‘Ford On The Right Track’

The announcement that the new Ontario government is merging ‘aboriginal affairs’ with ‘energy, northern development and mines’ has been forced by the constant interference of aboriginal Bands in any attempt to develop resources on the surrendered and bought-and-paid-for Crown lands of northern Ontario…

“The decision of new Ontario Premier Doug Ford not to dedicate a cabinet minister solely to ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} issues is “highly problematic”, the former regional chief for the province says.

It’s going to almost be, immediately, the first bad move made by the Ford government,”
Isadore Day told ‘HuffPost Canada’ on Friday.

“Day, who days ago lost his bid for another term as Ontario regional chief, wrote to Ford this month to urge that he keep a single minister in charge of the Ministry of ‘Indigenous’ Relations and {One-way} Reconciliation (M‘I’RR). Opposition New ‘Democrats’ had demanded the same…

“Day told ‘HuffPost’ such a level of focus is needed because of the “immensity of ‘First Nations’ {descendants of Siberian settlers} issues” across Ontario.

“Past ‘Liberal’ governments created the first separate ministry of Aboriginal Affairs in 2008 and {incorrectly} renamed it eight years later. In response to a key recommendation of the 2007 {one-sided, massively-flawed} Ipperwash inquiry report, a minister was kept solely in charge of the ministry…

“Day also believes having a minister in charge of both energy projects and ‘indigenous’ issues could be a recipe for disaster.

He’s going to be dealing with the conflicting policy issues with regards to water, rocks, trees, and energy and having to work to represent ‘First Nations’ issues across Ontario,”
Day said.
{He’s not there to “represent ‘First Nations’”, but ALL the people of Ontario…}
Obviously, there is not a lot of thought put into the conflict… and the potential bias that will definitely be thrown onto the table.”

“Day also takes exception that the term “reconciliation” has been dropped from the job description, calling it a “sad day” and the culmination of concerns he had when the previous ‘Liberal’ government rebranded the ministry in 2016.
{The so-called ‘reconciliation’ was never more than a one-way guilt trip. Real reconciliation is a two-way street…}

When this now becomes something the next government may cast aside, what does that say for our respect and recognition of Indian residential school ‘survivors’ {‘former students’}?
Day said.
There’s going to need to be some explanation, some reassurance, and some heavy lifting to sort this one out. We now have a government that, first of all, does not know a whole lot about ‘indigenous’ issues and has basically just cast aside the whole issue of ‘legacy and healing’ around residential schools.”
{That’s the federal government’s responsibility…}

“RoseAnne Archibald, who unseated Day as regional chief Wednesday, released a statement saying she looks forward to working with Ford’s government on behalf of 133 chiefs in Ontario.

I am disappointed that there is no longer a Minister of ‘Indigenous’ Relations and {One-way} Reconciliation. However, I am heartened by the fact that Greg Rickford will include the portfolio in his other responsibilities,”
she said in the statement.
As the MPP for Kenora—Rainy River, Minister Rickford is by far the best choice to work with ‘our Peoples’. He has worked as a nurse and lawyer in our communities and has a deep knowledge and understanding of ‘our Peoples’ and the issues.

“New N‘D’P MPP Sol Mamakwa, a member of the Kingfisher Lake ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 615 people} who will represent the northern riding of Kiiwetinoong, also voiced his displeasure on Twitter Friday, but said he was hopeful Rickford would make time for ‘indigenous’ issues…”

–‘Doug Ford Made His ‘1st Bad Move’ By Not Keeping Separate Minister For Indigenous Issues: Ex-Regional Chief’,
Ryan Maloney, Huffington Post, 06/29/2018


Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford is minister of energy, northern development and mines, and ‘indigenous’ affairs minister (Sudbury.com)

“The biggest change Premier Doug Ford has made to the shape of his cabinet is putting one minister in charge of energy, northern development and mines, and ‘indigenous’ affairs: Kenora-Rainy River MPP Greg Rickford…

“He’ll also be in charge of the provincial government’s dealings with ‘indigenous’ people. The ‘Ipperwash Inquiry’ into the police killing of {armed} protester Dudley George in an {illegal} ‘indigenous’ occupation of a provincial park in 1995 concluded that divided attention was ‘dangerous’ — that Native Affairs, as it then was, should be its own ministry…

I am disappointed that there is no longer a Minister of ‘Indigenous’ Relations and {One-way} Reconciliation,”

Chief RoseAnne Archibald, just elected as the new leader of the ‘Chiefs of Ontario’, said in a written statement on Friday…”

–‘Indigenous Affairs downgraded in new Ontario cabinet, but First Nations groups welcome new minister’,
DAVID REEVELY, Ottawa Citizen, June 29, 2018


Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day at the Ontario Legislature. (Chris Young–Canadian Press)

“Ontario’s incoming Premier Doug Ford is being warned not to scrap the Ministry of ‘Indigenous’ {‘Hunter/Gatherer’} Relations from his new cabinet… ‘Indigenous’ leaders and others are urging Ford to maintain a minister solely responsible for issues of concern to ‘First Nations’, in keeping with a 2007 recommendation of the Ipperwash inquiry…

“Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day,  who leads the 133-member ‘Chiefs of Ontario’, pointed to the Ipperwash recommendation in a letter this month to Ford…

“Day said Ontario faces pressing issues, including treaty claims, so it would be ‘problematic’ for the new government to put responsibility for ‘indigenous’ issues into another ministry that’s focused on the province’s own interests in land and natural resources…

“Former minister of aboriginal affairs Michael Bryant says designating a member of cabinet in that role helps the province meet its {court-invented} ‘constitutional duty’ to take into account the interests of ‘indigenous’ people.

It’s one thing to never have had [a ministry for ‘indigenous’ affairs], it’s another thing to have had one and then to take it away,”

said Bryant, who is now executive director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association…

“Wynne made ‘indigenous’ issues a priority during her time as premier. In her mandate letters to her cabinet, she told every minister to 

work together, in co-operation with our ‘indigenous’ ‘partners’, to help achieve real and measurable change for ‘indigenous’ communities.”

“She also changed the name from the Ministry from Aboriginal Affairs to the Ministry of ‘Indigenous’ Relations and {One-way} Reconciliation.”

–‘Doug Ford urged to keep Indigenous post in new cabinet’,
Mike Crawley, CBC News, June 27, 2018


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