‘Endless Days of Lawlessness’

It’s now been another 173 days of lawlessness in Caledonia, Ont., with the Ontario Provincial Police once again refusing to enforce the law where Aboriginals are concerned. Just like 15 years ago, the police are refusing to enforce a court injunction, leaving the people of Caledonia without the police protection that they are entitled to. The fact that police are acting in a lawless fashion should scare Canadians more than the Mohawk terrorists…

“It has been 150 days since ‘1492 Land Back Lane’ was ‘established’ {‘stolen’}. A ribbon cutting for the tiny houses is taking place on site to mark the occasion.” (VIDEO)–‘Ribbon cutting for tiny houses in 1492 Land Back Lane camp’,
APTN News, Dec.15, 2020

See also:
Finally…Some Justice!{Nov.1, 2020}:
“An Ontario Superior Court Justice has ordered the spokesperson for a ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal} land ‘reclamation’ {theft} of a housing development in Caledonia, Ont., to pay $168,000 in legal bills for the developer and the municipality…”

Six Nations Punks Attack Police’ (VIDEO) {Oct.26, 2020}:
Aboriginal punks use lacrosse sticks and rocks to smash windows of police vehicle — with police inside (Caledonia, Ont./Six Nations). Police do nothing. This foolish approach to ‘policing’ only emboldens these criminal and terrorist assholes…

Mohawk Terrorists Up The Ante’ (Six ‘Nations’) {Oct.24, 2020}:
“A highway remained blocked in Caledonia on Friday afternoon after tensions flared overnight. Illegal Aboriginal blockaders clashed with police in a standoff after a judge granted a permanent injunction Thursday ordering the group, largely comprised of members from Six Nations of the Grand River, off of a proposed housing development, ‘McKenzie Meadows’. A bus was also overturned on Highway 6 overnight, blocking the site of the proposed development. Tires and wood pallets were burned overnight, too. People who live in the area told CTV that they lost power in the evening after a hydro pole was set on fire…”

Defying Canada’  {Oct.23, 2020}:
Here’s a Caledonia Mohawk once again challenging Canadian sovereignty, pretending they are somehow an independent nation within the borders of Canada that can ignore Canadian law and policing. His arrogance comes from the fact that the Canadian government irresponsibly does NOTHING to assert Canadian sovereignty where Mohawks are concerned – not in Ontario or Quebec…
   “This is a message to the OPP – also to Canada and the rest of Ontario:
OPP – you guys want to come on to ‘our territory’, prepare to walk home because we’re going to be confiscating your vehicles. We’re ‘not allowing’ no more passage through here…”


The Myths of Caledonia‘:
“The ownership history of Six Nations lands in Ontario has been ignored, as has the legal basis of the Six Nations claim to those lands. It’s time for the politically-incorrect truth to be told. In short, THE SIX NATIONS HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHTS TO THE LAND IN QUESTION, AND HAVE HAD NONE FOR OVER A CENTURY.”

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