‘Promises, Promises…’

“The ‘Liberals’, New ‘Democrats’ and the Green Party have made {foolish} commitments in their platforms to implement the calls for ‘justice’ from the MM‘I’WG inquiry’s final report, the {P}TRC’s calls to action and UNDRIP. The ‘Conservative’ platform pledges to develop a National Action Plan to address the issue of missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {they mean ‘aboriginal’} women and girls… 

“Green Party leader Elizabeth May told CBC News that she’s almost completed reading the MM‘I’WG inquiry’s final report.

A lot of the recommendations from the inquiry dovetail with things we were already planning to promote“, 

said May. She said cancelling the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and ending fracking would reduce the number of work camps {and jobs}, staffed mainly by men, in remote areas. Testimony and studies reviewed by the inquiry linked these with violence toward ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women.
{Nonsense. They simply repeated unsubstantiated racist and sexist  slander from aboriginal Race activists…}

“The Green Party platform pledges to {blindly} implement the ‘Calls to Action’ from the {Partial} Truth and {One-way} ‘Reconciliation’ Commission, as well as the recommendations from the inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women and girls.

“The New ‘Democratic’ Party said in an emailed response that leader Jagmeet Singh has read the MMIWG inquiry’s final report.

We will work with ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples to co-develop a National Action Plan for ‘Reconciliation’ to ensure that Canada’s laws, policies, and practices are consistent with our human rights obligations“,

read the email. The NDP platform pledges to establish “a comprehensive plan to address violence against ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women, girls, and LGBTQI2S+ {‘alphabet’} people” and ensure that those fleeing violence have access to culturally-appropriate programming, emergency shelters, and transitional housing. It also pledges to ensure full gender equality in Indian status registration as a priority.

“The ‘Liberal’ Party said in an emailed response that since 2015, the ‘Liberals’ have worked to renew the relationship with ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} people, and that 

Justin Trudeau and the ‘Liberal’ team believe that there is no relationship more important to Canada than the relationship with ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} peoples.” {You Segregationist fools talk as if aboriginals aren’t Canadian citizens!}

“Its platform says the party has committed to 

co-developing and implementing a distinctions-based national action plan to implement the [MM‘I’WG inquiry] report’s ‘Calls to Justice’.”

“‘Conservative’ leader Andrew Sheer has not committed to implementing UNDRIP and disagreed with the MM‘I’WG inquiry’s {ridiculous} finding that ‘genocide’ was committed against ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women and girls.

“The ‘Conservative’ Party did not respond to multiple requests from CBC News for comment on their plans to address ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} issues but the party’s platform pledges to 

develop a National Action Plan to address the ongoing tragedy of missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women and girls.”

–‘What the parties are promising this election about missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls’,
Rhiannon Johnson, CBC News, Oct. 15, 2019
(The CBC proudly describes the bias of their ‘journalist’:
Rhiannon Johnson is an Anishinaabe journalist from Hiawatha ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 671 people} based in Toronto. She has been with the ‘Indigenous unit’ since 2017 focusing on ‘Indigenous’ life and experiences…”)

(Global News)

“‘Conservative’ leader Andrew Scheer, who is the only party leader pitching a large, new energy project as part of his platform, doubled down on his opposition to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples during the federal election debate Monday evening. Scheer said he would focus on consulting ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} communities before building his proposed national energy corridor, but he would not be guided by UNDRIP — an international document that sets minimum standards for nation states’ interaction with {so-called} ‘Indigenous Peoples’.

Scheer and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier were the only party leaders who didn’t express support for UNDRIP. Bernier didn’t mention it at all

“Natasha Beedie, from Beausoleil ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,637 people}, asked the leaders how their parties would work with the provinces and territories to affirm ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} rights under UNDRIP, the {Partial} Truth and ‘Reconciliation’ Commission’s ‘calls to action’ and the recent missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} women and girls inquiry report’s calls to ‘justice’.

“Scheer zeroed in on the UNDRIP clause around free, prior and informed consent — the same clause ‘Conservative’ Senators used to torpedo an NDP private member’s bill to harmonize federal laws with the UN declaration.

When you talk about free, prior and informed consent, that leaves a great deal of uncertainty about what that means and there are large numbers of ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} communities who want these energy projects to succeed“,

said Scheer, in an ‘apparent’ {? obvious!} reference to ‘First Nations’ {aboriginal communities} that support the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion…

“‘Liberal’ leader Justin Trudeau accused Scheer of employing the same approach as former ‘Conservative’ prime minister Stephen Harper, who faced an ‘Indigenous rights’ {actually, ‘aboriginal privilege’} movement called ‘Idle No More’ {now ‘Idle Once Again’} that flared across the country during his last term in office.

We all remember 10 years of Stephen Harper who did not respect ‘indigenous’ {‘aboriginal’} rights, who did not respect ‘Indigenous {Aboriginal} Peoples’,”
said Trudeau…
Mr. Scheer, you are putting forward exactly the same plan.”

“Green Party leader Elizabeth May also took aim at Scheer’s proposed approach to consultation, saying it was already required under ‘Section’ 35 of the Constitution, which recognizes ‘Indigenous’ rights.
{Actually, it doesn’t even mention ‘Indigenous’…
Marginal note: Recognition of existing aboriginal and treaty rights
35. (1) The existing aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed.

Definition of “aboriginal peoples of Canada”
(2) In this Act, “aboriginal peoples of Canada” includes the Indian, Inuit and Métis peoples of Canada…
https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/const/page-16.html }

It does not boil down to, ‘We will consult with ‘Indigenous’ {She means ‘aboriginal’} people until they agree with us’,”
said May.

“NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and May both raised the recent Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling ordering Ottawa to compensate ‘First Nations’ children {that might have been} harmed by the on-reserve child welfare system. It’s the one issue on which Trudeau and Scheer agree — the ‘Liberal’ government recently filed a challenge in Federal Court against the ruling and Scheer has said he would have done the same.

“Singh, referring to the SNC-Lavalin affair, said that while Trudeau wanted to “keep SNC-Lavalin out of the courts” he is willing to “drag Indigenous {He means ‘aboriginal’} kids” into the courtroom.

That is wrong. How can someone do that?

“Trudeau said that a re-elected ‘Liberal’ government would compensate children affected by the ruling, but he didn’t say how.

We’ve also moved forward to end the tragedies by moving forward on legislation that keeps kids in care in their communities, with their language, with their culture“, 

said Trudeau, in reference to Bill C-92, the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} child welfare bill which passed before Parliament dissolved.

“Scheer, who was on the defensive through the majority of the debate segment on ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} issues, suggested he was prepared to deal with the relationship between Canada and ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} people because of his experience with 12 ‘First Nations’ {Indian tribes} in his own riding.

I understand the importance of balancing treaty rights and also the ability for ‘Indigenous’ {He means ‘aboriginal’} Canadians to participate in the economy. That is really the key“,
he said.

“However, {a couple of} ‘First Nations’ {Indian} leaders in his riding have said Scheer did little to ‘build a relationship’ with them.

“Scheer also opened the debate by accusing Trudeau of wearing a “reconciliation mask” and then firing Jody Wilson-Raybould, the first ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} attorney general, during the SNC-Lavalin affair.

I have nothing to learn from Mr. Trudeau, who fired the first ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} attorney general for doing her job“,
he said later during the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} issues portion of the debate.
She said she would do politics differently and you fired her when she did.”

{Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Betrayal of Canada{May 8, 2019}:
“Let’s not make a hero out of Jody Wilson-Raybould. She should have been removed as Minister of Justice when she attacked the jury system after the ‘Boushie’ verdict, and her past activism clearly indicates that she places aboriginals above other Canadians. In addition, her last act as Attorney General before resigning was to issue a directive instructing government lawyers to no longer oppose aboriginal court cases {and defend the interests of the rest of Canadians}, but to cooperate with aboriginal activists in undermining Canada’s sovereignty. Wilson-Raybould is a traitor…”

https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227/1783915421710683/?type=3&theater }

“Trudeau responded by referring to Assembly of ‘First Nations’ {Indian Bands} National Chief Perry Bellegarde, whose home community of Little Black Bear ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 592 people} sits in Scheer’s riding.

Perry Bellegarde…has said that no government has done more for Indigenous Peoples than this government {Nonsense…} and he is one of your constituents“,
said Trudeau.

That’s right, he comes from Little Black Bear“,
said Scheer.
He has my phone number.”

–‘Scheer, Bernier only 2 in debate who wouldn’t back UN Indigenous rights declaration’,
Jorge Barrera, CBC News, Oct. 07, 2019
(Jorge Barrera is Caracas-born and works for CBC’s ‘Indigenous’ {They mean ‘aboriginal’} unit based out of Ottawa.)
See also:
Pandering to the Aboriginal Vote{Sept.19, 2019}:
“Political party election promises to aboriginals…
{Hint: None of them advocate doing the sensible thing –

Deviating From The Narrative’ (Election Debate) {Sept.17, 2019}:
“In politically-correct Canada, it is not allowed for a public official – particularly one running for Prime Minister – to disagree with ANY aspect of the aboriginal narrative:
‘Conservative’ Leader Andrew Scheer said Thursday that his party can’t support a United Nations Declaration on ‘Indigenous’ Rights because it could let “one group of individuals” hold resource projects “hostage”…”

NDP Nominates ‘Partial-Aboriginal’ Extremist’ (Vancouver Centre) {Aug.27, 2019}:
“Nearly a year before the national inquiry released its report, Ouellette wrote a blistering blog post in which he maintained that the federal government’s residential-schools program was a
program of illegal genocide“.
“And he stated that it was
motivated first and foremost by theft“…”

Attempting to Influence the Fall Election{July 28, 2019}:
“Former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould will release a book in the middle of the fall election campaign… Much of the text will…be devoted to Canada’s fraught relationship with ‘indigenous’ {They mean ‘aboriginal’} peoples.”
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