‘Tribes In The News: Siksika’

‘Treaty adjustments’ are one of the many costly effects of Race Based Law. In 13 years, this tribe {a ‘nation’ of 7,320 people} has received over 1/4 of a billion dollars ($255,000,000) in ‘land settlements’ alone. In the most recent development: 

“Siksika ‘Nation’ members voted…in favour of a $123 million deal that sees them give up claims to the Castle Mountain area {between Banff and Lake Louise} in Banff National Park.

“The agreement endorsed by voters will see the ‘nation’ give up its land claim in exchange for $123 million, free Banff National Park entry for band members {Discrimination at a publicly-owned and funded national park…}, and the option to purchase the leases for several businesses in the area {?!?}.

“Voting took place in Calgary and at the Siksika reserve. Members were paid $150 for voting to compensate for travel costs, as many eligible voters live off-reserve.

“This is not the first time the Siksika have won a lucrative settlement over violation of their’ land rights’.

“In 2010, the nation settled another long-running dispute with the Crown over the construction of Bassano dam in 1910. Siksika leaders argued the land transfer {of reserve land} to ‘Canadian Pacific Railway’ was done illegally. The Crown admitted that no proof existed of the legal transfer of land rights, and the ‘nation’ received $50 million from the governments of Canada and Alberta.”

–‘Siksika voters accept Castle Mountain land settlement’,
Taylor Lambert, Calgary Herald, March 5, 2016



Siksika 'Nation' Map

2003: “an agreement…that will see $82 million dispersed to the ‘First Nation’ tribe over a five-year period, with interest, and placed in a trust fund to foster the future growth of the ‘Siksika people’…

“According to Chief Stimson, the deal will ensure the economic viability and livelihood of the Siksika ‘Nation’ for future generations {Obviously not, as they keep coming back for more…}.

“Eighty-five per cent of the 5,663 members of the tribe voted in favour of the pact, which settles a land claim stemming from a survey mistake made in 1910 {!?!}.”

–‘Siksika claims $82 million in land settlement’,
Vulcan Advocate, September 17, 2003


36720We’ve encountered this reserve before…
For almost 40 years, there was a golf resort {Hidden Valley} on the Siksika reserve, populated by non-aboriginals. Many of them were cottages owned by retirees. In 2012, tribal residents voted to not renew the leases when they expired in 2013. Tribal resentment seemed to focus on the shooting of one of the reserve’s numerous feral dogs by resort management:

“…The ‘Hidden Valley Golf Resort’, a collection of older cabins, a nine-hole golf course and a man-made lake, all on Siksika land located about an hour east of Calgary. The approximately 300 cabin owners pay a yearly fee for the resort’s upkeep, and provide the southern Alberta ‘nation’ a regular stream of income…

{“The lease arrangement only allowed people to live on the property six months of the year, plus weekends and a week at Christmas.”
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/hidden-valley-golf-resort-owners-feel-forgotten-2-years-after-flood-1.3121516 }

“The lease expires in December, 2013, with a referendum…on a deal that to renew it for 50 years. But that deal is now in peril, after an incident in the summer badly strained the relationship between the ‘First Nation’ and its cottager tenants.

PHOTO: Kevin Parkinson
PHOTO: Kevin Parkinson

“…According to Siksika resident Connie Tuharsky, a Hidden Valley manager shot one of the band’s dogs, and then instructed a resort employee (and Siksika band member) to dump the body on nearby native land.

“To dump a dead dog on the side of the road is pretty offensive,” she said…

“Tim Nakaska, president of the not-for-profit resort, acknowledged hiring a contractor to destroy a dog that had been threatening resort residents, but said the reserve has many feral dogs and no animal control.

“We’ve got kids all over the place and a decision was made to destroy the dog,” he said…

{‘Wild dogs attacking residents of Siksika ‘Nation’ {March, 2016}:
“People living on the Siksika ‘First Nation’…have a serious problem with wild dogs. It’s to the point that they don’t want to leave their homes without some type of weapon to defend themselves… The band has to be ‘culturally sensitive’ because dogs are considered ‘sacred’.”
http://globalnews.ca/news/2568071/alberta-community-held-hostage-in-their-homes-after-wild-dogs-attack/ }

“The resort is open six months out of the year. Siksika gets $5.4-million upfront and approximately $17-million over the next 50 years, indexed to inflation. The ‘First Nation’ does not have to invest any significant money, nor do they have to come up with the $1.4-million in operating costs to maintain security, shops and the golf course. Further, Siksika members are employed there and get access to the course and the beach on Wednesdays…

“For their part, cottage owners not only approved the deal but each offered a $1,500 “good faith” fee to the band. Currently, they pay about $4,300 a season…”

The result was that the reserve residents voted to throw the cottagers out:

“People who own cabins on the Siksika reserve east of Calgary are set to be kicked out next year.

“Band members voted in a referendum…against renewing the lease of the ‘Hidden Valley Golf Resort’.

“The resort was built in the 1970s and includes 305 cabins, a nine-hole golf course with a restaurant and clubhouse and a man-made lake. The current lease expires next October. The resort association had negotiated a new lease agreement with the Siksika chief and council.

“Tim Nakaska is the president of the association. He said the new lease would have paid the band more than $22 million over the next 50 years.”


Photo: CTV
Photo: CTV

Then, some would-be ‘warriors’ put an exclamation point on their resentments:

“Residents of the ‘Hidden Valley Golf Resort’ are devastated after discovering on Thursday that vacation property homes on the Siksika ‘First nation’, east of Calgary, were targeted by vandals.

“More than a dozen cabins were damaged in the attack. Holes were punched in walls, windows were shattered, pieces of furniture were strewn about, and televisions and light bulbs were smashed. The damaged homes are concentrated in one corner of the resort.

It appears the intention of the culprits was not to rob the homes but rather to wreak havoc with senseless destruction of the possessions of the residents…”


Photo: CTV
Photo: CTV

And as if that wasn’t bad enough:

‘2013 flood Siksika/Hidden valley golf resort’:

hidden-valley-resort-FLOODWith the result:

“Two years after the 2013 catastrophic floods ripped through Alberta, devastated former resort community Hidden Valley residents remain in the lurch with little assistance or compensation for the loss of their homes and community, from the provincial government, Siksika Band, or insurance companies.

“While the ‘Disaster Recovery Program’ (DRP) dished out over $90 million to Siksika ‘Nation’ — whose land the community was built and leased on — the area remains condemned and deemed unfit for human habitation.
{http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/siksika-nation-residents-threaten-legal-action-over-flood-money-transparency }

“With Hidden Valley’s $44 million in residential property losses, Alberta’s ‘Disaster Recovery Program’ only provides financial assistance for uninsurable loss and damages on primary residences – not applicable to secondary or seasonal homes… While a majority of the properties were considered secondary homes, community members said most of the residents lived in Hidden Valley for more than six months out of the year.

“…community members had to wait for the whole Siksika ‘Nation’ to be pumped out before they were allowed back into the area, leaving Hidden Valley under water for 20 days… Power and water services were never turned back on — making it hard to clean — while anything salvageable was either destroyed or covered in mould.

“…Over 50% of the Hidden Valley population had senior status and had sunk their life savings into their lost homes.




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