‘It Never Ends’

So now we’ve got ‘Red Dress Day’ and ‘Orange Shirt Day’ and ‘National Aboriginal Day’, ‘National Day for Truth and Reconciliation’, ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples’ and ‘National Indigenous History Month’…and it’s still not enough!

This is getting ridiculous…

Two Cree sisters who go to school in Winnipeg’s St. James Assiniboia School Division are outraged that their schools did not acknowledge the ‘National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered ‘Indigenous’ {sic} Women and Girls’, also known as ‘Red Dress Day’…

Government foolishly validating ‘Red Dress Day’

The two girls wore red shirts to school on Thursday with the slogan, “No more stolen sisters“. They were heartbroken to see that they were the only ones participating. None of the staff, including principals, wore red.

I do know they were encouraged to, and emails were sent to every student about it and every parent. So there’s no excuse for them lacking to wear red“,

Peggy-Lee said.

I was heartbroken to see our voices were being silenced again. Nobody would listen“,

Marguerita said…

She says the experience at school Thursday was dehumanizing for her.

It’s not their lives or their family members lives that are at risk, it’s our lives.”

The spokesperson sent another statement later in the day, saying some of its schools chose to honour missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ {Canadian Aboriginals are ‘Indigenous’ to Mongolia and Siberia} women and girls on May 5, while others will plan to do it on the official provincial awareness day on Oct. 4.

Peggy-Lee wants her school to make up for the missed day, by devoting a full day to learning about missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ women, girls and ‘gender diverse’ people.

I want a whole day. I don’t want them to do half a day. I don’t want them to do part of a day, or one class. I want a full day to educate every single person in my school“,

Peggy-Lee said, adding that she is open to meet with her principal to discuss what can be done

Marguerita wants École Ness to honour MMIWG in the morning announcements when they do {phony} ‘land acknowledgements’…”

–‘2 Cree sisters ‘heartbroken’ their Winnipeg schools ignored national day to honour MMIWG’,

Jenn Allen, CBC, May 6, 2022


CBC surprisingly opened ‘Comments’ for this article. After the overwhelmingly-critical responses, they’ll probably close ‘Comments’ again for Aboriginal news stories…

COMMENTS: “No one can make another wear a color just because it is important to you it may not be important to them and people are tired of hearing the about the poor natives.”


Agree, only if there was a trace of shame on the other side too by not turning a mourning into a political matter.”


Most MMIWG were murdered by ‘FN’ relatives and people they knew.”


I am outraged that they do not celebrate Canada Day, so there.”


Stop trying to use schools for various causes.”


It would help you deal with this, if you accepted the truth…

Most of your murdered women and girls were murdered by your own people.

You know this, I am sure! So why do you keep trashing Canadians!?

Save you disgusting blood red makeup for a protest, for those who are guilty.

Your own people.”


I do know they were encouraged to, and emails were sent to every student about it and every parent. So there’s no excuse for them lacking to wear red”, Peggy-Lee said.” You are correct. There is no “excuse” but there is a reason. THEY CHOSE NOT TO. Sorry if that upsets you. Your elders have sold you a lie and you’ll have to deal with that reality.”


Me! Me! Me! They have been taught well.”


More CBC propaganda.”


Celebrate it at home which is where culture belongs, NOT IN SCHOOLS. NO MORE ENTITLEMENT or 15 MINUTES OF FAME so get over it.

‘Heartbroken’ – REALLY?”




Could it be that people are simply tired of having to deal with issues such as this almost on a daily basis? The Canadian flag was half staff for the longest time; again, people are tired.”


OUTRAGE? Every school has an ethnic blend with days significant to all…take the day off and ask yourself truly “who”…the answer will always be ‘primarily indigenous men’!”


This belongs at home and NOT in our SCHOOLS.”


Give the world a break from the woke sniveling. Enough. Canada Day didn’t get celebrated at schools, so stifle yer gobs, heartbroken Cree sisters.”


Why don’t they start their crusade where most began – In their own villages/towns and reserves where most of the violence perpetrated against native women is done by fellow natives.”


Another racist story by CBC. Start reporting the news and stop fanning the flames of racism. U make me sick.”


If the school does decide to placate these racists, then I hope that they at least provide facts to the students and not politically correct nonsense.”

Red Dress Day at City Hall in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 5, 2022. (Ben Nelms-CBC)

Red Dress Day started on May 5, 2010, as an offshoot of a project by Métis artist Jaime Black, with the red dresses meant to draw attention to missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ women across Canada and United States.”

–‘Red Dress Day 2022 — commemorating murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls in B.C. — in pictures’,

CBC News, May 05, 2022


See also:

Creating A Legend: The Orange Shirt{Sept.30, 2020}:

It’s understandable that a child would be upset by having to trade in a favourite piece of clothing for a school uniform, but it was the same for all children — not just aboriginal — at religious schools. What isn’t understandable is that she would still be holding a grievance all these years later. This is where counselling comes in…

“‘Orange Shirt Day’ began in Williams Lake in 2013 and has since spread to schools across B.C. and Canada. ‘Orange Shirt Day’ (September 30th) is a day when we honour the ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} children who were sent away to residential schools in Canada and learn more about the history of those schools…


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  1. It would be cathartic and healing if aboriginal people in Canada would accept their own roles in forming the dysfunctional communities they live in. Most competent adults will accept personal accountability and take responsibility for the consequences of their choices and actions. Law enforces this. However, community and personal responsibility is alien to aboriginals. They have chosen instead to deflect their responsibilities onto the other 95% of the Canadian population. It is puerile and irresponsible for aboriginals to perpetally blame others for their condition. Change comes from within.


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