‘It’s Never Enough’

Here we have an Aboriginal ‘reporter’ for the CBC writing one-sided propaganda that leaves out the fact that these ‘victims’ used what was considered questionable documentation when trying to open a bank account and caused a disruption when refused, resulting in the police being called, and that the 2 officers have already apologized – although why they should have is questionable, since they were acting on information provided by the Bank. P.S. Do police visit the homes and apologize to any non-Aboriginals after charges have been dropped?

“Nearly 20 high-ranking Vancouver police officers and police board members, including Chief Adam Palmer, came bearing gifts to host what was set to be an apology feast in the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,505 people} community of Bella Bella.

“But a gift and the apology were rejected.

“‘Nation’ {‘community’} leaders expected the two Vancouver Police Department (VPD) constables who arrested Heiltsuk man Maxwell Johnson and his granddaughter in 2019 to attend the ceremony in order to apologize face to face.

“Neither showed up.

We are deeply saddened and hurt by this decision by those two men because it’s their decision and nobody else’s“,

said Heiltsuk leader Kelly Brown.

The Heiltsuk ‘Nation’ extended multiple invitations to Mitchel Tong and Canon Wong.”

“Palmer told CBC News that the officers could not attend for personal reasons.

“Johnson…said he won’t be able to heal until he gets an apology directly from the officers… Referring to the handcuffing of Johnson and his granddaughter, he added:

The light was shone on the ugly face of racism in Vancouver by the Vancouver city police“.

“During speeches at the ceremony, Heiltsuk leaders condemned Palmer for previously denying that the officers who arrested Johnson and his granddaughter were racist…”

–‘Heiltsuk leaders reject Vancouver police apology after officers in bank arrest fail to attend ceremony’,

Angela Sterritt, CBC News, Oct. 25, 2022


Two empty seats where the two VPD officers who were to apologize to Maxwell Johnson and his granddaughter were supposed to sit (CBC)

“Two police officers who wrongfully arrested an ‘Indigenous’ man {sic, Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Siberia and Mongolia} and his granddaughter when they tried to open a bank account in Vancouver will not be attending an apology ceremony in Bella Bella, B.C., on Monday.

“CBC News has confirmed that Vancouver Police Department (VPD) constables Mitchel Tong and Canon Wong will be absent from the formal apology, which is set to take place Monday evening inside the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’s big house.

We are unable to speak to why the officers are not in attendance. In keeping with the terms of the settlement, we made our best efforts for the officers to attend“,

read a statement from the Vancouver Police Board.

“The apology ceremony is part of a ‘human rights’ settlement between Maxwell Johnson and his granddaughter, who were detained by the officers on a busy downtown street outside a Bank of Montreal branch in 2019.

“An overview of the settlement provided by the ‘nation’ {Aboriginal community} said the board agreed to

host an apology ceremony in Bella Bella and make best efforts to ensure that the constables who arrested Mr. Johnson and his granddaughter attend the event“.

“Referring to the “best efforts“, the board’s statement on Monday said it was

meeting the terms as defined in the human rights settlement in both the specifics and in the spirit of the agreement — with a commitment to authentic healing and reconciliation“.

“The board and its officers were poised to apologize in person for discriminating against Johnson and his granddaughter because of their ‘Indigenous’ identity, Race and ancestry.

{But that’s simply not true! This ‘apology’ was created “because of their ‘Indigenous’ identity, Race and ancestry”.}

Other members of a police delegation were scheduled to arrive on a chartered flight Monday morning {At taxpayer expense…}.

“Heiltsuk leaders who were provided with a passenger list for the plane arriving in the remote village, around 480 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, said Sunday they were dismayed to see the constables’ names were missing.

It will be extremely hurtful to me and my family if the VPD constables do not attend our ceremony [Monday]”,

said Johnson.

We were looking forward to coming full circle with them and putting this behind us“,

he said.

“The passenger list included the names of several senior VPD officials, including Chief Const. Adam Palmer and Deputy Chief Const. Howard Chow.

Those from the board and VPD in attendance today represent our commitment as an organization to show up to be in community with the Heiltsuk ‘Nation’, to stand together against discrimination, and to collaborate on our common goal of systemic change“,

the police board said.

‘Symptom of … systemic failure’

The story of the arrests became “a symbol of the fight against ‘systemic racism’,”

according to Heiltsuk Chief Marilyn Slett.

“But this latest development has Heiltsuk leaders questioning when their ‘fight’ will end.

“A statement released Sunday by the ‘nation’ said it viewed the constables’ potential non-attendance

as a symptom of the larger systemic failure to acknowledge and take responsibility for {claimed} ‘systemic racism’ in policing“.

“The ‘nation’ also suggested that the apology feast might not go forward.

{Good! That will save some taxpayer dollars…}

Because Heiltsuk protocols do not allow for people to stand in place of others, a traditional apology ceremony cannot be carried out unless all of those who caused the ‘harm’ are themselves present“,

read the statement.

The absence of constables Wong and Tong would be another hurtful chapter in Mr. Johnson’s long journey to address the discrimination he and his granddaughter faced in December of 2019.”

‘VPD initially said incident not racist’

On Dec. 20 that year, a BMO branch manager called 911 because she thought Johnson and his granddaughter were presenting fake ID cards, according to phone transcripts.

Wong and Tong arrived on scene and handcuffed Johnson and his granddaughter outside the bank. Both were released within the hour.

“A month after CBC News broke the story, VPD Chief Adam Palmer said the officers acted accordingly and were not racist.

“This spring, the two arresting officers were ordered suspended and ordered to apologize for their “serious, blameworthy” misconduct.

{What changed?}

“Brian Neal, a retired provincial court judge appointed to the case by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner, found the officers each committed two counts of abuse of authority by “recklessly arresting {?} the complainants and by using unnecessary force by applying handcuffs {?}.

{Handcuffs are a normal part of the arrest process…or can Aboriginals no longer be handcuffed?}

“The VPD did not respond to requests made on Thursday and again on Sunday afternoon for information about the police board members and officers scheduled to make the trip to Bella Bella.”

–‘2 police officers who handcuffed Heiltsuk man, granddaughter will not attend apology ceremony’,

(Angela Sterritt is a ‘journalist’ from the Gitxsan ‘Nation’.)

Angela Sterritt, CBC News, Oct. 23, 2022


“I’ll always always be an ‘Indigenous’ person before a journalist.”


Security video shows ‘Indigenous’ man and granddaughter being handcuffed by Vancouver police (CTV News Vancouver)

Police officers followed standard procedure when they handcuffed an ‘Indigenous’ {sic} man and his 12-year-old granddaughter after they tried to open an account at a Vancouver bank, according to the city’s chief of police. Chief Adam Palmer defended the officers’ actions, saying they were responding to a report of a fraud in progress from a reputable source.

The bank was adamant that a fraud had been committed and they were providing information that led our officers to believe that“,

he told CBC News.

The world that we live in as police officers, we are responding to things in real time, and we have to take the facts as we have them.

“Palmer says it’s standard police procedure across Canada to take charge of the situation based on the available information, and that’s why 56-year-old Maxwell Johnson and his granddaughter were handcuffed. Once the situation was under control, he says, officers were able to speak with both sides and determine that no crime had been committed.

This isn’t magical, like on a TV show, where things are instantaneously determined. It takes a while to get to the bottom of the story. Our officers did a very thoughtful job of this investigation“,

he said.

“The Bank of Montreal and the Vancouver Police Department have faced allegations of racism and over-reaction since the Dec. 20 incident was reported earlier this week. Protesters gathered outside the branch in downtown Vancouver on Friday.

“But Palmer is adamant the officers acted in good faith and are not racist — noting that both come from ‘diverse’ {Asian} communities themselves. He also said the ‘911’ call described the girl as being 16 years old, and South Asian.

Regardless of somebody’s ethnic background, if [the officers] were going into that situation, they would still have to respond to it and deal with [it] accordingly based on the crime that was alleged to be committed“,

he said…

Johnson told CBC News the officers apologized and the Vancouver Police Department later called the incident “regrettable“… The bank apologized and said the employee’s actions have “been addressed“.”

–‘Vancouver police chief defends handcuffing of Indigenous man and granddaughter’,

Joel Ballard, CBC News, Jan. 10, 2020


Johnson, right, and his granddaughter, centre, are pictured during a news conference on Sept. 28. (Ben Nelms-CBC)

“Why won’t the police happily walk your gauntlet of shame, while you grifters, milk a terrible decision by two young police. Both apologized, as has their boss, the bank, along with a large cash settlement. It would be nice if you were magnanimous not a mob of hectoring grifters.”


Maxwell Johnson and his granddaughter take part in a ceremony in Bella Bella, B.C. (Angela Sterritt-CBC)

“The Vancouver Police Department…spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Roed said VPD officers detained them after claims from BMO that he and his granddaughter were committing a “possible fraud” that was in progress and identified the two as suspects.

It was determined that there was no criminal activity and no fraudulent transactions“,

the spokesperson said. Both were released within the hour and, according to Johnson the officers apologized.

“Roed said whether to put a person in handcuffs is up to the investigating officer… Roed said the officers that handcuffed the pair had taken ‘cultural competency’ {‘Special treatment for Aboriginals’} training…”

–‘Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed in front of Vancouver bank after trying to open an account’,

Angela Sterritt, CBC News, Jan. 09, 2020


Maxwell Johnson inside the big house in Bella Bella, B.C. (Angela Sterritt-CBC)

Two vulnerable persons of ‘Indigenous’ heritage were exposed to unnecessary trauma and fear, and left with a serious perception of unfairness in their treatment at the hands of police“,

wrote Brian Neal, a retired provincial court judge appointed to the case by the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner (OPCC).

{The language clearly indicates the deference shown to then because of their Race.


“Neal found the officers each committed two counts of abuse of authority by

recklessly arresting the complainants and by using unnecessary force by applying handcuffs“.

“Neal ordered that Tong and Wong be suspended… The officers must also take retraining and issue an official apology…

“Last October, the Vancouver Police Department changed its handcuffing policy.”

{Long AFTER this incident!}

–‘Police officers who handcuffed Indigenous man, granddaughter outside bank ordered suspended for misconduct’,

CBC News, Apr. 06, 2022



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  1. It is no wonder police cannot be recruited. They are abandoned in untenable situations.

    The result of the pendulum of post-modernism swinging so far is the eventual rebound. Aboriginals had occasional, legitimate complaints. Now, the endless, specious litany from within their victimhood culture has created a theater of the absurd. The backlash may become a true tragedy.


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