‘Resentful At Having To Choose’

This story, from APTN’s foolishly-titled ‘Nation to Nation’, wants us to feel sorry for an entitled Chief who must make a choice for his community and who thinks it’s unfair that he just can’t have whatever he wants…

“When Ken Hansen was elected as chief of Yale ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 176 people!} 3 1/2 years ago, he immediately had a financial gun to his head. Hansen said his ‘nation’ was broke and on the brink of third-party management. So he had two choices.

“Take a deal with Kinder Morgan and use that money to maybe lift his community out of poverty. It would be just enough, he said, to buy him a year to turn things around. But then, he would also be ignoring his own beliefs that his people are ‘guardians of the land’.

“Or he could implement the treaty that had taken years to negotiate between Yale and the federal and British Columbia governments. Doing that would have meant giving up his community’s ‘rights’ and ‘title’. Hansen said he refused to implement it.

The treaty has not come into force”,
he said.

“So he went with Kinder Morgan.

I was in a financial place where I had to accept (the Kinder Morgan) money”,
{Welcome to real life — the consequences of choices…}

said Hansen on ‘Nation to Nation’…

{It wasn’t his decision:
Yale members did vote to accept a deal…”}

“Those deals allow the…company to expand its ‘Trans Mountain’ pipeline through their ‘First Nation’ {aboriginal community} or {claimed} ‘traditional territory’. For many, that suggests support for the project.

“That’s not how Hansen sees it, even if his administration sent a letter of support to the National Energy Board. It’s just a piece of paper he said.
{Then you are a dishonest hypocrite…}

“It was take the deal with Kinder Morgan or what he said is the worst treaty in Canada.

I literally had my hands tied. I was handed a failed treaty … it drove us right down into despair”,
he said.
We couldn’t afford housing; we couldn’t afford food.”
{What happened to all your government funding? See below…}

“He said even the local plumber wouldn’t come do work at Yale.
{Try paying your bills!}

“…Shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the ‘Trans Mountain’ expansion project in late 2016, Kinder Morgan said it had 51 deals. But that number dropped to 43, where it stands now, after eight ‘First Nations’ didn’t ratify an agreement about a year ago.

Yale members did vote to accept a deal, which was another factor that played into Hansen’s decision. But he said the treaty negotiations and generations of being squeezed under the ‘Indian Act’ {which the national Chiefs insisted must be kept in place!}, as well as nearly being destroyed by residential schools {Hyperbolic nonsense. Those schools are the only reason your community can read and write…}, have nearly broken his people.

I think our community has become dependent on our Band office for cash handouts {!}. It’s a learned {chosen!} behavior created from the past. I do understand where they are coming from”,
said Hansen.
Now when the word ‘Kinder Morgan’ is spoken, (my) phone lights up and they ask how much money are we getting.”

“But Hansen said he wants to help his people change that frame of mind.
{Then you need to start with your own attitude…}

“Hansen used portions of the Kinder Morgan money to hire qualified staff that could help his administration that has led to better housing.

“He said Yale wouldn’t be hurt if the pipeline deal fell through…
{? In that case, you should have to pay back the unearned funds…}

“There’s also the matter of court cases, like the judicial review that is expected to have a decision soon and involves several ‘First Nations’, including Coldwater that is about an hour north of Yale. Their ‘brothers and sisters’ {‘people of the same race’} over at Lower Nicola Indian Band {1,265 people} also have a deal with Kinder Morgan but it’s conditional.

“Chief Aaron Sumexheltza said his council will decide within the next month or two whether to accept it. Members narrowly accepted to sign a deal with Kinder Morgan just over a year ago. Of 964 eligible voters only 187 cast a ballot. Sumexheltza said while he and his council have concerns for the environment and the salmon, he’s had other concerns.

Regardless of what happens, whether it goes ahead or not we don’t want to be left behind”,
he said.

“Meanwhile, the {foolish} man who drafted ‘section 35’ of the ‘Charter of {Partial} Rights and {Conditional} Freedoms’, the section that every ‘indigenous’ person is affected by, said ‘indigenous’ {racial} ‘rights’ are being left out of the debate between Trudeau and the British Columbia government.

The sleeper behind this is the ‘First Nations’ ‘rights’”,
said Jack Woodward.
Mainly, we are talking about ‘section 35’ {racial} ‘rights’.”

“He said there are ‘treaty rights’, as well as aboriginal {racial} ‘rights and title’.

All three are at play with respect to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion”,
he said.

“He said those rights are ‘greater’ than the debate between Canada and provinces.
{Prioritizing racial rights above all other Constitutional rights. Sheer obscenity…}
And could stop the project in its tracks.”

–‘Colonization forced Yale First Nation to sign deal with Kinder Morgan says chief’,
APTN, April 27, 2018


Yale ‘FN’: Claimed ‘traditional territory’.

From 2016:
“In a surprise development, a treaty that was celebrated by the B.C. government when it was first signed in 2013 has been rejected by the Yale ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 176 people}, just months before it was to go into effect…

“The agreement was under negotiation for many years and was first signed in 2010… The deal, which was due to be implemented in April, would have given the Yale ‘First Nation’ more than $12-million and control of nearly 2,000 hectares of land.

“While the treaty was endorsed in a vote by Band members {!}, it was unpopular with the neighbouring Sto:lo ‘Nation’ {A tribal council encompassing 11 communities totalling 2,713 people} because it would have given the Yale Band control over access to traditional fishing camps. The ‘B.C. Wildlife Federation’ also objected to the treaty because it gave the Band a guaranteed share of the Fraser River sockeye run, which the BCWF said set a troubling precedent.”

–‘Yale First Nation rejects B.C. treaty, citing ‘critical flaws’’,
MARK HUME, Toronto Globe and Mail, FEBRUARY 11, 2016


Left to right–Pedro Moreno, Vanessa Peters and YFN Chief Ken Hansen in front of their new building, Hope, B.C.

The last time the Yale ‘First Nation’ filed a financial statement was 2013. In that year, the Band received $2,569,834 from the federal government for a membership {in 2017} of 176 people. ALL of this WITHOUT A TREATY. This does not include any provincial government financing, or ‘own-source’ {Band-generated} revenue…

Provincial revenue includes things like this:

See also:
B.C. Treaty Negotiations — Newest Treaty already in trouble
{March 11, 2013}:
“Yale and Stó:lō ‘First Nations’ represent probably the most contentious case of competing claims in B.C. Each ‘First Nation’ claims territory that overlaps along the Fraser River, near the Five Mile Fishery, where fishing for salmon produces some of the river’s most lucrative catches…

“The problem is even more complicated than a regular shared-territory/overlap dispute because the Stó:lō community says that Yale ‘First Nation’ is just one small part of the wider Stó:lō tribal ‘nation’.”

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