‘It’s The TRUTH That Is Shocking’

Sometimes, it’s the TRUTH that is “shocking”…
Stop trying to bully the RCMP into accepting the self-serving, one-sided and racist narrative created by the Aboriginal Industry…

“In 2018, APTN exposed a private Facebook group used by police officers across Canada that showed shocking messages in support of Gerald Stanley, the Saskatchewan farmer who stood trial {and was acquitted} for killing Colten Boushie, a member of Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ {A crime-infested reserve that negatively impacts the surrounding communities}

“At the time, APTN learned that some of the comments were posted by an officer who was an active member of the RCMP on the Prairies.

This should never have been allowed to be about race…crimes were committed and a jury found the man not guilty in protecting his home and family”, {Exactly!}
the post said of the second-degree murder trial into Boushie’s death in Saskatchewan.
Too bad the kid died but he got what he deserved.”

“These Facebook groups are still thriving with thousands of members and hundreds of comments. Some of them bigoted, others outright racist.

“One poster wrote,

It’s all about money, reconciliation is the native word for money”.
{Which is certainly how it appears to Canadians. EVERY complaint is accompanied by demands for financial compensation…}

{The article – link below – then gives a platform {yet again} to partial-Aboriginal and Aboriginal Industry mouthpiece Pam Palmater for more of her typical Race-baiting…}

You’re surrounded, encouraged and protected by hundreds of other officers who feel the exact same way”,
{Then just maybe there’s some legitimacy to their attitudes…}
she said.
So that’s your normal, that’s your normal code of conduct to be racist and treat ‘Indigenous’{sic, she means ‘Aboriginal’}people in a racist way.”


–‘Private Facebook groups loaded with racist comments by RCMP members still thriving’,
Angel Moore, APTN, Aug. 31, 2020

COMMENT: “Here is a question, what specific statements are made about indigenous people that are considered racist? Why? The reason why? Are the statements false, exaggerated? I agree that labeling an entire race to specific criticism is not right but it does not hurt to take a look in the mirror when being judged to be a certain way. (I have Native in my background, btw).

“Are there any other races being secretly harassed with words?

“A friend of mine made a good point years ago in conversation:
If you don’t like a stereotype, don’t be the stereotype“.

“Also, if we went on some indigenous private groups, would we find racist marks made towards white people (or other races)? Most likely yes, so if we are going to be consistent, then we need to call it all out. Personally, it’s nice to have groups where one can express themselves and exercise freedom of speech. Racist language is not as big of a concern as racism put into action. When people are shut out of opportunities, or being beaten/abused/bullied, or denied employment…racism is more the problem…
–Mark Anthony Lee

See also:
Racial Tension Around Murder Trial‘ (Boushie) {January 29, 2018}:
“Almost every public comment from Saskatchewan farmers about this story refers to protecting their property from crime; almost every Aboriginal comment refers to Race. It’s obvious who is stirring up most of the racial tension in Saskatchewan – even if our politicized mainstream media can’t — or won’t — report on it…”

Indigenizing A Police Force{April 5, 2018}:
“When does this amount to undue influence over a police force by a special interest group/race/ethnicity?
   “The advisory group is also expected to “revamp” the police department’s policies and procedures.”
   “‘Indigenous’ training is being developed for all Sault Ste. Marie Police Service employees. Algoma University is developing the curriculum…”
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