‘Aboriginal Industry Training Alberta Lawyers’

Lawyers are generating a fortune in profits as the crucial part of the divisive Aboriginal Industry. Here, they are just ensuring that everybody is on the same page:

“…The Law Society of Alberta Board (also known as ‘Benchers’) approved the introduction of mandatory ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’. Off to a bad start!} ‘Cultural Competency’ training for all active Alberta lawyers beginning in early 2021. 

“This decision was thoughtfully {?} debated by the Benchers at the October Board meeting. As well, this decision to mandate training is integral to our commitment and obligation {?} to respond to the 2015 {Partial} Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) “Calls to Action”. This decision is also consistent with our ‘Strategic Plan’ for 2020-2024, where we have made ‘Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion’, along with Lawyer Competence, two of the four pillars.

“Whether a lawyer’s practice involves ‘Indigenous’ clients or not, the Benchers believe all Alberta lawyers, as key contributors to the socio-economic fabric of society, and in particular, the justice system, have an obligation to share a baseline understanding of how ‘Indigenous’ clients experience the law in our province and across Canada.

“While in many contexts we do believe lawyers should exercise their own judgement when choosing training for their own professional development, there are some competencies where it is appropriate that the Law Society mandate training. ‘Indigenous’ Cultural Competency is one of those ‘unique areas’ where mandatory training is important.

{‘Aboriginals have been treated as “unique” ever since Europeans first arrived and lawyers obviously haven’t realized that’s still the source of the problem! Have the profits generated by the Aboriginal Industry blinded them to racism?}

“Earlier this year, the Lawyer Competence Committee and the ‘Indigenous’ Advisory Committee worked with Law Society staff to create competence programs for 2021 which focused on ‘Indigenous’ {sic} issues that meaningfully address our obligation arising from the TRC “Calls to Action”.

“The approved mandatory ‘Indigenous’ Cultural Competency training selected is called “The Path{!?!}.
The Law Society is working with the developers of ‘The Path’ program to create Alberta-specific content, with the intention of offering an educational tool specifically for Alberta lawyers. 

Editorial Cartoon by Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator – Saturday April 16, 2016

“We recognize that the cost of professional development and time constraints can be a barrier for some, so the Law Society will cover the cost of this training for all active Alberta lawyers. Lawyers will have at least 18 months to complete the 6 hours of training. Additionally, lawyers can spread out the 6 hours, as the training can be done in segments, allowing lawyers to set their own learning pace.

“We know the profession will have many questions about this decision and about the training itself. We have created an FAQ to provide more information.

“While the Law Society is considering some exemptions for lawyers who may meet specific criteria, those decisions are still being finalized. More detailed information about the program will be shared in the coming months.

“We look forward to sharing more information about the implementation of this program in early 2021.”

–‘President’s Message: Introduction of Mandatory Indigenous Cultural Competency Training’,
Law Society of Alberta, October 6, 2020

See also:
Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada{April 13, 2018}:
“We have repeatedly pointed out that the contemporary billion-dollar Aboriginal Industry is the creation of a Canadian legal profession that, coincidentally, happens to be the chief beneficiary of the expansion of race-based differential treatment in law. To the detriment of Canada’s future, Canadian law schools seem to be gearing up for unlimited expansion of this discrimination-based legal gravy train…”

Creating A Segregated, Parallel Legal System In Canada’ (U. Of Victoria) {April 7, 2018}:
In an age when we are actively trying to move beyond the differential and discriminatory treatment of people based on race/ethnicity, here we have the Canadian legal profession actively and eagerly setting up a parallel, segregated legal system!
ALL Canadians should be subject to the same legal provisions.
We DEMAND this as Canadian citizens!
We say ‘NO’ to segregated legal systems…
   “A new law program at the University of Victoria is the world’s first to combine the intensive study of both ‘indigenous’ {‘primitive’} and ‘non-‘indigenous’ {‘modern’} law, enabling people to work fluently across the two realms {WHY?}.


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