‘Leftist Teachers Union Pushes Aboriginal Narrative’

The opposition here is due to the fact that teachers and Aboriginals had been able to rewrite educational curriculum – without public participation – under an NDP government and now, the current government is reversing that…

“The UCP created a ‘K-6’ school curriculum draft, planned to be piloted by AB schools this fall.
However, most Alberta school divisions do not agree with the proposed curriculum. Of Alberta’s 61 school divisions, 58 have announced that they will not be piloting the draft curriculum. Divisions and Albertans have agreed {Says the teachers union} that the draft largely ignores ‘Indigenous’ history, culture, language, and perspective.
{For starters, Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia, not Canada. YOU need an education…}

“The ‘Alberta Teachers’ Association’ (ATA) conducted a survey finding that less than one in five Albertans support the UPC’s draft curriculum. The ATA also released the following statement:

The Government of Alberta needs to work alongside ‘First Nations’ {Aboriginal communities}, Métis {mixed Race}, and Inuit Elders and Knowledge Keepers, communities and organizations, to ensure that the curriculum is rebalanced to authentically include ‘Indigenous’ {sic} ‘ways of knowing’, and ‘Indigenous’ perspectives, experiences, and stories in order to advance {manipulated} ‘truth’ and {One-way} ‘reconciliation’.”

{To generalize Aboriginals as having their own ‘ways of knowing’ is simply a racist stereotype…}

“ATA president Jason Schilling told ‘Alberta Native News’ that he’s suspicious of the UPC’s claim that over 100 educators were involved in the draft’s creation. Schilling stated:

{Some} Albertans {teachers} are saying to us that the curriculum is poorly done, and it is inappropriate for students. They also recognize that the problem was largely created because teachers were left out of the planning.”

“Criticism also came from ‘education experts’ in the province and teachers. A Facebook group titled ‘Albertans Against the Curriculum Facebook’ has gathered over 40,000 members.
{“There are currently 43,500 members of the ‘Alberta Teachers’ Association’.”}

“The Northland School Division (NSD), headed by Dr. Nancy Spencer-Poitras, is also not on board with the curriculum. Curtis Walty, NSD Media Relations Manager, made a statement regarding the ‘Draft K-6 Curriculum’ in April:

At this time, NSD will not be piloting the draft K-6 curriculum for the 2021-2022 school year. The Board of Trustees and Administration reviewed the draft content, outcomes, and measures proposed in the applicable subject areas, and discussed alignment with the vision, commitment, core values, and priorities of the Board …The ‘Indigenous’ {sic} perspectives and experiences that were included in the previous curriculum seem to be omitted.”

“In addition to many rural school divisions, the Calgary School Board of Education (CBE), Edmonton Public Schools, and Edmonton Catholic Schools have also announced that they will not pilot the draft curriculum.
{Why are they given a choice?}

“With the majority of school divisions not on board with the draft, it’s evident that UPC needs better consultation and communication with ‘Indigenous’ communities and AB school boards. Before the draft is fully implemented in the 2022-2023 school year, Alberta school staff, students, guardians, and parents can view the curriculum in its entirety
and provide input until Spring of 2022.”

–‘Over 85 Percent of AB Schools Reject UCP Pilot Draft School Curriculum’,
Lori Noel, Buffalo Tribune, May 26, 2021
More on the Teachers Union:
“If the citizens of Alberta truly care about vulnerable children, then…we must insist communication be the first goal, and stop the enforcement of this unprecedented secrecy in our children’s schools.

“The ATA states that
a teacher should never reveal a student’s sexual orientation or gender identity to a parent or colleague without the express consent of that student
(‘GSAs and QSAs in Alberta Schools: A Guide for Teachers’, page 15).

“At ‘Parents for Choice in Education’ (PCE), we regularly hear from families across the province who share firsthand the dangerous consequences of excluding or circumventing parents.

“In one case, loving parents were shocked to discover that their autistic preteen daughter’s school had been treating her as a boy, even using a boy’s name and male pronouns to refer to her. This went on for almost a year until the daughter expressed suicidal thoughts to school staff, at which point the school finally decided to inform the parents. These concerned parents were deliberately robbed of their right and their opportunity to support their own daughter.

“By not engaging the parents of these children — who the ATA admits are at a high risk for self-harm and suicide — a child’s history is all but ignored. Critical information is never considered, even though it may be integral to a child’s care. Past trauma and autism are two examples.

“By alienating parents and guardians, the child’s support systems become dangerously narrowed. The child is cut off from important supports connected to their home, including their doctors and pediatricians, extended family, psychologists, psychiatrists, special needs supports, and faith communities.

“Situations where parents are abusive toward their children should be identified and addressed immediately and decisively, but these rare circumstances should not be used as a rationale for keeping all parents in the dark about struggles their children face.

“Why does the ATA continue to insist parents and their communities should be left ignorant of the needs of vulnerable sexual and gender minority youth in schools?

“The answer: A conflict of interest.

“The ATA is a money-making machine. It receives millions in compulsory union dues, in addition to public dollars for education research and teacher training.

“Now, conveniently, the ATA has been hired by our Alberta Government to train those who will be replacements for the displaced loving parents of Alberta — at a cost of $100/hr, to a maximum of $1,000 per hire.

“According to a recent ‘Postmedia’ article, the ATA will
“seek, screen and select advisers to oversee ‘gay’-‘straight’ alliance clubs”, and Education Minister David Eggen will “sign off on any person who is hired”.

“It is not loving parents who are being suggested as ‘liaisons’ for our most vulnerable youth. It is not psychologists or counsellors with professional mediation and psychiatric training. It is not doctors.

“It is, according to ATA spokesperson Jonathan Teghtmeyer, “certified teachers“. Certified by whom? The ATA. And these liaisons will be paying dues to whom, if they are paid positions? The ATA. Trained by whom? The ATA.

“The ATA has been hired to replace the very parents they’ve advocated should be displaced.

“The ATA is in a conflict of interest that puts the procurement of public dollars before the needs of vulnerable students in Alberta schools.

“Enough is enough! Parents — not teachers, schools, bureaucrats or activists — must be returned to their rightful position as the primary caregivers and decision-makers in their children’s education.”

–‘Alberta parents’ rights trampled by education system and teachers’ union’,
Donna Trimble, Calgary Sun, August 18, 2017
(Donna Trimble is the executive director of Parents for Choice in Education)



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