‘Racial Tension Around Murder Trial’

Almost every public comment from Saskatchewan farmers about this story refers to protecting their property from crime; almost every Aboriginal comment refers to Race. It’s obvious who is stirring up most of the racial tension in Saskatchewan – even if our politicized mainstream media can’t — or won’t — report on it…

“There are fears that the trial of Gerald Stanley, charged with second-degree murder in the death of Colten Boushie, could inflame racial tensions. Asked how nervous he was feeling this week, Ames Leslie, the mayor of Battleford, Sask., was cautious, saying he was hopeful

“that cooler minds prevail”.

“That’s because on Monday, jury selection is set to begin in one of the highest-profile, racially-tinged cases the province has seen: the second-degree murder trial of a white, rural farmer accused of fatally shooting a young ‘indigenous’ {‘descendant of Siberian settlers’} man.

“As it has been from the start, this case is more than just about Gerald Stanley’s guilt or innocence. To the family of 22-year-old Colten Boushie — the man who was gunned down — and their supporters, this case serves as a symbol of the entrenched racism and police prejudice faced daily by ‘indigenous’ people. To supporters of the accused, the case represents something entirely different: the rights of farm owners to defend their properties

“So inflamed did the rhetoric on social media become in the immediate aftermath of the August 2016 shooting that Premier Brad Wall was compelled to decry the

“racist and hate-filled comments”  …

“Now, with a trial about to get underway under heavy security, there are worries that racial tensions could flare again.

“Here’s a situation where you’ve got some folks that are different from each other; there’s a lot of unknown between each other and a lot of mistrust going both ways,”
said John Lagimodiere, editor and publisher of ‘Eagle Feather News’ and an ‘Aboriginal awareness consultant’ {Consultant to whom?}.
“It’s a hot-point button that could drive more of a wedge between our communities.”

“Colten’s uncle, Alvin Baptiste, told the ‘Saskatoon Star-Phoenix’ this week that the looming trial fills him with dread.

“It’s just reopening wounds over and over and we just can’t seem to heal.… I just don’t want to hear or see things and I’m trying to move forward in my life and leave this in the past, but I have to deal with it.”  …

“Even though no theft charges were filed, many of Stanley’s supporters latched on to the theft narrative, asserting farm owners’ rights to protect their properties from trespassers. Many farmers took to social media, posting pictures of rifles sitting in the cabs of their trucks and tractors. They insisted there wasn’t a race problem, just a crime problem

“On Facebook this week, a member of the ‘Farmers with Firearms’ group encouraged Stanley’s supporters to show their solidarity and attend the proceedings. 

“I see many posts from Aboriginals to fill the courtroom to show support for (Colten) Boushie. However, I haven’t seen one request from local farmers, neighbours or family to show support for Mr. Stanley,”
the post read.


“As a farmer’s wife, I believe what Gerald Stanley did was to protect his family, however I think the courts will be pressured by Aboriginal presence to make an example of him. I think it should be posted somewhere, anywhere, that farmers support Gerald Stanley and the ability to defend our property from armed, drunk and violent trespassers, regardless of race.”

“Kim Jonathan, first vice-chief of the ‘FSIN’, said she got to know the family following the shooting, and quickly came to realize 

“this could happen to my son.


“If you’re a ‘First Nations’ person, you live, you breathe this (racism),”
she said…

“With 750 people expected to form the jury pool, Jonathan said she hopes there will be sufficient {What is “sufficient”?} Aboriginal representation among those selected.

“In an online poll this week, ‘Eagle Feather News’ asked its readers to guess the outcome of the trial. Thirty-one percent predicted Stanley will be found guilty of a lesser charge while 26% said he will be found not guilty.

“Whatever the outcome, Lagimodiere said he hopes ‘indigenous’ and ‘non-indigenous’ leaders will be able to work together on improving relations.

“But if there’s a not guilty (verdict), I’m scared how bad it could get.”

{Take note as to who is implying trouble if the court result isn’t to their liking…}

–‘Scared how bad it could get’: Racial tension hangs over Sask. as trial for farmer who allegedly killed Indigenous man looms’,
Douglas Quan, Vancouver Province, January 26, 2018

 Feature IMAGE: Boushie Hearing (RYAN KESSLER—Global)


COMMENT:  “The whiteman alien is a criminal…..plain and simple. Where ever the criminal white man roams, trouble is sure to follow. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Saskatchewan, BC, Alabama or the middle east…

“Do you know how you can tell when the criminal white man is lying?
“White peoples should move back to Europe if they feel that’s it’s dangerous to live in Saskatchewan.”
{These 2 comments are, unfortunately, allowed to remain up, as they were written by Aboriginals. This is what is referred to in contemporary jargon as ‘Racial Privilege’…}

For the Background to this story {in reverse chronological order}:
Boushie Update{November 21, 2017}:
“The family of a Saskatchewan man who was shot and killed by a local landowner in 2016 plans to appeal an internal investigation by the RCMP that cleared officers of wrongdoing in how they interacted with them in the wake of his death…”


Race Activists Stir The Pot’ (Saskatchewan Murder) {August 24, 2016}:
“An incident in Saskatchewan has resulted in the death of a young aboriginal male, and a local farmer has been charged with second-degree murder. Aboriginal activists and race-baiters have been having a field day accusing the Caucasian farmer of racially-motivated murder. The irresponsibility of these accusations goes without saying; yet, media outlets – particularly the CBC – continue to provide a platform for this propaganda…”


Chiefs Fuelling Racial Tension’ (Sask. Shooting) {August 15, 2016}:
“Once again, aboriginal leadership has impugned the integrity of the RCMP with unsubstantiated racial bias allegations. Perry Bellegarde used the opportunity to focus on the ‘racist’ nature of the backlash on social media, rather than the irresponsible attack on the police that provoked the controversy…”
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  1. I am sure there will be plenty of whining and crying if an Aboriginal or two aren’t chosen!! Little do they realize that a jury is chosen on merit, background check and other vital info!!

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