‘Pseudo-Academic Goes Off The Deep End’

“A Calgary {Aboriginal} professor says she won’t use capital letters in her name or anything she writes, unless it pertains to ‘Indigenous’ people.

{Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia…}

Linda Manyguns, associate vice-president of ‘Indigenization’ {‘Racialization’} and ‘Decolonization’ {‘Dumbing Down’} at Mount Royal University, made the decision to “support the movement for equality{?}, following the ongoing discoveries of unmarked {possible} graves at {some former} residential schools in Canada. 

“She is refusing to use capital letters because she said it shows complicity with systems of oppression {This is the kind of adolescent nonsense that now prevails due to the lowered standards on university campuses}. She called on people to reject ‘symbols of hierarchies’, such as churches and the government, and be more critical of them because “these institutions have been responsible for ‘atrocities’.”

I’m joining that [lower case] movement in order to create a resistance to their oppression; identify and bring attention to the fact that these entities are the oppressors of Aboriginal people”,

Manyguns told CTVNews.ca in a phone interview on Monday.

So far, there have been more than 1,000 unmarked {supposed} graves found at the former sites of church and government-run residential schools. The Truth And Reconciliation Commission estimates that between 4,100 to 6,000 children died while they attended these schools {Out of the over-150,000 that attended from the 1870s on…}.

For decades, more than 150,000 ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal}, Inuit and Metis {mixed-Race} children were forcibly removed from their families to attend these schools which sought to strip away their culture and languages.

{Nonsense. The overwhelming majority were brought by their families to the schools.}

So out of respect {virtue signalling} for them, Manyguns said she’ll only use capital letters when it comes to words, such as “Indigenous{which she’s not}, “Indigeneity”, or references to the “Indigenous struggle for recognition”.

Although her specific university department will follow her example {? Insanity!}, Manyguns doesn’t want to force anything on anyone else. But she did urge institutions pledging to bring in more ‘Indigenous’ {sic} voices or perspectives in their decision-making to first deeply think about ‘de-colonization’ and how systemic oppression persists today.

Linda Manyguns

“Last week, she announced her decision to only use lowercase in a post on the university’s website,


where she said,

Indigenous people have been actively engaged in a multidimensional struggle for equality, since time immemorial”.

{More ahistorical, anti-intellectual nonsense. She has no business attending – never mind teaching at – a university.}

We strive for historical-cultural recognition and acknowledgment of colonial oppression that persistently devalues the diversity of our unique cultural heritages”,

she wrote.

These sites of struggle are generally found at {illegal} blockades, where demonstrations against racism occur, where racialization and cultural domination, and discrimination leave the mark of imbalance and abuses of power.”

–‘Calgary professor won’t use capital letters unless it’s to acknowledge Indigenous people’,

Jeremiah Rodriguez, CTV News, Sept. 6, 2021 – Updated Sept. 8, 2021


See also:

The ‘Indigenization’ and ‘Racialization’ of Canadian Universities’:

There’s a new {racial} buzzword rolling off the tongues of Canada’s university administrators: ‘indigenization’. Campuses are looking for new ways to welcome aboriginal students, recruit aboriginal faculty members and embed ‘indigenous’ content in the curriculum. Some schools are even requiring all students — no matter what their specialization — to take at least one ‘indigenous’ studies course before they graduate.”



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  1. The neo-liberal, neo Marxist extremists have pulled our country in to a political and social abyss. Rational thought, critical thinking and logic have all been abandoned for identity politics. We have also been sucked into another black hole by the never-ending grievances of aboriginal activists and their well-funded victimhood industry. Never before have a very small group of Canadians been so entitled, so subsidized, seemingly without limit and granted an elite status far beyond what is earned or due. They want everything and contribute absolutely nothing to this country.


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