‘Governor General Joins The Aboriginal Industry’

“In 1874, ‘Treaty 4’ was signed in Fort Qu’Appelle and last Tuesday, Gov. Gen. David Johnston delivered a speech to ‘First Nations’ leaders during the annual ‘Treaty 4 Gathering’. 

“Johnston told the crowd that he was pleased to be on hand to commemorate the signing of Treaty 4 because,

“In Canada, we are all treaty people.”

{The reality is that the contracts that were the Treaties have lost their legitimacy, as they no longer represent the actual written language contained in those legal documents. The only result of continuing to focus on them is to undermine Canada and whether the Governor General realizes it or not, he is now complicit in this. He had the chance to HONESTLY explain what was intended by Canada when they dictated the Treaties but instead, he hid behind gratuitous platitudes – to the detriment of Canada and its future.} 

“He said the treaties are not history, but are living, breathing documents.

{That’s a big part of the problem. Our Courts (lawyers) are constantly revising what are supposed to be FIXED historical documents – the Treaties. The Treaties are being used to undermine what little democracy we had and are a growing threat to people’s private property, with the major decisions on Canada’s future being made behind closed doors, or by unaccountable lawyers like our Supreme Court. When Canadians voted on this in the Charlottetown Referendum (1992), they voted AGAINST this approach. Arrogant lawyer/judges have simply ignored this…}

“They matter to all of us, because they lie at the heart of the relationship between ‘indigenous’ and ‘non’-‘indigenous’ Canadians,” said Johnston.

{This is an ‘Us-and-Them’ analysis that is not only outdated in a modern muti-racial society, but is racist to its core and has no place in Canada. This segregationist attitude – so beloved by the race based Aboriginal Industry — lies at the source of our division. The Governor General is supposed to be a unifying symbol, not a reactionary divider…}

“He said the purpose of his visit was to understand the intent of ‘Treaty 4’ from the perspective of ‘indigenous’ people…

{I’ve never heard of any government official asking the Canadian people for THEIR perspective on the Treaties! Why does the Queen’s representative sound like a one-sided pitchman for the Aboriginal Industry?}


“Gathered in a white-covered tent in the back of the Treaty 4 Governance Building, chiefs from Manitoba and Saskatchewan were on hand to hear what Johnston had to say.

“I honestly did not think I would see (this day),” elder Noel Starblanket said. “I had lost hope with the previous government and all the things they were doing to unravel our treaties.”

{? Not ony did they NOT ‘unravel the Treaties’, the Conservative government never even enforced the ‘free passage’ Treaty clause during aboriginal blockades…}

“The visit was arranged by Sakimay ‘First Nations’ {‘nations’ of 1,469 people} Chief Lynn Acoose.

“(This visit) is significant,” she said. “It signifies to us that the ‘honour of the Crown’ {‘open wallet’} has really awoken and is going to make itself present I our treaty area…”

“After this visit we are going to write a letter to the queen thanking her for her representative being here at Treaty 4 and asking her to intervene on our behalf, to insure the ‘honour of the Crown’ {‘the honour of the Crown’s wallet’} is, in fact, restored within our agreement,” she said…

“Eric Tootoosis, spokesman for ‘Sovereign’ ‘Indigenous’ Treaties 1-11’, extended an invitation to Johnston to attend a treaty gathering next year in Alberta…”

–‘Gov. Gen. David Johnston meets with chiefs in ‘Treaty 4’ Territory’,
Kerry Benjoe, Regina Leader-Post, September 13, 2016

Feature PHOTO: Lt.-Gov. Vaughn Solomon Schofield, Gov. Gen. David Johnston, Chief Lynn Acoose of Sakimay ‘First Nations’, Fort Qu’Appelle, Sept. 14, 2016. (Bryan Schlosser–Regina Leader-Post)


COMMENT: “I thought treaties were supposed to be temporary things until Aboriginals were able to stand on their own feet and fully integrate into society. It seems treaties are used by this community make demands of the government without having to do much to acquire the things they need.

“Frankly, these treaties separate the Aboriginal community from the rest of society and give them this idea they are some how mini ‘nations’ in Canada. If we’re all supposedly “treaty people”, then doesn’t that make Aboriginals fully Canadian?


“Assembly of ‘First Nations’ National Chief Perry Bellegarde attended the meeting as well.

“He said he hopes the governor general takes back information gathered by speaking to the ‘First Nations’ at the meeting, and passes it along to the prime minister and cabinet members.

“Nations make treaties. Treaties do not make nations,” Bellegarde said.

{More rhetorical bullshit… It also happens to be wildly inaccurate historically…}

“Sovereignty, jurisdiction, peaceful co-existence, Mutual respect, sharing the land and resource wealth {???This is NOT in the Treaties. Resource wealth belongs to ALL Canadians, regardless of race. Stop lying about the damn Treaties!}…”

“Johnston said he’s at the meeting to learn and celebrate, but also to serve as a ‘witness’ to the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} Reconciliation Commission.

“We’ve learned about the suffering that took place because of residential schools. And we’ve been inspired by the bravery of so many ‘survivors’ and their descendants who are on difficult healing journeys,” he said.


{But there’s also this:
http://endracebasedlaw.net/the-positive-side-of-residential-schools/ }

–‘Treaty 4 commemoration honours past, looks toward the future’,
CBC News, Sept. 13, 2016


Numbered Treaties

Here’s some more reading material for the Governor General:

‘Treaty 4’
“…And whereas the said Indians have been notified and informed by Her Majesty’s said Commissioners that it is the desire of Her Majesty to open up for settlement, immigration, trade and such other purposes…a tract of country bounded and described as hereinafter mentioned…

“And thereupon in open council the different bands, having presented the men of their choice to the said Commissioners as the Chiefs and Headmen, for the purpose aforesaid, of the respective bands of Indians inhabiting the said district hereinafter described.

“And whereas the said Commissioners have proceeded to negotiate a treaty with the said Indians, and the same has been finally agreed upon and concluded as follows, that is to say:-

“The Cree and Saulteaux Tribes of Indians, and all other the Indians inhabiting the district hereinafter described and defined, do hereby cede, release, surrender and yield up to the Government of the Dominion of Canada, for Her Majesty the Queen, and Her successors forever, all their rights, titles and privileges whatsoever, to the lands included within the following limits… 


Also all their rights, titles and privileges whatsoever to all other lands wheresoever situated within Her Majesty’s North-West Territories, or any of them. To have and to hold the same to Her Majesty the Queen and Her successors for ever…

“In view of the satisfaction with which the Queen views the ready response which Her Majesty’s Indian subjects have accorded to the invitation of Her said Commissioners to meet them on this occasion, and also in token of their general good conduct and behaviour, She hereby, through Her Commissioners, makes the Indians of the bands here represented a present, for each Chief of twenty-five dollars in cash, a coat and a Queen’s silver medal; for each Headman, not exceeding four in each band, fifteen dollars in cash and a coat; and for every other man, woman and child twelve dollars in cash; and for those here assembled some powder, shot, blankets, calicoes, strouds and other articles.

“As soon as possible after the execution of this treaty Her Majesty shall cause a census to be taken of all the Indians inhabiting the tract hereinbefore described, and shall, next year, and annually afterwards for ever, cause to be paid in cash at some suitable season to be duly notified to the Indians, and at a place or places to be appointed for that purpose, within the territory ceded, each Chief twenty-five dollars; each Headman not exceeding four to a band, fifteen dollars; and to every other Indian man, woman and child, five dollars per head; such payment to be made to the heads of families for those belonging thereto, unless for some special reason it be found objectionable.

“Her Majesty also agrees that each Chief and each Headman, not to exceed four in each band, once in every three years during the term of their offices shall receive a suitable suit of clothing, and that yearly and every year She will cause to be distributed among the different bands included in the limits of this treaty powder, shot, ball and twine, in all to the value of seven hundred and fifty dollars; and each Chief shall receive hereafter, in recognition of the closing of the treaty, a suitable flag.

“It is further agreed between Her Majesty and the said Indians that the following articles shall be supplied to any band thereof who are now actually cultivating the soil, or who shall hereafter settle on their reserves and commence to break up the land, that is to say: two hoes, one spade, one scythe and one axe for every family so actually cultivating, and enough seed wheat, barley, oats and potatoes to plant such land as they have broken up; also one plough and two harrows for every ten families so cultivating as aforesaid, and also to each Chief for the use of his band as aforesaid, one yoke of oxen, one bull, four cows, a chest of ordinary carpenter’s tools, five hand saws, five augers, one cross-cut saw, one pit-saw, the necessary files and one grindstone, all the aforesaid articles to be given, once for all, for the encouragement of the practice of agriculture among the Indians.

“Further, Her Majesty agrees to maintain a school in the reserve allotted to each band as soon as they settle on said reserve and are prepared for a teacher.

“Further, Her Majesty agrees that within the boundary of the Indian reserves, until otherwise determined by the Government of the Dominion of Canada, no intoxicating liquor shall be allowed to be introduced or sold, and all laws now in force, or hereafter to be enacted, to preserve Her Indian subjects, inhabiting the reserves, or living elsewhere within the North-West Territories, from the evil effects of intoxicating liquor, shall be strictly enforced.
{This Treaty clause was overruled by the Supreme Court of Canada in 1970 — ironically enough, in the name of ‘equality’. Yet, the rest of Segregation was never dismantled in the name of ‘equality’…}

“And further, Her Majesty agrees that Her said Indians shall have right to pursue their avocations of hunting, trapping and fishing throughout the tract surrendered, subject to such regulations as may from time to time be made by the Government of the country, acting under the authority of Her Majesty, and saving and excepting such tracts as may be required or taken up from time to time for settlement, mining or other purposes, under grant or other right given by Her Majesty’s said Government.

“It is further agreed between Her Majesty and Her said Indian subjects that such sections of the reserves above indicated as may at any time be required for public works or building of whatsoever nature may be appropriated for that purpose by Her Majesty’s Government of the Dominion of Canada, due compensation being made to the Indians for the value of any improvements thereon, and an equivalent in land or money for the area of the reserve so appropriated.

“And the undersigned Chiefs and Headmen, on their own behalf and on behalf of all other Indians inhabiting the tract within ceded, do hereby solemnly promise and engage to strictly observe this treaty, and also to conduct and behave themselves as good and loyal subjects of Her Majesty the Queen. They promise and engage that they will, in all respects, obey and abide by the law, that they will maintain peace and good order between each other, and between themselves and other tribes of Indians and between themselves and others of Her Majesty’s subjects, whether Indians, Half-breeds, or whites, now inhabiting or hereafter to inhabit any part of the said ceded tract; and that they will not molest the person or property of any inhabitant of such ceded tract, or the property of Her Majesty the Queen, or interfere with or trouble any person passing or travelling through the said tract, or any part thereof, and that they will assist the officers of Her Majesty in bringing to justice and punishment any Indian offending against the stipulations of this treaty, or infringing the laws in force in the country so ceded

“…this twenty-first day of September, in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four.”

–‘Treaty Texts – Treaty No. 4’


“Shortly after the assumption of sovereignty over the North-West, the Government of Canada began negotiating treaties with the Indians inhabiting the region. Between 1871 and 1877, the first seven “numbered” treaties were concluded.

These treaties were made more quickly than the Government had wished, as a result of Indian pressure. Indians had approached Canadian Government officials about treaties as soon as they arrived in the North-West. When treaties were made in Manitoba, Indians further west asked when treaties would be made with them. This pressure continued until all seven “numbered” treaties had been concluded by 1877…

“The land cession treaties made between the Crown and various groups of Indians in Canada implied the recognition of an aboriginal title to the territory occupied by the Indians concerned. Although Indian title was undefined, it was clearly regarded by the Government as something less than ownership.

The basic purpose of the land cession treaty was to “extinguish” Indian title to a specified area in order to clear any obstructions to the Crown’s title. In addition, it also offered the Indians some protection from the consequences of settlement and some assistance in adapting to new ways of living as the old way became less feasible…

“…They immediately asked that all their debts to the Hudson’s Bay Company should be wiped out, and that their annuity should be fifteen dollars per head. These requests were refused and the commissioners informed them that the proposals were final and could not be changed…”

“…I must take the opportunity of stating that the results proved the wisdom of the course taken by the Commissioners in obtaining the escort of the militia, as their presence exerted great moral influence, and I am persuaded, prevented the jealousies and ancient feud between the Crees and Saulteaux culminating in acts of violence.”
(Alexander Morris, The Treaties of Canada with the Indians of Manitoba and the North-West Territories, Toronto, 1880)

–’Treaty Research Report – Treaty Four (1874)’


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