‘Privileged Aboriginal Called Out’

Mr. Kinew didn’t go to a public school, he went to a private school. Mr. Kinew was handed more benefits than any premier in the last 60 years in this province. That’s the truth.”

“Claims by ‘Progressive Conservative’ Leader {and Premier} Brian Pallister that he grew up poorer than his ‘NDP’ rival are being called “offensive” by an ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} leader…

{“Wab is aboriginal royalty. His father, Tobasonakwat Kinew (an associate of ‘Liberal’ Party honcho Lloyd Axworthy) was Grand Chief of the Treaty 3 area and a co-founder of the ‘Native Indian Brotherhood’.” See below…}

“Pallister was referring to a recent study that found 56% of Manitoba families have less than $200 a month to spend after bills are paid.

That’s where I come from“,
Pallister said. But ‘NDP’ Leader Wab Kinew was better off…
Mr. Kinew does not come from a household like that. Mr. Kinew’s narrative is that he was hard done by and he’s on a road to recovery. The house he grew up in was triple the size the one I was raised in and mine didn’t have any indoor plumbing. We might have had spoons in our house but they were not silver. Mr. Kinew didn’t go to a public school, he went to a private school. Mr. Kinew was handed more benefits than any premier in the last 60 years in this province. That’s the truth.”

Premier Pallister said the remarks he made about Kinew were ;the facts’. (Jeff Stapleton-CBC)

I believe his comments are offensive on the basis that a premier should have a better understanding of the historical discrimination that we as ‘indigenous’ {No, ‘aboriginal’} people have endured for generations“,
said consultant Derek Nepinak, who is the former grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs.
When we hear the word ‘benefits,’ what it’s tied to is what I believe to be a false narrative about ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} people receiving benefits from being identified as status Indians, or government programs and services. It ties into a language that I think is a discourse to me that is somewhat racially motivated. It’s inaccurate {?}.” …”

“Pallister said Friday his remarks were “the facts” when CBC asked him what prompted his statement…”

–‘Offensive’: Brian Pallister under fire for saying Wab Kinew was ‘handed more benefits than any premier’,
Austin Grabish, CBC News, Aug. 23, 2019

Wab Kinew speaks to supporters. (Austin Grabish-CBC)

“Wab Kinew’s website prominently featured pro-‘Idle No More’ articles by Kinew that also appeared in Huffington Post. Kinew, an early INMer, spoke at rallies in Winnipeg, and he was Peter Mansbridge’s guest on a CBC National News show concerning INM. Wab previously hosted the native-focused CBC television series “8th Fire”. (Across Canada, INM activists used ‘8th Fire’ as a teaching tool tool at seminars.)

“Wab is aboriginal royalty. His father, Tobasonakwat Kinew (an associate of ‘Liberal’ Party honcho Lloyd Axworthy) was Grand Chief of the Treaty 3 area and a co-founder of the ‘Native Indian Brotherhood’.

“Wab traded his career as a hip-hop rapper {culturally-appropriating ‘black’ culture} for a cushy gig as the Director of the University of Winnipeg’s ‘Indigenous’ Inclusion Department.”
{U. of Winnipeg — run by his dad’s pal, Lloyd Axworthy… Small world…}

–“Aboriginal Academics within Idle No More’s Inner Circle”

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew. (Austin Grabish-CBC)

From 2018:
“The Speaker of the Manitoba legislature rejected a request Monday to forbid politicians from discussing their opponents’ criminal convictions and other troubles. Myrna Driedger rejected a request from ‘Liberal’ member Judy Klassen, who wanted Tory government members banned from referencing N‘D’P Leader Wab Kinew’s legal troubles during debates in the chamber.

“Klassen, who is ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’}, filed the complaint in June. She said the government was perpetuating a stereotype of ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal people} by raising Kinew’s past during debates.

Freedom of speech is one of the most important principles underlying the function of this and any Canadian legislature“,
Driedger ruled Monday.
It is, in fact, one of the main pillars of parliamentary privilege.”

“Driedger pointed to precedents set by Speakers in the House of Commons and elsewhere that have upheld the protection from being sued or prosecuted for virtually anything said inside the chamber. Such protection, Driedger said, is needed to allow politicians to ask questions and raise issues without fear or intimidation.

“Kinew had several run-ins with the lawHe was convicted for impaired driving, and for assaulting a cab driver in his early 20s, more than a decade ago — offences for which he has since received pardons {Why?}.

“Two other items were not mentioned in Kinew’s book. He was given a conditional discharge in 2004 for an assault in Ontario, and was charged with assaulting his partner in 2003. The latter charge was stayed, although his former partner said last year she maintains Kinew threw her across the room.

“The Tories have repeatedly raised Kinew’s past, along with more recent homophobic and misogynist social media posts and rap lyrics, and set up a website to highlight the comments…

“Klassen said the Tory attacks on Kinew have affected her ability to do her job. But Driedger said that was far from clear. 

She did not demonstrate how her privileges were breached in this matter.”

–‘Wab Kinew’s criminal past fair game in legislature: Speaker’,
Steve Lambert, Canadian Press, Oct. 29, 2018


See also:
NDP Wants ‘Equal Nations’ {June 9, 2015}:
“…CANADA AND ITS ‘First Peoples’ MUST NOW RECOGNIZE EACH OTHER AS ‘EQUAL NATIONS’ through a new proclamation… I recognize that the implications are mind-bogglingly complex, disruptive and, yes, expensive. How could atonement for 150 YEARS OF CRIMINALITY be otherwise?” https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/638054252963478/?type=3
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