‘Time To Take Accountability’

It’s really no different than ‘Black’ ghetto gangs in the U.S. Too many men in the community refuse to play their role as fathers — and that has to do with their culture, NOT ‘colonialism’ or ‘slavery’. And until these communities ‘grow some balls’ and deal with their own social issues, no change will be forthcoming…

–‘Canada: Why Many Aboriginals Grow into Crime’,

DW Documentary, Nov 20, 2018


See also: 

The Elephant in the Room’ (Aboriginal Gangs) {Dec.11, 2019}:

How much of this is due to aboriginal criminal gang violence? Unfortunately, the role of aboriginal gangs is deliberately downplayed whenever violence against aboriginals is discussed, including by the MM‘I’W inquiry. They are the ‘elephant in the middle of the room’…


Aboriginal Gangs Terrorize B.C. Community{May 3, 2016}:

At least three ‘First Nations’ gangs with roots in nearby reserves are at war in and around Williams Lake, B.C., a small ranching and lumber town in British Columbia’s Central Interior.”


Aboriginal Gangs Appropriating Black American Culture’ (Alberta) {April 14, 2016}:

The ‘Bloods’ and the ‘Crips’, who are not affiliated with the Los Angeles street gangs, began their long-standing feud on the Blood Tribe, a sprawling ‘First Nation’ southwest of Lethbridge. Over the past year and a half, members of these gangs have become increasingly involved in the illicit drug trade on the reserve and in nearby Lethbridge.”


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