‘Racial Arrogance Trumps Property Rights’

“The “Colonialism No More” group, {illegally} camped out in front of the ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs Canada’ (‘I’NAC) Office in Regina, is being asked to move their {colonial} tents.

“Sue Deranger, a member of the rally, says the owner of the building and the property manager both approached the group and informed them they would like to landscape the space they are currently {illegally} camping on.

“Personally, I don’t think we need to leave. We’re not protesting the land owner. Our issue is with ‘I’NAC, the tenant… You can walk down the sidewalk, you can get in the door. We’re not blocking anything and in fact everything but the tipi is off their property line.

Said Dwayne Anderson, the developer of the building,

“They were asked to get rid of six or seven tents that don’t look clean. (The tents) don’t look appealing and they are a fire hazard but they’re welcome to leave their tipi.

“We have tenants moving into the 4th and 3rd floor of the building in the winter and we would like to do some landscaping this summer. We don’t want this to be a political issue. It would be a lot easier to landscape if they can move. We would like this group and the government to resolve their issues quickly,” Anderson adds {Now, THAT’S funny!}.

Deranger says they will not move until ‘I’NAC ‘meets their needs’ {or until the government starts to earn its keep by enforcing the law}. It has now been 72 days since the group set up in front of ‘I’NAC. Better housing and clean drinking water on reserves across Canada are just some of the issues the group want addressed. Clowns--Regina INAC“‘Colonialism No More’ sent a response letter to the group that owns the building:

“June 26, 2016
Dear Dwayne Anderson,
“We write this to you on June 26, 2016 – Day 70 of the ‘Colonialism No More’ camp.

“We acknowledge that you took time to visit the camp last week, to present your concerns, and to speak with individuals and to share your plans for landscaping. We understand that you want to landscape the building and that you want to have potential tenants visit and view the site without tents.

“That said, your building is on ‘Treaty Four’ territory and your primary tenant is ‘I’NAC. This camp was set up in solidarity with a movement called #occupyINAC that emerged in Spring 2016 in response to the suicide ‘crisis’ in Attawapiskat: occupations occurred across Canada to support a youth movement and to raise concerns with ‘I’NAC about local issues facing ‘indigenous’ peoples across Canada. The Saskatchewan camp is the only camp remaining…

“…The camp is having regular meetings with ‘I’NAC including hosting special guests to speak to ‘I’NAC.

{So let me get this straight — ‘I’NAC, paid for by the rest of us, is wasting time and our money hosting propaganda sessions for these illegal, unemployed, unrepresentative campers, instead of having them arrested. Is this what we get for allowing unionization of government workers? Or is it just a combination of ‘goody-two-shoes’ racism and good old-fashioned cowardice?}

“…In the middle of this, you came to camp last week with two requests: 1) move the tents off the property and the leave the tipi for a tenant visit; 2) move the tents off the property for future landscaping (tipi can stay). You offered the use of parts of the first floor of the building {?????}.

{And still, he gets it thrown back in his face by these trespassing losers:}

We have met and discussed your request. We cannot assist you. {! This would be laughable if it wasn’t so offensively arrogant…}. The presence of the camp is key. 


“This camp is focused on important issues that are a matter of life and death… {So there!}

“We realize that you might not want to be embroiled in this matter {that we have illegally forced you into} and are focused on renting your building {Yes, it’s called a ‘job’}

“In good faith {The irony in these idiots talking about “good faith” after exhibiting this kind of behaviour…}, any potential tenant should know that there is a controversial tenant {‘government ministry’} inside and we believe that you can wait another year to landscape {The arrogance is simply breathtaking. Now, imagine these people in power…}

“That said, you indicated the need for a path to “move forward” so we offer the following ideas {None of them of any real, practical use, of course}:

“a) Place pressure on the federal government to address the key issues facing ‘indigenous’ peoples. When changes are made we will leave the site {We will quit when our illegal political extortion succeeds…}.

b) if ‘I’NAC is not in your building we will not be outside {A blatant – and illegal – attempt to force an eviction. This is what government gets – and deserves – for trying to appease these assholes…}

Sincerely, ‘Colonialism No More’

–‘Colonialism No More’ group in Regina asked to move their tents’,
Creeson Agecoutay, CTV News (Regina), June 28, 2016 


MAIN IMAGE: Tory Gillis — CBC

PHOTO: Bryan Schlosser, Regina Leader-Post
PHOTO: Bryan Schlosser, Regina Leader-Post

From May:
‘Protesters remain in place at federal building’

“It’s been almost a month since a small group of protesters pitched their tents outside a federal building in Regina.

“The group calls itself ‘Colonialism No More Solidarity Camp’…

“The number of tents have decreased from nine to six and the tents are covered in tarps to protect them from inclement weather conditions.

“Although some people were onsite, they were not visible from the street and passing motorists did not honk in support.

“The camp-out protest began on April 15 with a peaceful demonstration organized at 1827 Albert Street, where the ‘Indigenous’ and Northern Affairs Canada building is located.

“Originally, it was to show support for Attawapiskat, a northern Ontario ‘First Nation’ that declared a state of emergency after a rash of youth suicide attempts. At the time, similar protests happened in Toronto, Gatineau, Winnipeg and Vancouver. On April 22, the ‘Occupy ‘I’NAC’ protesters left he building after the youth from Attawapiskat indicated they were satisfied with the federal government’s response.

“However, the group in Regina decided to continue with their peaceful protest because it wanted ‘I’NAC to address the issues facing local ‘First Nation’ communities.

PHOTO: Robert van Waarden
PHOTO: Robert van Waarden

“Sue Deranger, member of the ‘Colonialism No More Solidarity Camp’, said on Friday it was Day 26 and things were going great.

“She said the group has no plans of leaving the site any time soon.

“Deranger said the group’s initial demands were met by INAC officials {!?! Why would they even negotiate with illegal, unrepresentative people?} in Regina.

“When the protesters set up camp on the property, ‘I’NAC shut down its office for a couple days {And everyone got to go home…with pay…thanks to all of us}. When employees returned a couple days after the start of the protest, ‘I’NAC locked its doors to the public, and they remained closed for almost two weeks.

“Deranger said the group demanded ‘I’NAC open its doors and continue to serve the ‘First Nations’, which it did {?}.

“The group also wanted a meeting with ‘I’NAC officials, which did happen and continues to happen {So, is the federal government telling the rest of us that we too can get meetings through illegal occupations? Or does that only hold for one race? Either way, all they are doing is inviting more illegal behaviour…}.

“The members want ‘I’NAC to disclose specific information, which are being doled out very slowly {?}.

“Deranger wants to know the condition of every ‘First Nation’ when it comes to housing, health, boil water advisories and infrastructure {Who in the hell does this unelected, unaccountable nobody think she is???}.

“I know it’s a lot of work, but it can be done,” she said.

Protesters and their ‘Allies’

“The group wants the information, so that everyone — including the public — can have a clearer picture of what each community has to deal with on a daily basis and to find out what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

“Deranger said the group also wants information on what is spent by ‘I’NAC to deliver on-reserve services as well as its human resource processes.

“It seems like we are running in circles and we are not getting what we need,” she said {Try ‘Google’…}.

“However, she said the core group of 12 members remain determined to stay until they are ‘satisfied’. Deranger said there are people at the camps around the clock. She said support from the community remains ‘strong’ {‘almost non-existent’}.”

–‘Protesters remain in place at federal building’,
Kerry Benjoe, Regina Leader-Post, May 13, 2016


PHOTO: Simon Dingley -- CBC
PHOTO: Simon Dingley — CBC

See also:
‘Just Getting In The Way…’ (‘I’NAC Occupations) {April 13, 2016}:
MAIN IMAGE: Tory Gillis — CBC

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