“NONS” at Sweats

I WENT TO MY FIRST SWEAT LODGE CEREMONY, and that may not be a big deal to those who have done a lot of them, but it sure is sweet when it’s the first. If you have not had the honour of experiencing it, I strongly suggest you make an effort. I loved it and am going back, IF they have me after this post.

The people who led us through the ceremonies of the day were such wonderful folks, and most of the people who came were new because one man organized the day for his friends, and it turned out we were all a mix from around the world. It was so, so cool, the Chief loved it too, and mentioned it during the ceremony. Really, it was like the United Nations without all that world dominance stuff.

I have a few suggestions, however, and I am hoping the wonderful people I met will take what I say into consideration, especially since I am saying it in the spirit of “reconciliation”, that they stop referring to people as NON anything, whether it be “non-native, non-aboriginal, or non-FN, all dialogue using that term “NON” must stop, promptly, as in at the very next sweat, and from then on in.

It is not only a very racist term, as if only one race exists here in Canada, and everyone else is just a NON….NON-human, NON-special, NON-important, NON…..NON…..everyone who is not their race, is a NON.


No one ever calls the aboriginals “non-italian” or “non-Ukrainian” or “non-Japanese” so why do the aboriginals think that racial slur is ok if they use it, especially at a prayer ceremony? It’s not. It’s not ok, and it has to stop.

We are all Canadians who have ancestry that is usually very mixed, as are so many natives now-a-days. Aboriginals are Canadians too, even the ones who claim they are not, due to their very own racist hatreds.

The other suggestion I make is to DO NOT MENTION THE “MISSING AND MURDERED WOMEN” in the political way it’s being propagandized. Shame on you!

First of all, more aboriginal men are missing, than woman, but secondly, HOW VERY RACIST to just keep shoving that issue in everyone’s faces, as if you are all trying to stoke the fires of extortion and blame against those “NON” entities you so casually dismiss until it’s time to blame them for EVERYTHING, and sue them for everything, too. No one ever did that to the natives. They just tried to give them an education and bring them into the 21st century, which clearly worked or we NONs wouldn’t all be getting sued for it.

Pray for accountability. Pray for people to rise up from despair, pray for peace, love and charity, but DO NOT pray for racial political propaganda. It’s not very spiritual, and it’s even kind of repugnant. Not the place for your politics, and that’s all this pushing is, “NON” people doing the very work all natives should be doing…their own inquiry, on their own dime, without involving anyone else, not even the NONs…especially not the NONs, it’s not their issue, it’s yours. Stop killing your women, and stop blaming NONs for everything. It’s wrong, it’s racist, it’s shameful and it’s getting old. Everyone is starting to see through it now, so grab some dignity and pull up your socks. You stooped way too low with the MMW thing. Time to redeem yourselves…please….

We NONs are busy going to work to pay taxes to help care about you, while you go to sweats and implant political propaganda into sacred prayer time, that blames the very people going to work to help care about you? Not groovy, another thing I don’t want to see happen again. It’s racist and offensive to be bullying every NON to do what you are refusing to do, but should, so why you talk about it so freely, without being embarrassed at your racism, is testimony to how used to it everyone is, that natives are always the victims and NONs do all the work to fix it, because they are always to blame, and then they are to blame again for fixing it wrong so the suing starts, then they call for another fix, which is again all wrong, but they called for it.


Please, go to a sweat and pray for the jobs of all the NONs you are threatening their livlihoods with, with your blocking industry, and suing every NON who creates industry and wealth for you special ones, and all the other NONs who work for your one race. Pray their children can get dental, when economic migrants and aboriginals do for free. Pray for equal laws, and equal rights, and pray for natives to finally address their racism issues. They are gargantuan, so get right on it.

Ok, that about wraps it up. I had a fabulous time and I loved you all, I just want you to be ever so careful about your racial slurs, that you think are ok, but are not. You have been educated on what offends NONs, so work on it, and pass it on in your ceremonies, that we are all one.

I prayed out loud for unity, and for us to not see race, creed, colour or sex when we build our fluid, young, evolving culture TOGETHER, with human rights equal for all. No more division, no more apartheid, no more Indian act, no more anything….just us…we can all be NONs together, or none of us are NONs.

I assimilated today, and I didn’t die. Someone should pass that on to the natives, it’s a really key piece of information.

Michele Tittler



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