‘Early Siberian Settler Racism Against Others’


It’s now been proven by geneticists.



Below you will find a statement made by an infamous native supremacist, who calls Canadians “settlers”, one in hundreds of truly racist, abusive, threatening, blaming, hate-inciting comments and posts made in the same light, and please note the tone exemplifies zero humility, respect, gratitude, appreciation, kindness, understanding, forgiveness or equality. He literally throws people around verbally and tells them there are not two sides, only one side…his… The inherently malicious racist bad “white” guy, and the inherently “meek” innocent victim natives, aka early Siberian Settlers.

I am out to prove that the problem is their leaders’, propagandists’ and politicians’ racist abusive attitudes pushing a damaging narrative, not anything else, from anyone else.

ALL of these race supremacy agendists need to take a cultural sensitivity course. Their obsession with this “white” guy, whomever that is, is really misguided, fantastical and even non-existent.


This is a racial slur that native supremacists keep pushing, but it doesn’t exist, literally.
There is no one language, culture, tradition, country, value, law, credo, religion, history, union or loyalty towards anything called “white”.

Is it Italian? Is it Russian? Is it Ukrainian? Is it French? Is it Greek? Is it German? Is it Finnish? Is it Irish? Is it Norwegian? Is it Estonian? Is it Welsh? Is it Spanish? Is it Siberian? Siberians way up north are pretty fair skinned, and it’s about the shade of skin, isn’t it? “White”.

What is the exact shade of skin it has to be, and what shade is the cut-off point? If you are more beige, are you still inherently bad? What is the DNA marker that connects all so-called “white” people, and makes them be inherently born to be ‘bad racist’ with a malicious gene, intent only on being racist to earlier Siberian settlers?

In the area called Europe, these different tribal pasts created many wars, until, over time, alliances were made and countries were formed. There is a very long history there, and not everyone agreed on things just because they had somewhat similar skin shades.

Europeans who came to build Canada did not know each other, did not speak the same languages,did not have the same customs, or religions — they just came to be free and build a better life for their children, and the generations to come.

Earlier Siberian SETTLERS were not all one compatible group, either, and we know that the history of North American Siberian Settlers was a warring one, where tribes took slaves of other tribes, and wiped some out completely. True “genocide”, like the Iroquois wiping out the Huron. Where is the reconciliation for that?

Going to school is not genocide, neither is learning a new language, or learning science and math.

The history of Siberians making their way to this part of the world is fascinating, and you can definitely see the strong similarities in looks, but what is very curious about the current narrative that pushes racist, blaming hatred for these so-called “white” people in order to justify mass extortion from them, is why they hate them so much?

This man seems to have some kind of an obsession with race, but he seems to appear mixed race himself, working hard daily to create a divisive dialogue where one group, called “white”, is apparently intentionally and maliciously always doing bad stuff to everyone who is from early Siberian settler ancestry. But he isn’t at all interested in what Siberian settlers have done to each other for thousands of years, and still to this day.

The greatest threat to a Siberian Settler woman is a Siberian Settler male partner.
Incest exists in Siberian Settler communities, yet we don’t hear the cry to talk about that publicly as incessantly as they talk about a “white” Priest from 50 years ago, who really didn’t care what race a child was. Race does not seem to be a deterrent for pedophiles…

Everyone who exists today has millions of years of ancestry on this earth, or they would not be here. For this man to try to scale all of mankind’s existence down to a tiny portion in the time frame of millions of years — where a total population in a brand new country are suddenly one group, one group all connected by the tone of their skin, and nothing else, and this one group is gonna listen up to Kim, because he is the boss of Canada now, all early Siberian settlers are don’t ya know, and every other settler who came here the same free way they did, is to blame for everything that happens to them, no matter what it is, because of “white privilege” — is just racist foolishness.

That’s the expression their spin-doctor race agendists made up to explain the enormous amount of productive growth and creation built by the hard working people who did not get any hand-outs, did not use their race to bully others to give them their money, and did not have anyone to blame when they got into trouble.

EVERYONE ELSE FROM AROUND THE WORLD MAKES IT WORK HERE IN CANADA. Aside from ideologies that are counter to our free society, everyone here is trying to find their place in the sun, contribute to the Canadian dream, and not bother anyone else. But “counter to our free society” is race supremacy.

This man is the true race supremacist, trying hard to sell the myth that the racism problem belongs to others, deflecting, once again, any and all accountability off of early Siberian settlers.

I’ve got news for you, Mr., the word “reconciliation” means TWO parties, so since you propagandists have misappropriated and misused so many English words now, you are going to adhere to the true meaning of the term, and start making apologies. Your inciting of racist hatred against an identifiable group you call “white” based on skin alone, is the very definition of racism. Not bowing down to thugs who are bullying people who are not their race, in order to advance racist agendas of their own, is not racism. It’s combating racism.

There is no such thing as “white” and these race dividers have to stop using that term, and get to a history class for a change — a real one, not the revisionist, lying one the propagandists tell.

Rabid with hatred for “white” people, and he doesn’t care who they are, what they did, or what happened — it’s NEVER the early Siberian settler’s fault. Not for any reason, no way, no how. Always, always because of “white” people.

Then he hashtags #racism

Then he hashtags #assimilation as he is using a computer.

Then he hashtags #genocide, when any creature that can’t #assimilate will #perish, and he won’t talk about #iroquoisrealgenocide the early Siberian Settlers committed against each other, not too long ago, either.

It doesn’t get any better than that. They make me relevant.



Michele Tittler
Thohahente Kim Weaver
September 13 at 9:38am

Hey Settlers, you’ve got a problem. It’s called racist and misogynistic police, and fragile old white guys in charge. Read this news article. Then figure out what you are going to do about it. This is a white problem and a white problem only.

I can tell you what I would like to see happen; like, escorting that excuse for a councillor out of city hall putting him on the street, putting a letter of notice in the employee file of every cop in that room. Don’t wanna hear the fragile old “there are two sides to every story”. There are no two sides. There is only fragility and white privilege.

The facilitator “misinterpreted” the police response, he said. For example, police were laughing at a “sidebar conversation” during the session, “not really about the film at all.”

Furthermore, Hannam said the timing of the session was bad for police.

“It happened during a week when there was an attack on police in the United States and six or seven officers were murdered and so there may have been some heightened sensitivity over that,” he said.

Awwwww the poor PO PO man!!!!!! For Indigenous People in Canada, every day there are incidents where we have reason to fear an encounter with the police.

Soooooooo, if you want #Reconciliation instead of #Wreckonciliation, you need to do something about your systemic institutional racism problem, because it is YOUR problem and your problem alone.

#Reconciliation doesn’t begin until the #racism #assimilation #genocide end.
















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