‘The Indoctrination of Alberta Lawyers’

Alberta lawyers voted to retain a mandatory, and blatantly one-sided, Aboriginal Industry indoctrination course imposed on them by the Law Society. None of this is surprising, since one of the main financial beneficiaries of the billion-dollar, court-created Aboriginal Industry is the legal profession…

“Alberta lawyers have voted to keep the rule allowing the law society to mandate legal education which has, so far, only been used for an ‘Indigenous’ {sic} course… More than 3,400 lawyers logged into the Law Society of Alberta’s “special meeting”…”

–‘Indigenous course to continue after lawyers vote to keep Alberta law society rule for mandated education’,

Meghan Grant, CBC News, Feb. 06, 2023



It amounts to a use of power to impose propaganda and politics.”

“Fifty-one Alberta lawyers are arguing that the province’s attorneys should not have to complete mandatory courses on ‘Indigenous {sic} cultures in order to practice law, ahead of a special meeting of the Law Society of Alberta to debate the merits of the “cultural competency” training.

“Leading the charge against the training is Calgary lawyer Roger Song, who garnered signatures for the petition that’s up for debate. In a letter to the law society, Song says that he grew up in China, and knows a thing or two about indoctrination.

This kind of mandatory education constitutes an insult to freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression”,

he writes.

It amounts to a use of power to impose propaganda and politics.”

“Still, the signatories take pains to make it clear they do not believe that understanding ‘Indigenous’ culture is unimportant…

It will raise a lot of concern for people who may have a different worldview, who may have a different faith, who may have a different cultural perspective”,

Song said.

Lawyers want to improve themselves by a lot of ways, but they don’t just want to be treated like a (third grade) student.”

“Song suggested the law society could establish seminars for lawyers to attend, or a forum to connect lawyers to ‘Indigenous’ people to talk to them, instead of working from their home or office on an online course.

Nobody can claim that they, with a five hour video and reading some stuff, then suddenly you’re culturally competent”,

Song said.

So we believe that this type of approach of mandatory program or mandatory education imposed by the law society is not in the public interest.”

“While the debate has spilled over into larger discussions of culture and politics, at least some of the signatories firmly believe what’s at issue is whether the law society actually has the power to implement continuing education. (Others, meanwhile, argue it’s well within the society’s powers.)

Rather, we oppose it because we do not believe the (law society’s board members) have or should have the power to mandate cultural, political, or ideological education of any kind on Alberta lawyers as a condition of practice”,

says a letter to the law society.

“Since April 2021, the organization has mandated such training, citing the {Aboriginal} ‘Truth’ and ‘Reconciliation’ Commission’s ‘Call to Action No. 27’, which calls on law societies to

ensure that lawyers receive appropriate cultural competency training, which includes the history and legacy of residential schools”.

“The province’s lawyers had 18 months to finish the course. In the time since, 9,769 Alberta lawyers were required to take the course. It’s called “The Path”, and pledges to teach lawyers about the history of ‘Indigenous’ Peoples in Canada.

{It should start with the DNA-driven FACT that Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Siberia and Mongolia…}

“The curriculum, which mirrors the sort of subjects social studies students tackle, includes ‘Indigenous’ creation myths, the history of migration to the Americas, the history of the ‘Indian Act’ {Including that it only continues to exist because of Aboriginal leadership?} and the {One-sided} work of the ‘Truth’ and ‘Reconciliation’ Commission.

{Here’s one of their ‘Creation myths’:

Origin stories tend to emphasize our commonality and shared beginnings; however, this racist Mohawk legend focuses on the differences:

As far as we’re concerned, our ancestors made their debut into this valley of happiness right here on this land of Onkwehonwekeh (America), just as the white man originated in southern Europe, the blacks in Africa and the Asiatics in Asia. The Bering Strait theory is a tongue-in-cheek propaganda to make the Onkwehonwe think that they, also, are aliens in their own land…”

https://saynotosegregationblog.wordpress.com/2020/12/28/a-segregationist-tale/ }

“The petition argues that mandatory training

unnecessarily diminishes and hinders professional autonomy in the area of (continuing professional development) to the detriment of the profession and the public”.

“Yet, objections aside, just 26 of the lawyers who had to complete the training missed the October 2022 deadline; since then, all but eight lawyers have acceded to the rule.

“On Thursday, the 51 signatories of Song’s petition were countered by a 400-lawyer-strong letter that favours retaining the present training regime. It also includes another 124 signatures from non-active lawyers, and law and articling students, and urges the law society to keep the training requirement.

{Clear evidence of the success of the Leftist takeover of Canadian law schools. See link at bottom…}

The petition appears to be a direct attack on the Indigenous cultural competency requirement”,

the letter notes.

{Duh – you think?}

“The fact that the overwhelming majority of Alberta’s lawyers have done the course {Because they were offered NO choice!} hasn’t stopped the controversy. And, while there’s the dimension of whether the law society even can — or should — mandate such training, some argue such training constitutes ‘progressive’ {code word for ‘Leftist’} indoctrination of the legal profession.

“Leighton Grey, a lawyer in Cold Lake, Alta., argues in a letter included in a package sent to law society members about the motion, that ‘The Path’ is based upon “political ideology” and is

rife with inaccuracy and skewed by a post-modernist history of ‘Indigenous’ peoples in Canada”. {!}

{The “post-modernist history” includes the U.N.-driven renaming of Canadian Aboriginals as ‘Indigenous’…}

“Grey, a member of the Carry The Kettle ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,053 people} in Saskatchewan, argues that his grandmother attended a residential school, and came away with fond memories; “stories like hers are far from unique and may in fact be far more representative of the (Indian Residential Schools) experience than the victimhood narrative” in the final TRC report, Grey writes.

“In a lengthy essay for the Dorchester Review {See immediately below}, Glenn Blackett, a litigator with the libertarian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, argues that the education program is part of a “radical, activist and authoritarian movement known as ‘wokeness’.”

Through a combination of post-modern ideology and a clumsy, distorted and lopsided history, the main lesson intended for Alberta lawyers seems to be that Canadian history, as it relates to our indigenous people, is entirely one of racism and genocide — evils which somehow remain inherently lodged in Canadian law and legal structures”,

Blackett writes.

“The law society, for its part, has urged lawyers to side with the training, arguing that such a program is in ‘the public interest’.

“If the members vote in favour of the motion to eliminate cultural competency training, the board — called benchers — will need to consider removing the training; it would then take a two-thirds vote among the law society’s 24 benchers to fully implement the change. But, it seems likely that there will be substantial opposition; lawyers who support the training and oppose the motion have been calling out to their colleagues on social media to register to speak in favour at Monday’s meeting.

“Krysia Przepiorka, an ‘Indigenous’ defence lawyer {? with an East European name?!}, said she found the course to be ‘fitting’, and not “sugar-coated” when it came to tackling Canada’s history. She said when she heard of the objections to the course, she was disappointed, since she felt the course was a step in the right direction.

I found it accurate {Compared to what?} when I took the course and I just thought, you know, there was a lot of effort put into this course, and I really thought it was a great response to that call to action”,

Przepiorka said.

“Przepiorka said she’s planning to attend Monday’s meeting, and intends to speak out in favour of the training program.

When I look at this as a {biased} First Nations’ person, I look at this as a commitment from a profession, that they are acknowledging our history in this country and they’re ensuring that their profession has accurate and competent cultural training,”

Przepiorka said.

“And then when I look at it as a lawyer, I think it’s a huge commitment for our law society in response to those calls to action. And I just thought, what a great way for our privileged profession to show our commitment to moving forward with ‘Indigenous’ people.”

–‘Alberta lawyers decry mandatory Indigenous cultural training imposed by law society’,

Tyler Dawson, National Post, Feb. 04, 2023


“The radical activist and authoritarian movement known as “woke” captured a vast array of Canadian institutions: education, charity, media, government, finance and even the church. It is now infiltrating professions through various professional regulators… As part of this trend, in 2021 the Law Society of Alberta (LSA), like the Law Society of BC, required every one of Alberta’s nearly 11,000 lawyers undergo ‘woke’ ‘indigenous’ {sic}cultural competency” training called the “Path”.

{Aboriginal Industry Training Alberta Lawyers {Jan.6, 2021}:

“Lawyers are generating a fortune in profits as the crucial part of the divisive Aboriginal Industry. Here, they are just ensuring that everybody is on the same page:

The Law Society of Alberta Board (also known as ‘Benchers’) approved the introduction of mandatory ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘Aboriginal’. Off to a bad start!} ‘Cultural Competency’ training for all active Alberta lawyers beginning in early 2021…”

https://endracebasedlaw.ca/2021/01/06/aboriginal-industry-training-alberta-lawyers/ }

“In November 2022, the LSA suspended about 30 Alberta lawyers for their failure to complete the training.

“The legality of the LSA mandating cultural re-education is doubtful. Unlike other Canadian law societies, Alberta’s ‘Legal Professions Act’ does not appear to give the LSA the right to impose “continuing professional development” (CPD) on lawyers.


“The LSA also seems to rely, in part and improperly, on ‘Truth’ and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) call to action No. 27.


“Even if the Law Society has this power, though, there is no shoehorn long enough to cram the foot of “cultural competency” into the shoe of “continuing professional development”.

“The ‘Path’ is re-education into a brand of ‘wokeness’ called “decolonization. It employs a “post-modern” ideology and relies on a clumsy and distorted history to demonstrate Canada’s historical relationship with ‘indigenous’ communities is largely one of racism and ‘genocide’ — evils which somehow remain lodged in Canadian law and legal structures:

“… events have exposed the racism, the discrimination, the unfair treatment and the inequality built into Canadian law, policies, and structures.”

“Whether or not this is true, a country mile separates this kind of political speculation from the core legal and ethical competencies which are the appropriate business of a law society. The LSA’s job is to ensure competence and integrity, not to impose political indoctrination.

“Any remaining doubt as to the legality of the ‘Path’ should be vaporized by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees freedom of speech and conscience. Mandatory political re-education is a frontal attack on these freedoms.

“The ‘woke’ capture of professional regulators threatens fundamental freedoms by weaponizing regulatory power. Regulatory power is used to suppress free speech by “cancelling” heterodox voices and is used to directly mandate ideological re-education.

“This threat is especially dangerous as it relates to our legal system.

“A liberal democracy operates by the “rule of law” in which legislatures make the law that citizens are expected to know and follow. Lawyers have a special task in a liberal democracy: operating and protecting the rule of law.

“The ‘Path’ does contain some legal practice recommendations. Most notably, lawyers are told to treat ‘indigenous’ {sic} people with special care {!}, including not focusing on their “current circumstances” but rather on their inter-generational “trauma”.

“However, the ‘Path’ also strays well into the political. For example, it encourages approaches to reduce ‘indigenous’ prison populations including ‘different application’ of existing case law and “restorative justice”. The ‘Path’ even advocates for the recognition of “indigenous laws” as part of Canada’s legal system.

{Creating A Segregated, Parallel Legal System In Canada’ (U. Of Victoria) {April 7, 2018}::

“In an age when we are actively trying to move beyond the differential and discriminatory treatment of people based on race/ethnicity, here we have the Canadian legal profession actively and eagerly setting up a parallel, segregated legal system!

ALL Canadians should be subject to the same legal provisions.

We DEMAND this as Canadian citizens!

We say ‘NO’ to segregated legal systems…

A new law program at the University of Victoria is the world’s first to combine the intensive study of both ‘indigenous’ {‘primitive’} and ‘non-‘indigenous’ {‘modern’} law, enabling people to work fluently across the two realms {WHY?}.”

https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2018/04/07/creating-a-segregated-parallel-legal-system-in-canada/ }

“While these might be good proposals {? No, they’re not!}, note exactly how and where they are made. They are not made openly to elected representatives or the electorate, but rather to a captive audience of professionals tasked with operating and protecting the rule of law. If the intention is to influence lawyers’ perceptions and conduct, which is surely the purpose of the ‘Path’, then it represents an intention to change the legal system through the application of regulatory force within the legal profession itself. That is both authoritarian and anti-democratic.

“Like cancer of the lymphatic system, ‘woke’ efforts like the ‘Path’ threaten to distort the law within the very system entrusted to protect it.

{And those pushing its application well understand this. This is subversion…}

“Apart from the ‘Path’s specific policy proposals, it is woven together with concepts that clash with Canada’s basic legal structure and liberalism’s animating spirit: the principles of the enlightenment.

{What Happened to the Enlightenment?{Sept.16, 2020}:

“The greatest political and philosophical achievements of the last few centuries are being deliberately eroded. Classical liberalism and other core political and philosophical foundations supporting individualism are being turfed and replaced by a new world order: systemic collectivism.”

https://hectorheisler.wordpress.com/2020/09/16/what-happened-to-the-enlightenment/ }

“This is especially true of the ‘Path’s ‘post-modern’ ideology. Post-modernism, a mid-twentieth-century French ideology, is based in “metaphysical relativism” and “moral relativism” which mean, basically, there’s no such thing as the real world or “right and wrong”. Rather, there is only one’s perception of the real world and morality, which is different from person to person, culture to culture.

“The ‘Path’ tells us, for example:

We can look at science and at origin stories as simply different ways to describe where we’ve come from.”

{This sounds like it was written by a Grade Sixer…}

“Quite apart from the obvious question,

How did this modern French philosophy worm its way into a purportedly ‘indigenous world view’?

we have to ask,

How does this philosophy square with Canadian law?

“Very poorly, it turns out.

“Our legal system is very much premised on there being a real world — and only one of them. The entire point of a trial is to determine “what happened”, not “what does everyone think happened? Courts enforce contracts by reading them and figuring out what they objectively mean, not what each party subjectively thinks they mean.

{Unless it’s the Canadian Supreme Court subjectively ‘interpreting’ an Aboriginal Treaty. They’ve already adopted the ‘Path’…}

“While the ‘Path’ doesn’t say exactly how far this post-modern ‘woo woo’ should be taken, given ‘racism is apparently baked into our legal system’, one would have to guess “quite far”. For Canadians who like liberal democracy, any distance is too far.

“The ‘Path’ sells itself as being about ‘reconciliation’ but, as with ‘wokeness’ in general, it seems more likely to have the very opposite effect.

The ‘Path’ is not conciliatory. Instead, it’s loaded with wild and irresponsible accusations about Canadian history, people and even liberalism itself:

“… the phraseology of equality and … freedom is used much like the Nazi’s (sic) used the music of Beethoven as they were marching the Jews into the gas chambers …”

“The ‘Path’ is also peppered with more subtle attacks, like that on our national anthem:

And when you sing that Canada is our home and native land, are you really celebrating our ‘indigenous’ past?

“The most divisive aspects of the ‘Path’ are, however, insidious.

“As can be seen in the “lens” quote above, ‘indigenous’ people are presented as essentially different.

“This is a rejection of shared humanity. ‘Indigenous’ people are not essentially different from other Canadians of any Race. We don’t need specialized knowledge to have a good relationship with an ‘indigenous’ person. As with any person, we only need civility, humility and caring.

“‘Reconciliation’ is often taken to mean remedying socioeconomic disparities like incarceration, health and wealth. Here, too, the ‘Path’s post-modernism is destructive. There are concrete and identifiable causes for these disparities, like higher criminal offence rates, malnutrition and substance abuse, and lack of economic opportunity. There are pragmatic steps ‘indigenous’ people and communities can themselves take to improve these things. Knowing this is empowering.

“But the ‘Path’, like all ‘wokeness’, sees causation in ethereal boogeymen like “systemic discrimination”, “inter-generational trauma”, and “colonialism. What agency does an ‘indigenous’ community, much less an ‘indigenous’ individual, have to change that? That is a dis-empowering perception. To believe you are powerless is to be powerless.

“We, too, have power. In the next few weeks, the LSA will hold a meeting to vote on eliminating mandatory CPD. If you’re a lawyer, attend and vote. In November 2023, the LSA will elect its benchers. Liberally-minded lawyers need to organize, run and vote.”

–‘Wokeness captures Alberta’s law society’,

Glenn Blackett, Western Standard, Jan.18, 2023


Calgary-based lawyer Glenn Blackett is with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms network of lawyers. This is a condensed version of a longer paper, which may be viewed on Glenn’s Substack:


See also:

Programming the Canadian Judiciary{Jan.13, 2021}:

“It’s bad enough that Leftist – and racist — ideologues have take over several Canadian law schools but now, the Leftist federal government is attempting to ensure that judges think the same way as the government. P.S. The so-called ‘Conservative’ Party voted in favour of this:

A bill that requires sexual assault training for federally-appointed judges has been amended by MPs to also include training on “systemic racism and systemic discrimination” — a change some see as a troubling sign politicians will keep venturing further into judicial training…


Training Legal Warriors To Undermine Canada{April 13, 2018}:

“We have repeatedly pointed out that the contemporary billion-dollar Aboriginal Industry is the creation of a Canadian legal profession that, coincidentally, happens to be the chief beneficiary of the expansion of race-based differential treatment in law. To the detriment of Canada’s future, Canadian law schools seem to be gearing up for unlimited expansion of this discrimination-based legal gravy train…”


Universities Undermining Canada {Jan.26, 2021}:

We don’t have to follow a Western point of view or a Western way of law or a colonized way of law… We already have our own law and orders that were passed to us for generations and generations.”

{And this is from an Aboriginal LAW student at a Canadian university!!!}



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