‘You Can’t Draw That!’

“‘First Nations’ leaders in southern Ontario say the media has to do better at reconciliation after a newspaper ran an ‘offensive’ cartoon depicting ‘Indigenous’ people asking the Pope for financial compensation.

{Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia.}

Newspaper apologizes for cartoon depicting Aboriginal people seeking payout from Pope (Simcoe News)
Newspaper apologizes for cartoon depicting Aboriginal people seeking payout from Pope (Simcoe News)

You can’t speak out of both sides of your mouth — to ‘Indigenous’ people one way, and then what you print to the general Canadian population“,

said Laurie Carr, chief of Hiawatha ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 974 people}.

Metroland Media’s seven Simcoe County newspapers ran a cartoon last week that pictured the Pope saying “I’m sorry” to what appears to be an ‘Indigenous’ woman and man, who respond “How $orry?

Carr, who sits on one of Metroland Media’s advisory councils in Peterborough, said “it’s really disturbing” to see a cartoon published like that in 2022.

When you have Metroland Media who has reached out to ‘Indigenous’ people to sit on these advisory committees … to work together and to bring a better media and the truth to the general Canadian population … it’s really disheartening“,

said Carr.

Metroland Media is a subsidiary of the Torstar Corporation, and has newspapers in the Simcoe County communities of Alliston, Barrie, Bradford and West Gwillimbury, Collingwood, Innisfil, Midland/Penetanguishene, Orillia and Stayner/Wasaga.

Editor’s apology’

When contacted for comment, Adam Martin-Robbins, Metroland’s managing editor for the Simcoe County newspapers, directed CBC News to a column he wrote that was published on Simcoe.com on Monday.

The cartoon we published on the editorial page in our seven local newspapers last week was offensive, and we apologize“,

Martin-Robbins wrote.

We apologize, in particular, to our ‘Indigenous’ readers including our Beausoleil ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 3,055 people} and Rama ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,109 people} neighbours as well as the Métis residing in Midland and surrounding communities. We recognize the generational trauma of the atrocities related to the residential school system.”

He wrote that the cartoon, which was drawn by Steve Nease,

was intended as a satirical look at how the Pope’s long-awaited apology to ‘Indigenous’ people falls short without the Roman Catholic Church also delivering on its promise of providing compensation to residential school survivors. But this wasn’t the way to depict that opinion and we shouldn’t have published it“.

Nease wrote in an email to CBC News that he believes a papal apology is the first step toward righting the wrongs that residential school survivors faced from the Catholic church and that the Pope should

put his money where his mouth is, and compensate victims financially“.

I know that many have been offended by my cartoon, and I regret that deeply“,

Nease wrote.

It was never my intention, or the intention of the newspaper that ran it, to cause such hurt.”

Carr said she is thankful for an apology, but would have preferred it be just an apology, rather than explain the intention behind the cartoon.

News needs more historical context’

Reg Niganobe, grand council Chief of the Anishinabek ‘Nation’ whose members include some ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal communities} in Simcoe County, said cartoons like that reinforce a stereotype that ‘Indigenous’ people are only out for money when something bad happens {Well then, stop asking for money whenever anything bad happens}.

{“The Anishinabek ‘Nation’ established the Union of Ontario Indians (UOI) as its secretariat in 1949. The UOI was established because the Anishinabek ‘Nation’ did not legally exist and was required to enter into legally-binding agreements. The Anishinabek ‘Nation’ is a political advocate for 39 member ‘First Nations’ across Ontario.”}

Money is the only compensation that can be offered to us at the very least, other than maybe jail time or prosecution for the offenders. But that doesn’t address the issue of what happens to our people“,

said Niganobe.

Niganobe, whose father attended the Spanish Indian Residential School, said he accepts the editor’s apology but would like to see media take actions moving forward like including more historical background when reporting on ‘Indigenous’ issues.

They leave out the historical context, right?

he said.

They leave out all the information and all the facts that exist within them and it puts ‘Indigenous’ people in a very poor light.”

Martin-Robbins wrote in the column that the newspaper has reviewed its processes and added an extra layer of review and oversight for its editorial page content. He also wrote they are committed to ongoing training focused on anti-oppression, anti-racism and inclusion and diversity, among other things.”

–‘Newspaper apologizes for cartoon depicting Indigenous people seeking payout from Pope’,

Lenard Monkman, CBC, Apr.20, 2022



Another example…From 2014:

And so it seems that Canada’s most prominent cartoonist couldn’t resist such a fat target. Now, you’d think that he would have a thick skin after years of poking fun at the most prominent and powerful people in Canada, but as we know, when it comes to ‘First Nations’…

Sure enough, at the first whisper of Aboriginals reading insult into the cartoon — instead of teaching them about editorial cartoons and free speech — our venerable cartoonist caved like a politically-correct wuss.

He abjectly apologized while falling all over himself as ‘First Nations’ greatest champion {see ‘Apology’ below}. it turns out he wasn’t making fun of their nonsense, after all — even though the ‘bugs’ reference is clearly from one of the B.C. chiefs claiming that they own everything, including the bugs:

“Raeside told ‘On The Island’s Gregor Craigie he agrees it’s important for city council to acknowledge the {claimed but unproven} ‘traditional territories’ of ‘First Nations’, and says the message of his cartoon was misinterpreted…

“Raeside said he shouldn’t have included the last line about bugs in the cartoon. He said he never thought it would be taken as offensive…”

All of this makes us wonder how he could still say,

As a cartoonist, we’re not supposed to tiptoe around issues because they’re sensitive. We’re supposed to tackle issues head on.”

after he’s betrayed this very principle…

The attack on Raeside seems to have been led by notorious University of Victoria anti-Canadian bully bigot, Toby Rollo.

What Raeside doesn’t get is that the ravenous Race wolves are now out for his blood. It doesn’t matter if he apologizes. He’ll now have to do at least 50 unfunny, politically-correct, pro-‘First Nations’ cartoons for penance… And even then, he’ll still be a ‘settler’…


“An editorial cartoonist with Victoria newspaper ‘The Times Colonist’ is apologizing after one of his cartoons came under fire for being ‘racist’.

“The cartoon by Adrian Raeside depicts a city council meeting in Victoria, starting with acknowledging it’s being held on the {claimed} ‘traditional territories’ of the Songhees and Esquimalt ‘First Nations’, which is standard practice at all Victoria city council meetings.

“The trees that were cut down to build city hall, and any displaced wildlife are also acknowledged, and in the last frame, someone pipes up to say that the bugs trampled by construction workers also need acknowledgement.

“The cartoon offended ‘First Nations’ leaders, who said it insinuated ‘First Nations’ people are being equated with bugs {?!?}.

“Doug White, the director of Vancouver Island University’s “Centre for Pre-Confederation Treaties and Reconciliation” and a former Snuneymuxw Chief, demanded the Time Colonist editorial board have a sit down meeting with ‘First Nations’ leaders.

{So they can browbeat and guilt-trip them into submission… The Editorial Board needs to treat them like any other interest group…}

“Cartoonist Adrian Raeside issued an apology for the cartoon. The apology was published online on Thursday {See below}.

“Raeside told ‘On The Island’s Gregor Craigie he agrees it’s important for city council to acknowledge the {claimed, often stolen from other tribes} ‘traditional territories’ of ‘First Nations’, and says the message of his cartoon was misinterpreted…

Raeside said he shouldn’t have included the last line about bugs in the cartoon. He said he never thought it would be taken as offensive.

I actually do apologize if I’ve offended anyone for that cartoon. That was not my intention whatsoever“,

he said.

Raeside has drawn other cartoons about issues facing ‘First Nations’, something he says is a sensitive topic, but not one he’s shied away from.

As a cartoonist, we’re not supposed to tiptoe around issues because they’re sensitive. We’re supposed to tackle issues head on.”

“On Twitter, UBC ‘post-doctoral fellow’ Toby Rollo posted another cartoon drawn by Raeside, depicting Santa Claus with a small bag of presents labelled “taxpayers” and a large stocking with a name tag from the Nuu-chah-nulth​ ‘First Nation’.

{Fair political commentary…}

–‘Adrian Raeside cartoon in Times Colonist accused of being racist’,

CBC News, Dec. 12, 2014



From the Editor:

“Raeside is one of the best cartoonists in North America. He understands that a cartoonist should not walk on eggshells, and that a cartoonist needs to be bold. Subtle cartoons will be ignored.

“Why do we run cartoons? To get people to think about issues. To inspire dialogue. To push and prod to make things better. If a cartoon does not offend at least one person, it’s not doing its job…

“We have seen a no-holds-barred social-media attack on Raeside, on me and on the Times Colonist.

“We have been called racist, colonialist, rude and thoughtless. The cartoon has been called offensive, dehumanizing, violent and abhorrent. We have been accused of making light of genocide. Some readers say they won’t be happy until Raeside and I are both fired.

“The cartoon was not intended to be racist…”


{Link no longer functions…}


Comment: “Canada needs to seriously reevaluate their policies with ‘first nations’ people. Subsidies, tax exceptions and gifted land needs to 100% all be abolished. Treating one person different from another is racism. The only people who should broadstroke receive special status from the government are people with disabilities. If a ‘FN’ group wants a piece of land… Buy it with their own monies.”


“Personally, I find the paternalism {more like ‘maternalism’} of the reservation system far more demeaning than any cartoon. It’s time to get rid of the Indian Act and let ‘First nations’ people make their own way instead of being wards of the state.”


“the fact that this is even an article is APPALLING. this is the sort of bullshit that is ruining society. no one Is being compared to bugs in this comic. there is nothing racist going on in this cartoon whatsoever! this isn’t even a case of someone not getting a joke. this is a case of someone projecting something that isn’t there onto a cartoon. no one is compared to bugs in any sense. if this cartoon had an extra frame the next line would be “don’t forget the bacteria trampled by the bugs that ran from the construction workers“.


The Apology:

“I have been getting a lot of angry e-mails and tweets over this cartoon, from people who are convinced that it is a put-down of ‘First Nations’. For the record, I have absolutely no objection to the acknowledgement of the traditional lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt ‘First Nations’.

“The cartoon is about the empty mouthing of a mantra that appeases the non-‘indigenous’ conscience without any meaningful effort to make things better. It is a perfunctory statement not backed by action.

“Why not mention the deplorable living conditions some have to endure on nearby reserves? Why not do something about the high suicide rates among young people in some reserves?

“It’s easy to say we acknowledge ‘First Nations’ territory. It’s not so easy to address issues that are ongoing and deplorable in the 21st century. It’s not so easy to make a real difference. We, as a society, can do better and we should.

“A cartoonist has to walk a fine line on sensitive issues. Sometimes a cartoon misses its mark. I had no idea the cartoon would be taken the way it was. I never meant to imply anything negative about ‘First Nations’ people.

“The cartoon took a shot at the people who say the right things but take no action— they were the ones I was trying to offend. It appears I offended everyone but them. For that, I am truly sorry.”




And finally, the “bugs” reference:

We are the true owners of British Columbia. The Indians across the province own everything — the rivers, the trees, the bugs, the animals. You name it.

“Subsurface rights, the air, the rain, the whole shot. That’s what we mean when we say we have aboriginal title to the land.”

–James Gosnell, Chairman, Nisga’a Tribal Council, Globe and Mail, April 30, 1984, {what an ironic year} explaining the Indian definition of ‘Aboriginal Title’.


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