‘Chiefs Fuelling Racial Tension’

Once again, aboriginal leadership has impugned the integrity of the RCMP with unsubstantiated racial bias allegations. Perry Bellegarde used the opportunity to focus on the ‘racist’ nature of the backlash on social media, rather than the irresponsible attack on the police that provoked the controversy.

“‘First Nations’ leaders say an RCMP news release about a fatal shooting near Biggar, Sask. was biased.

“Colten Boushie {aboriginal}, 22, was killed Tuesday after the vehicle he was in drove onto a farm in the rural municipality of Glenside, west of Saskatoon… Gerald Stanley {‘non’-aboriginal}, 54, is charged with second-degree murder. He is to make his next court appearance in North Battleford on Aug. 18.

“The first police news release said that people in the car had been taken into custody as part of a theft investigation. Chief Bobby Cameron of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian ‘Nations’ said the RCMP statement “provided just enough prejudicial information” for people to draw the conclusion that the shooting was somehow justified {?}.

“The messaging in an RCMP news release should not fuel racial tensions,” he said.

{YOU are the one ‘fuelling racial tensions’…}

FSI'N' Chief Bobby Cameron. ('Treaty 4' News file photo)
FSI’N’ Chief Bobby Cameron. (‘Treaty 4’ News file photo)

“Chief Clint Wuttunee of the Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’, {a ‘nation’ of 2,209 people} said the media’s initial portrayal of the event, based on the RCMP release, made the incident sound like a crime was about to be committed by the passengers in the car…

{Now, instead of answering with a strongly-worded ‘Back Off!’ and an admonition to not play political games with a police investigation, the RCMP played race politics and almost apologetically responded to Chief Cameron’s provocation…}

“We have heard the concerns of the FSI‘N’ and we welcome the opportunity to discuss them and work together to address them. The FSI‘N’ is one of our essential partners {? Why would a political advocacy organization – especially one that openly challenges Canadian sovereignty — be ‘one of your essential partners’?} and we value this partnership and their input greatly.”

Superintendent Rob Cameron – Saskatchewan RCMP (PHOTO - Christina Cherneskey)
Superintendent Rob Cameron – Saskatchewan RCMP (PHOTO – Christina Cherneskey)

“Supt. Cameron noted that over the past few days there have been comments made on social media that are concerning and could be criminal in nature {Such as? We’ve shown violent comments from aboriginals over and over again, with never any concern shown by the police…}

“It’s understandable that during a situation like this emotions run high, but it is important to let the court process run its course,” he said. “Therefore, I ask everyone to remain respectful in their online communication.”

{That would be hilarious if it wasn’t so ironic. Where have these people been?}

“The FSI‘N’ wants a review of the RCMP’s communication policies and writing guidelines.

“National Chief Perry Bellegarde, with the Assembly of ‘First Nations’, said he was particularly disturbed by “racist, derogatory comments” about the incident on social media. It’s a stark reminder of

“how much work we have to do to eliminate racism and discrimination…” 

{That’s for sure! You’ve got lots of work to do on the reserves!!!} 


“In too many ways, this is a sad day for Saskatchewan,” he said in a statement {We agree…}.

–‘FSI‘N’ says RCMP news release on fatal shooting near Biggar biased’,
CTV Regina, August 12, 2016 

Feature IMAGE: Taylor Rattray – CTV Saskatoon

“A Saskatchewan RCMP media release said five individuals came on to a private property in the rural area and were confronted by property owners.

The occupants of the vehicle, including Boushie, were not known to the property owners and a verbal exchange broke out, resulting in a firearm going off, striking Boushie who was inside the vehicle…”

–‘Funeral held today for Colten Boushie, 22, on a Sask. First Nation’,
Francois Biber, CBC News, Aug. 13, 2016

Supt. Cameron says the RCMP handled the investigation fairly and competently saying it’s troubling to see the story discussed – at times, unfairly – on social media.”

Red Pheasant Logo  “The shooting death of Red Pheasant Cree ‘Nation’ member Colten Boushie is exposing growing tensions between some ‘First Nations’, rural residents and the RCMP.

“I’m sorry to say it’s getting worse. There’s been more than 100 years of stereotypes and racism building, and the Battlefords here has a particular history,”

North Battleford lawyer Eleanore Sunchild said. {Ironically, she works for the Aboriginal Industry, an industry based on expanding racial division and capitalizing on the resulting discord…}  sunchildlaw

“Our peoples are not equal. They have never been equal.”

{END RACE BASED LAW. Stop thinking, speaking and acting as different peoples, and start living as one…}

“The people of this province and this country deserve an immediate strategy to be put in place by all levels of leaders in order to feel safe, including the assurance that this tragedy will be investigated for what it is, a crime based on race {in itself, a racist accusation entirely based on the skin colour of the people involved},”

FSI‘N’ Vice-Chief {of race-baiting?} Kimberly Jonathan said…

“Many local farmers are rallying around the man accused of second-degree murder in Boushie’s death, Gerald Stanley, and his wife, raising money online and scheduling a steak night for next weekend at the hotel in nearby Perdue. {Actually, a racist and hate-filled aboriginal ‘Twitter’ campaign succeeded in having the ‘GoFundMe’ campaign taken down…}.

“There’s a lot of support for (the Stanleys). They are awesome people. We want to help as much as we can,” said a ‘Perdue Hotel’ employee, who declined to give her name. “Nobody should have died, but we knew it was going to come to this. Things are out of control.”

“On one side, Stanley’s supporters say he is a good person. They say it’s sad someone died, but rising crime in the area has everyone feeling scared.

“On the other, Boushie’s supporters are furious because they see no evidence he posed any threat. They say they can’t believe anyone is brazen enough to donate money to an accused killer… {Aboriginals do it all the time. They still raise money for convicted murderer Leonard Peltier. Stop being racist hypocrites…}

“The news release issued by RCMP after the shooting said the people in the vehicle were under investigation for theft and were taken into custody. As of Friday, they’d all been released without charge… 

Andre Bear (FSI'N') and Junior
Andre Bear (FSI’N’) and Junior

“FSI‘N’ youth representative Andre Bear said there is

“growing concern that ‘First Nation’ youth will travel in fear and be targeted because of the colour of their skin.”

{It takes a lot of nerve – and racism – to blame everybody else for the fact that so many aboriginal youth are angry, racist and criminal. Clean up your communities and clean up your culture, or it’s only going to get worse…}

“Sunchild has spent much of her career ‘educating’ {that’s far too generous a term for one sided race-baiting and guilt-tripping} people about Saskatchewan’s ‘colonial’ {‘modern’, ‘developed’} history and its effects. She’s represented hundreds of residential school ‘survivors’ {a term of racist slander}, and organized a major {one-way} ‘reconciliation’ exhibit in a North Battleford gallery featuring work by both ‘indigenous’ and ‘non-indigenous’ artists.

“She said many young people of all cultures “get it” {because of the deliberately distorted school teaching provided by the Aboriginal Industry}, but changing opinions of the general public and those in power will take a long time {The institutional racism that you profit from has already been in place since the Nation’s founding. It’s time to move into the 21st century and leave racial categories and historical grievances –and the Aboriginal Industry — behind…}.

–‘Shooting highlights simmering racial tensions’,
Jason Warick, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, August 13, 2016

“Meechance said they’d spent the day swimming and drinking at a nearby lake. On the way home, late in the afternoon, they got a flat tire. They drove into a farmyard and the chaos began shortly after…

“Red Pheasant Chief Clint Wuttunee said he also hopes the people of Saskatchewan will refrain from blaming the victims. His daughter was also in the vehicle and was dating Boushie.

“They just had a flat tire,” Wuttunee said. “We’re scared it’s open season on us.” {Oh, puhleeeeze….}

–‘Family grapples with emotion over fatal shooting’,
Jason Warick, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, August 13, 2016

“Wuttunee says there have been reports of vandalism and theft in the area, and he’s afraid that Boushie’s death is only going to aggravate the situation.

“I fear that there will be some repercussions, the way people are talking. They’re angry, that’s their initial gut feeling.”

“Wuttunee says members of his community are hurt and upset after the shooting, and that the community is turning to traditional ceremonies performed by elders to help with the healing…

–‘Shooting victim was looking for help with flat tire, cousin says’,
Karyn Mulcahy, CTV Saskatchewan, August 12, 2016


The name ‘Red Pheasant’ rang a bell. From 2009:

“The {former} embattled Chief of Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ was sentenced, again, in North Battleford provincial court Wednesday.

“Stewart Baptiste received a suspended sentence and six months probation in connection to guilty pleas entered for two charges of violating his probation…

“The March 12 breach of probation incident was widely reported in the media as it took place on the same day as the election on Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’. Baptiste wound up learning of his re-election as Chief while sitting in a jail cell.

“Baptiste still faces an impaired driving charge that is to go to trial in October…

“Judge Kaiser made clear his concerns with Baptiste’s failure to abide by court orders and his “disregard” for the legal requirement to have a driver’s license.

“He said Baptiste ought to be “somebody your community should look up to” and “not look down on”, and was critical of Baptiste’s failure to be an example for others…”

–‘Red Pheasant Chief Baptiste sentenced to probation’,
John Cairns, The Battlefords News-Optimist, JUNE 14, 2012


Photo: Richard Marjan - The StarPhoenix
Photo: Richard Marjan – The StarPhoenix

Back in 2008, they were ahead of their time in trying to extort undeserved and unearned money out of a pipeline project:

“Led by two men on horseback, roughly 60 ‘First Nations’ people carried placards and marched through Kerrobert on Monday as part of a demonstration over the construction of a 1,590-kilometre oil pipeline known as the “Alberta Clipper” through ‘traditional’ {‘SURRENDERED’, ‘former’} Treaty 6′ territory.

“The protesters say they haven’t been consulted and are demanding a share of the revenues {for being aboriginal, and in the way…}.

“We want to put out a message that we’ve had enough, that we’re going to stand together as Indian people to make sure we get our fair share of the resources that come from our {ancestors’ former} ‘traditional lands’,”

said Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ Chief Sheldon Wuttunee, who led the procession through town wearing a ceremonial headdress…”

–‘Protesters Move In Path of Pipeline’,
Darren Bernhardt, Canada News Network, September 30, 2008



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