‘No Arguing With Aboriginals!’

“A ‘Casino Regina’ employee who was fired for…comments deemed insensitive and “arguably racist{?}, will not get his job back at the ‘Crown’ {government} corporation-owned and operated casino, an arbitrator has ruled. The man, who had worked at the ‘SaskGaming’ casino for over 10 years as a dealer and an acting supervisor, was fired in 2018 after…allegations of racist comments or behaviour… 
“Allen Ponak, the case’s arbitrator, heard testimony from a casino employee, who is an ‘Indigenous’ {sic, ‘Aboriginal’} woman, who testified that in August of 2018, the dealer told her to watch John Wayne Western movies, which {some claim} portray harmful stereotypes and tropes of ‘Indigenous’ people. 

“When she told the man she didn’t like John Wayne movies because of the racist depictions of ‘Indigenous’ people, the arbitrator said he “doubled down” and told her to “get over it“.

“She testified that the dealer “leaned into her table with a smirk and said … that ‘your country was colonized 300 years ago, are you still going to persecute everyone?'” Ponak’s decision said.

“The woman testified she was offended by the comment and told the man racism was still present in Canada, to which he allegedly responded racism “goes both ways“.
{That’s for sure!}

“The decision said the pair argued about the validity of the woman’s experience as an ‘Indigenous’ woman, and the man “made it very clear that he believes Aboriginal issues are a waste of time“.
{A political opinion to which he is perfectly entitled…}

“The event, the woman testified, left her “shaky“, and after discussing it with her husband after her shift, she decided to file a formal complaint…

“The acting director testified that in his interview with the man, the dealer characterized his discussion with the woman as a “‘difference of opinion’ akin to the Crusades that had occurred many generations ago and [said] that the focus should be on the future“, the decision says.

“The acting director testified the man downplayed the federal inquiry into missing and murdered ‘Indigenous’ women, but denied saying ‘Indigenous’ issues were a waste of time… The arbitrator found that the man’s comments to the woman were “arguably racist” and, even allowing the man the benefit of the doubt, “extremely insensitive“.

I find it difficult to understand how the [man] could be so oblivious to the impact of his words on an ‘Indigenous’ woman in this day and age“,
the decision said.
For the [man], a ‘white’ {Why are you using this racial designation? If he was ‘brown’, would it be OK then?} middle-aged man, not to understand the impact his words might be having on [the woman] and to imply equivalency because ‘racism goes both ways’, is difficult to fathom.”

–‘Casino Regina dealer accused of racism loses gamble to get job back’,
Bryan Eneas, CBC News, Feb. 07, 2021

See also:
Controlling the Narrative?’ (Film ‘Protocols’) {Dec.17, 2019}:
New Rule: No Race can tell a story about any other Race. You can only tell your own Race’s story… Really?
Are you the ‘right person’ to tell this story? That’s what the organizers of the ‘Dead North Film Festival’ want filmmakers to ask themselves when they’re submitting movies that include ‘Indigenous’ {sic, they mean ‘aboriginal’, and aboriginals are NOT ‘Indigenous’ to North America} stories, culture or language…”

Tossed Out Of The Sandbox’ (Brock Professor) {August 21, 2018}:
   “I have been driven over the edge by the systematic campaign over the last few years to blacken the reputation of our first and best prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, a campaign in which prominent aboriginals and some of their white ‘liberal’ fan club have played the predominant part.”
“Brock University has stripped a retired political science professor of his status as a ‘professor emeritus’, after he posted “intemperate and offensive” comments on social media deriding {some} ‘indigenous’ {actually, ‘aboriginal’} people…” https://endracebasedlaw.ca/2018/08/21/tossed-out-of-the-sandbox/

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