even intemperately, without putting their official university positions at risk.

“By officially characterizing Dr. Stevenson’s comments as “inflammatory” and “abhorrent”, and criticizing them as appalling and a threat to Brock’s commitment to ‘inclusion’ and ‘respect’, Brock University has signalled that certain views on important topics may not be spoken. A university, though, should encourage a full range of opinion on all subjects. By removing Dr. Stevenson’s ‘emeritus’ status and ruling his views incompatible with Brock policy, Brock University makes it harder for members of the university community to believe they are free to speak their minds.

“Brock’s actions will also diminish the respect the public has for work on controversial issues coming from the university. Censuring Dr. Stevenson for what he said tends to create a party line on the topics he raised. If members of the general public believe that Brock has a party line on some issue, they will suspect that Brock professors and students must hold to the approved views rather than to their evaluation of the evidence.

“It’s only because people think that professors are free to follow the evidence wherever it leads that they pay attention to university research. Academic freedom to draw one’s own conclusions is why people trust universities more than, say, pharmaceutical companies. Brock’s actions will cause people to think that Brock research is partisan, meant to get a job done rather than to speak the truth.

“One might respond to my criticisms that the actions of Brock University are in response to the obnoxious, offensive, and vulgar way in which Dr. Stevenson expressed his views. A reading of Brock’s official statements, though, show them to be as much about the content of what Dr. Stevenson said as the manner. Nonetheless, they do take exception to the vitriol in the expression.

“But if Brock wishes to maintain itself as a place of free expression, then it should refrain from condemning how people speak their minds, just as it should refrain from condemning what they say. Ruling a manner of speech out of bounds can make people just as afraid to speak, as ruling certain views out of bounds can.

“Does this mean that Dr. Stevenson should not be criticized, neither for his views nor for his way of expressing them? No, not at all. All of us are or should be free to criticize either the views or their expression. But Brock University, the institution itself, would do best not to comment. Only then might it function as a space in which people generally may engage in critical discussion among themselves.”

–‘Brock condemnation of professor ‘wrongheaded’,
Mark Mercer, St. Catharines Standard, Aug. 15, 2018
(Mark Mercer teaches philosophy at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax and is president of the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship.)


Brock University president Gervan Fearon looks on during a Senate meeting at the university. (Julie Jocsak, St. Catharines Standard)

The Background:
“An Ontario university plans to vote on whether to strip a professor emeritus of his title after a series of ‘racist’ tweets about {some} ‘indigenous’ people.

“Retired political science professor Garth Stevenson ‘unleashed’ the tweets on Thursday in response to the news that a statue of John A. MacDonald in Victoria, B.C. was being removed.

“Stevenson said…

The city of Victoria is removing the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald to appease some snivelling aboriginals who probably never did a day’s work in their lives, and then they will hold some kind of pagan “cleansing and healing” ceremony whatever that means. I hate that city!
{Saying “some” aboriginals is NOT a racist generalization…}

“He also directed a profanity-laden tweet at the prime minister {Something many Canadians — including aboriginals — have at least contemplated}, accusing him of giving ‘indigenous’ people “ideas” and encouraging them to act like they own Canada.
{That’s definitely a valid point. Trudeau’s foolishness in this regard has definitely exacerbated matters…}

Fuck you Justin and fuck your “Indigenous” friends, who never even developed written languages or invented the wheel but are now acting as if they own this country. And it is people like you who give them these ideas.

“The university’s Senate has plans to discuss whether to strip Stevenson of his honorary title in the coming days… Brock president Gervan Fearon said,

The abhorrent online comments emphasize why it is important that efforts continue to be made across Canadian society and all communities to advance the ‘Calls to Action’ established under the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ Commission as well as equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

{These reckless, ignorant and irresponsible remarks are incredible from a man in his position, and are not excused by the fact that so many of Canada’s elites are repeating such drivel. The often-racist {Partial} Truth and {One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ Commission recommendations are ridiculously biased and in many cases, would only weaken Canada.}

Stevenson is the former ‘chair’ of the university’s political science department, according to ‘CBC News’. He retired six years ago and is the author of eight books, including his most recent, entitled “Building Nations from Diversity: Canadian and American Experience Compared”.

“He told the broadcaster that comments made on social media were solely his own, adding that he wasn’t concerned about losing his title.

If the university wants to deprive me of the meaningless title of ‘professor emeritus’, that is their business“,
he said.
Although it might deprive me of the right to borrow books from their library, I am sure I can live without that.”

“He also told the ‘St. Catharines’s Standard’ that he was frustrated with the debate around Macdonald.

I have been driven over the edge by the systematic campaign over the last few years to blacken the reputation of our first and best prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, a campaign in which prominent aboriginals and some of their white ‘liberal’ fan club have played the predominant part.”

–‘Brock University To Vote On Stripping Garth Stevenson Of Title After Racist Tweets’,
Sima Shakeri {Iranian}, HuffPost Canada, 08/12/2018


Brock Senate chairman Scott Henderson. (Julie Jocsak, St. Catharines Standard)

I also note that some kind of pagan ceremony of ‘cleansing’ and ‘healing’ will be held in front of the Victoria city hall after Macdonald is removed. The notion that such a ceremony is necessary in the circumstances is one that I find highly offensive {So do we…}. I should also mention that if a Christian or Muslim religious ceremony were to be held on public property, the same people who are obsessed with the aboriginals would probably say that this was an improper violation of the separation of church and state.” 

“In a Friday statement, the university said it was moving to strip retired professor Garth Stevenson — formerly the head of Brock’s political science department — of his status as a professor emeritus after posts on Stevenson’s Facebook and Twitter accounts attacked {some} ‘indigenous’ {They mean ‘aboriginal’} Canadians as “snivelling“, and ignorant pagans who were making Canada “unfit for civilized people“…

“In an emailed statement late Friday evening, Stevenson defended his social media posts and called the issue a “tempest in a tea pot“…
{Then he has no idea just how many young Canadians have been brainwashed with the aboriginal narrative. Unfortunately, they didn’t have professors like him. They have a hateful mob mentality and are going to make his life hell…}

“In his email, sent to ‘The Standard’ and the ‘CBC’, Stevenson said he is outraged by what he perceives as attacks on MacDonald’s {sic} reputation and he removal of his statue from city hall in Victoria, B.C.
{Like many of our poorly-educated so-called ‘journalists’, this one can’t even spell Macdonald’s name correctly…}

I also note that some kind of pagan ceremony of ‘cleansing’ and ‘healing’ will be held in front of the Victoria city hall after Macdonald is removed. The notion that such a ceremony is necessary in the circumstances is one that I find highly offensive“,
he wrote.
I should also mention that if a Christian or Muslim religious ceremony were to be held on public property, the same people who are obsessed with the aboriginals would probably say that this was an improper violation of the separation of church and state.”

“In his email, Stevenson said those who claim that Canadian leaders of MacDonald’s era were engaged in the ‘genocide’ of ‘indigenous’ people is untrue, pointing to the Holocaust as evidence.

The use of the term “genocide” to describe Canada’s policies towards its aboriginals, policies that were more humane than those of either the Americans or the Australians towards their aboriginals, is unacceptable. It is also highly offensive to groups that have been the victims of real genocide, such as the Jews.”

“Stevenson wrote that “any intelligent person” would know that he was not speaking on behalf of the university in his posts because he is retired. Posts from Stevenson’s accounts drew {some} quick and harsh criticism Thursday morning following a ‘diatribe’ {More pseudo-journalistic editorializing. Where are the editors?} posted to his Facebook page Wednesday about a play at the Shaw Festival.

Before it began, I had to endure one of the actors standing on the stage and reciting a tribute to the aboriginal people who supposedly lived in Niagara-on-the-Lake before settlers arrived. He actually praised them for their ‘stewardship of the land’, as though they had any notion of such an idea“,
reads the post.
Frankly, I am getting sick and tired of the kowtowing to so-called ‘First Nations’ or ‘Indigenous’ or whatever they call themselves. This is OUR country, not theirs, and we don’t need to apologize for being here. I don’t give a rat’s ass who lived in it before Europeans arrived or what happened to them.” …”

“The language used in the ‘incendiary’ posts reflects other online content attributed to Stevenson. A Facebook post in January refers to “so-called ‘First Nations’{So? ‘First Nations’ don’t exist in the Constitution}. Stevenson was also the author the of a 2015 column in the online magazine ‘Inroads’ that criticized the romanticizing of “Aboriginal folklore and traditions” by young Canadians and argued for more, not less, assimilation of ‘indigenous’ Canadians {Exactly!}.”

–‘Brock to vote on stripping ex-prof of title after racist tweets’,
Grant LaFleche, St. Catharines Standard, Aug. 10, 2018


“Sean Vanderklis, an ‘indigenous’ {race} activist who hosts the Niagara podcast “One Dish, One Mic”, said the tweets matter, particularly because of Stevenson’s influence. He wrote a letter to the university urging it to strip Stevenson of his title.

The tweets are “highly offensive and bigoted“,
he wrote. So
any official designation awarded to Mr. Stevenson is completely unacceptable“.

“Stevenson has helped shape the minds of future leaders, Vanderklis told ‘CBC News’. He wonders what Stevenson taught his students.

Anybody who’s running for election within the Niagara Region could have been shaped by his words“,
he said.

“Even retired, 

he’s in a position of authority, and what he says matters“.
{Then why don’t you listen?}

–‘Brock University condemns former professor’s racist tweets’,
Samantha Craggs and Adam Carter, CBC News, Aug. 10, 2018


See also:
The Witch Hunt Is On{May 7, 2018}:
“Some Mounties have vented on a supposedly-secret Facebook page, expressing what are widespread frustrations and concerns with aspects of aboriginal culture. Now, the witch hunt is on…”


Bullying Dayleen{June 3, 2013}:
“See? They do this to EVERYONE who dares discuss this issue, and NOT give in to their bullying and abuses. Look at the way they attack her and label her a racist. Who do these thugs think they are? Canada has to say no to this bullying.” https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/368552033247036/?type=1

Teacher Punished For ‘Racist’ Opinion On Facebook{December 11, 2014}:
“A Winnipeg high school teacher is on administrative leave after a Facebook rant went viral.

Stop the handouts!! The benefits the aboriginals enjoy from the “white man/Europeans” far outweigh any wrongdoings that were done to a conquered people.”
How long are aboriginal people going to use what happened as a crutch to suck more money out of Canadians?

“The post also criticized AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak…”
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