‘B.C.’s Educational Segregation’

They don’t have to adhere to provincial educational guidelines. Is this not ‘systemic racism’ and segregation? Canada continues to move backwards…

The agreements give the ‘nations’ the power to develop curriculums, set graduation requirements and certify teachers and schools. That includes ‘traditional ways’ of teaching. They also make sure there is funding in place {from the rest of us} to do those things…

While the new curriculum won’t be the same as the one students follow in B.C. public schools, part of the agreement means students in on-reserve schools will still be able to qualify for post-secondary education.” {???}

–‘Several First Nations in B.C. set to take full control over education on ‘their lands’,

Kathryn Marlow, CBC News, Jan. 11, 2022


See also:

No Race-Based Education’ (Segregated Education) {March 29, 2021}:

“Unfortunately, when considering the causes of low academic achievement on the part of aboriginal youth, it is apparently ‘verboten’…to ever publicly ask or debate whether or not the “separate but equal” status quo might be contributing to this disastrous situation (THAT might threaten egos, funding, control over funding, and Indian industry jobs). Rather…their solution is for Canada and the provinces to pour more money into the existing dysfunctional situation, and to give aboriginal elites more control over it…”



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