‘Blown Out of Proportion’

‘Found on the Net’: 
“My great uncle was indeed a Catholic priest teaching at a far north residential school in the 1960’s. I had several conversations with this wonderful man when he came to his hometown, Kingston, to visit. We talked about his work there and how devoted he was to improving the lives of native people. I can tell you, this man had integrity, and would never have been involved in abuse, or even tolerated it around him.

“I believe a few cases of such abuse have been multiplied and blown out of proportion, to obtain settlements and perpetuate victimhood by some aboriginals. But not all. We don’t hear about the ones who had positive experiences in residential schools, do we? Why? 

“My Uncle eventually left the priesthood, married a native woman and had 3 children with her. He continued living in the north until his death recently. What a legacy he had to live with during his last few years, with all the distorted testimony and media spin. Very sad.”  



Thank you from ERBL inc. Canada

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