‘Police Bully Reporter, Shield Aboriginals From Questions’

Putting a ‘healing lodge’ {half-way house} next to a school and then refusing to answer questions from the community – sounds like the Aboriginal Industry, all right:

“All the talk about being “respectful” was quickly abandoned when those who dared ask hard questions — as in whether violent women offenders would reside in a location steps from a school — were bullied and treated with scorn…”

“President Patti Pettigrew {of the ‘Thunder Woman Healing Lodge Society’} assured the crowd of 400 residents at a Birchmount Community Centre public meeting Wednesday night she hoped to address “as many concerns” as she could about the ‘Thunder Women’s Healing Lodge’ planned for the Cliffside area of Scarborough {2217 Kingston Rd.}.

“And moderator Kenn Richard, founder of the ‘Native Child and Family Services’ centre, kept repeating that attendees were “more than welcome to ask what they wanted” as long as everyone treated each other “respectfully”.

“But it quickly became obvious after an hour of prayers, happy talk, lectures about respect and ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} drumming that the room had been stacked with sycophants of the ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} healing lodge and that the organizers had absolutely no intention of answering any real concerns, as in who exactly would reside in the 24 beds planned for the lodge.

“In fact, all the talk about being “respectful” was quickly abandoned when those who dared ask hard questions — as in whether violent women offenders would reside in a location steps from a school — were bullied and treated with scorn, all while six ’41 Division’ police officers looked on.

“In fact, Pettigrew nearly hissed at resident Daniel McCaffrey when he asked whether violent offenders like Terri-Lynne McClintic (who pleaded guilty for her role in the kidnapping and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford) would be housed in Scarborough.

This is not the same kind of lodge”,

she said angrily, accusing Correctional Services Canada of “appropriating” an ‘indigenous’ {aboriginal} healing lodge {?}.

We are not taking women who are serving their sentences.”

Patti Pettigrew, president of the Thunder Woman Healing Lodge Society. (Ernest Doroszuk–Toronto Sun-Postmedia)

“When the chain-smoking Pettigrew took a smoke break, ‘Sun’ videographer Ernest Doroszuk and I headed outside to see if we could get any clarity on who would reside in the lodge — the elephant in the community centre room Wednesday night.

“Pettigrew started to respond, telling me that four beds would be paid for by Correctional Services Canada to house women (offenders on parole) but their organization will decide who they will accept. She added four beds will be available for women on probation and another four for those charged (and on bail) but not yet convicted.

“It was at this point that a woman who would only identify herself as a “concerned committee member” ordered me to get out of Pettigrew’s face and stop ‘bullying’ her. She then pulled Pettigrew back into the community centre with Doroszuk and me following, trying to get the rest of the response. When she heard I was from the ‘Toronto Sun’, she laughed at me.

“What happened next was truly surreal.

“Another woman wearing a baseball cap on backwards and heavily tattooed, stuck herself between Pettigrew and me, as she tried to push me away.

“That’s when the cops got involved. One cop put his hand on my back and asked me to “step outside”. I asked him to please take his hand off my back, which he did.

What is your purpose here?
he asked, adding that he’ll determine what’s going to
happen here going forward”.

“I explained one more time that I was with the ‘Toronto Sun’ and was merely trying to ask Pettigrew a question when two associates tried to push me away. When I went back into the centre, I was met by two more cops who asked me to leave.

As an agent of the city property we’re asking you to leave under the Trespass and Property Act{?},
one cop with the first name Andrew, asked.

“When I asked him to please ask Councillor Gary Crawford to come out of the meeting, Andrew informed me he was not my “go-for” and he had no intention of going into the meeting to retrieve my stuff or to get Crawford. When I asked him why I was being tossed out, Andrew reiterated that he was not my “agent”.

“His associate, Sarah Lidstone, added that I was being “disrespectful” for wanting to know why I was being asked to leave.

So much for addressing concerns respectfully.”

–‘Heal thyself cops tell Toronto Sun columnist to ‘step outside’ and leave’,
Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun, June 12, 2019


Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy is escorted by Toronto Police out of a community meeting at the Birchmount Community Centre in Toronto, Ont. on Wednesday June 12, 2019. (Ernest Doroszuk–Toronto Sun-Postmedia)

COMMENT: “Why were the cops so eager to get Sue Ann out of there? If you don’t ask the softball questions, then you get the boot, is that it? Why do they have a “healing lodge” that houses convicted criminals next to a school, and they don’t want that to be reported?”
“I am confused at the officers treatment of Sue-Ann. How can a publicly funded community centre be private property? Acting as agents for whom? And is a journalist attending a public meeting in a public space considered trespassing? About the lodge: People living nearby are entitled to answers to their valid concerns about criminal elements and drugs in their neighbourhood.”
“I hope the Sun files formal complaints with the city and the police. Once again we have evidence that the out-patients from the insane asylum are running the city and now have the police in tow.”
“The reporter should have had a legal right to stay. Unfortunately she asked some “politically incorrect questions” – that truly ALL OF US would like the answers to. Direct questions don’t bother people who have nothing to hide.”
“Chief Mark Ironside at Metro special police services needs to talk to his men about protocol, the use of public spaces and being respectful themselves to the public. Since when is a cop exclusively an agent of the city? Their motto “to serve and protect’ has changed to ‘do as we say, not as we do’.”
“This is astonishing but not unusual, and it reeks of cover-up as to the use of taxpayer money. I have no doubt 95% of the funds will go to “administration”. Why is it that hundreds of millions, or billions, of dollars have gone to indigenous issues yet so many in those communities still live in sub-par or squalid conditions? Where is that money going? I have read reports of Band chiefs and elders living quite well while their people do not. The photo told quite a story: four armed cops and a security guard escorting a reporter with a note pad out of the meeting on grounds that she was trespassing after she was bullied by “committee” members, wow! I have less and less respect for Toronto police as they now seem to be tainted as evidenced by their actions in this and other cases. Democracy for some and not others, how very Leftist.”
“Typical attitude displayed by the cops here. When did they become the security force for those who are unwilling to be open and transparent?”
See also:
Undermining Public Safety’ (Healing Lodges) {August 21, 2016}:
“According to the ‘Correctional Service of Canada’ (CSC), 18 inmates have escaped ‘First Nations’ healing lodges over the past five years. Pe Sakastew, a 60-bed facility comprised of teepee-like chalets surrounded by a chain-link fence, has recorded 34 escapees since 1999…”

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  1. Evil grows in cracks and holes and lives in people’s minds & deed. Many Aboriginals want/demand to be consulted on every damn thing but they don’t believe Canadians should be and have a say. Their bullying, holier than thou, supremist, attitude really does NOTHING for reconciliation or liking them!!


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