‘Mi’kmaq Bullies Get Their Way’

ERBL ‘Mi_kmaq Bullies Get Their Way_

“This is not the way to run a city, based on threats of violence.”
–Halifax city councillor.

“A recent decision by the Halifax City Council to tear down their own city’s history is but the latest example of a nation eager to dismantle its founders. Mayor Mike Savage and the city councillors who have voted to remove the statue of Edward Cornwallis have betrayed their duty to Haligonians and Canadians.
{The statue has since been taken down…}

Cornwallis founded the city of Halifax against all odds, and his efforts deserve to be memorialized in Cornwallis Park. Cornwallis’ resolve, aided by the courage of the thousands of men and women he inspired, laid the foundations of Atlantic Canada’s largest city.

“Mayor Savage and the council members supporting the motion to remove the statue are guilty of an unforgivable offense. It is not the role of elected officials to revise our past. Their oaths do not offer provisions for this liberty. Canadians expect the memory of our European founders to remain unpolluted by revisionist attitudes. The arrogance of the Halifax city council has not gone unnoticed. Their decision offers a terrifying precedent where the past is open to interpretation by politicians who disregard democracy and public opinion.

“The current and future residents of Halifax have the right to know the name and see the image of their founder. Regardless of one’s opinions of Cornwallis, protecting and preserving his memory is a duty we share as not only Haligonians, but as Canadians. This duty is extended by default to our elected representatives.

“A reasonable action for the council would be to raise a new statue of their liking at a different place. The destruction of a historical figure’s image is not a step forward, it is an egregious affront to our past. Canadians deserve the right to celebrate their founders, regardless of the current pressures of living in a postmodern era. The Halifax City Council is free to conjure up new heroes, but not free to destroy ours.

This incident is a worrying manifestation of a brutal disregard towards the accomplishments of Canada’s European founders {And it’s about time to recognize the Aboriginal racism behind much of this}. Edward Cornwallis’ life and legacy have a place in historical downtown Halifax and in the annals of Canadian history. Regardless of the city’s decision to remove the statue of Cornwallis, his spirit and name resonates through every building, street and pier within the city of Halifax, and all of Canada.

“If city council is certain this is a decision that will be upheld by the residents of Halifax, and are practitioners of democracy, we urge them to conduct a referendum on the issue. At the very least, we urge city council to reinstall the Cornwallis statue until a reasonable and effective solution can be found.”

–‘Canada’s European History And Peoples Are Being Dismantled’,
ID Canada, 2 February 2018



The statue of Edward Cornwallis is hoisted by a crane and placed on the bed of a truck before being taken away and put into storage. (APTN)

“Halifax council has voted to immediately remove a statue of Edward Cornwallis from a downtown park, with several councillors calling the bronze figure of the city’s controversial military founder a barrier to {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.

{Because offending Canadians by burying our history is a surefire path to ‘reconciliation’, right? This is ALL about appeasing those who want revenge – Race Based revenge…}

“After just over an hour of debate, it took less than 10 seconds for council to vote 12-4 to temporarily place the statue in storage until a decision is made on its long-term fate.

“The Cornwallis statue has become a powerful symbol”,
Mayor Mike Savage told council.
{All the more reason to leave it up!}

“I believe its continued presence on a pedestal in the middle of a city park is an impediment to sustained progress and forging productive, respectful {ass-kissing} and lasting relationships with the Mi’kmaq in the spirit of {politically correct} ‘truth’ and {one-way} ‘reconciliation’.”

“He added: 

“Halifax is not the garrison town of Edward Cornwallis. It’s a thriving, diverse, modern city that I believe will be largely shaped by those who’ve been here the longest and those who are finding it for the first time.”
{That’s not the point…}

“Morley Googoo, regional chief of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’, said the decision to take down the statue is a huge opportunity for the city”.

“Other municipalities across the country are dealing with the same very question about how to have a ‘new relationship’ with {so-called} ‘Indigenous Peoples’,”
he told reporters following council’s decision…

Morley Googoo, regional chief of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’. (Halifax Chronicle Herald)
Morley Googoo, regional chief of the Assembly of ‘First Nations’. (Halifax Chronicle Herald)

“Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chiefs had called Friday for the statue to be taken down immediately…
{And the city slavishly obeyed…}

“I look at the 500 years of broken promises since Europeans first arrived and settled on these shores. And those 500 years have been rife with disease, strife, broken treaties, broken promises, hidden agendas, military action — and circumstances which beggar the imagination to the point where a true decimation occurred in North America,”
Councillor Richard Zurawski said in an impassioned speech.

“If we want reconciliation, we pull down the statue immediately,”
he continued.
“We don’t discuss putting it someplace else. We don’t discuss temporary measures. For goodness sakes, let’s end the 500 years of broken promises and take away this visible symbol of supremacy.”
{?!? Another self-loathing Canadian. Why are we electing these fools?}

“Savage told council that the issue of ‘truth’ and ‘reconciliation’ has been a long time coming. Speaking from prepared notes, he said “we are all a product of our history”, but we do not have to be a prisoner to it.

“The Mayor told Council that removing the statue is not about re-writing history, but acknowledging that history is also not “cast in bronze”.
{Disingenuous B.S…}

“Cornwallis is a disputed character seen by some as a brave leader who founded Halifax, but by others as the commander of a bloody and barbaric extermination campaign against Mi’kmaq inhabitants…
{The British were no more “bloody and barbaric” than the Mi’kmaq…}

“The status quo is completely untenable. The statue is a barrier to {one-way} ‘reconciliation’”,
Coun. Sam Austin said during the debate...

“A staff report…said it is concerned about rising tensions around the statue, citing a planned protest Sunday that could result in  

“damage to the statue, conflicts among protesters and counter-protesters and personal injury.”

{Cowards! Giving in to racial bullying only guarantees that they will try it again…}

“The statue has increasingly become a flashpoint for protests,”
states the document, dated Jan. 27.

“Clashes arising from protests and counter-protests of controversial statues in other jurisdictions have in some cases resulted in injury and damage to public property and in a worst case, death. There is a reputational risk to Halifax from the attention associated with this unrest.”

{There is also a “reputational risk” for selling out Canada!}

“One councillor, Steve Adams, called instead for leaving the statue but adding statues of Acadians, Mi’kmaqs and others in a “Founders Plaza” with interpretive panels.

“This is not the way to run a city, based on threats of violence,”
he said…”

–‘Halifax council votes to immediately remove Cornwallis statue from downtown park’,
BRETT BUNDALE, Canadian Press, Jan. 30, 2018


'Save Our Statue' poster (APTN)

 “A number of posters have been put up at Cornwallis Park in response to Halifax Regional Council’s decision Tuesday to have the controversial statue of the city’s founder removed.

“On Tuesday evening, at least four posters were found affixed to benches and light poles around the park. They read “Save Our Statue” and “Crush Cultural Marxism” and contain a QR code that links to a Facebook community called “Save Our Statue”…

“On Wednesday morning, the posters had been removed…

“Posts in the Facebook community express opposition to city council’s decision to remove the statue…

“Mi’kmaw Elder Daniel Paul addressed some of the claims made in the “Save Our Statue” Facebook community that reference his book.

Daniel N. Paul speaks during the first Decolinization Conference in 2005. (ERIC WYNNE—Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
Daniel N. Paul speaks during the first Decolinization Conference in 2005. (ERIC WYNNE—Halifax Chronicle-Herald)

One comment by the community’s anonymous moderator claims that
“there is no evidence of actual genocide”
having taken place against the Mi’kmaq, and that Cornwallis merely
“practiced standard methods of colonial warfare.”

“Paul takes issue with that statement, saying while there’s no way to tally the number of Mi’kmaq killed by British colonists responding to the scalping proclamations, there is documented evidence that many lives were taken…
{On ALL sides! The French and Indians were just as guilty. In addition, the bulk of the killings occurred south of the border…}

“So anybody who says there wasn’t an attempt by the British to exterminate the ‘indigenous’ populations of the Americas need to dig into history a bit and learn something about it. You don’t go through history books and just dig out little points that might support your ideas.”
{You mean like YOU do? You just switched from the  Mi’kmaq killings to “the ‘indigenous’ populations of the Americas” because the Canadian evidence doesn’t support your racist conclusions…}

–‘Save Our Statue’ posters appear as Halifax prepares to remove Cornwallis statue’,
Justin Brake, APTN, January 31, 2018


COMMENT: “You want ”Peace and Reconciliation”, while simultaneously calling those who disagree with you ”White Supremacists”? Peace and Reconciliation are off the table now.”
“I couldn’t agree with you more. I have no interest in peace and reconciliation with anyone who calls me names. Great lack of intelligence.”
“Edward Cornwallis is the founder of Halifax, therefore he should be honoured. Plus, the bounties on Mi’kmaq AFTER they attacked settlers. SAVE OUR STATUE.”
“The hypocrisy of the native population is what upsets me the most. During this period, as willing pawns of the French clergy they raided and killed British settlers. The French military paid warriors for British scalps. It was war. All parties are guilty. The Mi’gmaw want to play innocent and blame Cornwallis. My respect and sympathy for native issues in NS have been severely diminished. This statue was a landmark and is missed by a great number of Haligonians. This move has merely made the gulf between peoples much wider. So much for reconciliation.”

Statue protesters celebrate (APTN)
Statue protesters celebrate (APTN)

“Mi’kmaq and ‘allies’ gathered in ceremony and celebration Sunday in Halifax just days after the statue of Edward Cornwallis was removed.

“What was originally planned as a rally to continue efforts to have the statue taken down turned into a drum and smudge ceremony and a celebration of Halifax’s decision to remove the statue indefinitely, pending further review by an expert panel that will determine the statue’s future.

“Members of the Mi’kmaq community sang the Mi’kmaq Honour Song, as ‘warriors’, elders and other grassroots people spoke of the significance of the statue’s removal.

Cornwallis is celebrated by many as the founder of what is now the city of Halifax. But to Mi’kmaq, the former British military leader’s statue was a reminder of the violence perpetrated against them during the early colonial period.
{They conveniently ignore their own ancestors’ violence and betrayal…}

“They remember Cornwallis as the man who issued bounties on Mi’kmaq scalps in 1749 and 1750, offering money to those who killed Mi’kmaq men, women and children.
{They ignore the fact that was a reaction to the scalping of the British…}

“People want to call it an erasure of history; fortunately that is not an erasure of history…it’s actually unearthing our history where we’re bringing out the truth,”
{Your ‘truth’ is a racist distortion…}
said Mi’kmaw ‘warrior’ Suzanne Patles, who travelled from Cape Breton for the event.

Suzanne Patles (APTN)
Suzanne Patles (APTN)

{Suzanne Patles is an aboriginal Race activist and member of the self-styled ‘Mi’kmaq Warriors Society’. She was involved in criminal activity at the Elsipogtog, New Brunswick anti-fracking riots and was arrested. She is a traitor who preaches Race politics…}

“It’s true history of where all the narratives are being brought forward and we’re able to justify history based on the facts, not based on revisionist history such as the statue of Cornwallis.”
{YOU are the historical revisionist…}

“On Jan. 30, days after the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs called for the immediate removal of the statue, Halifax regional council voted 12-4 to have it taken down and put into storage before proceeding with the expert panel.

“The Mi’kmaq chiefs were involved in the establishment of the panel, but said the process was taking too long. Elder and author Daniel Paul, who initiated the movement to have Cornwallis’ statue removed three decades ago, was honoured at Sunday’s ceremony.

“Patles invited him to stand on the cement slab where the statue rested for almost 90 years until its removal last Wednesday. Paul told APTN Sunday that the statue

“was a symbol of white supremacist thinking”,

{No, taking it down and replacing it with a tipi is a symbol of Aboriginal supremacist thinking…}
and that he believes 

“in the long run, most Nova Scotians will agree it was time for it to go.

“You don’t have a statue idolizing a person that had undertaken to exterminate a race of people”,
he said.

{Another lie from a resentful racist. The only reason that Canadians have trouble seeing these activists for what they are is the social conditioning that Aboriginals are ALWAYS innocent victims. That provides perfect cover for Aboriginal supremacists…}

“You have to know your own history and you have to know what you’re talking about if you’re going to be talking in public about a problem. And the hidden history in Nova Scotia is out now; let’s move on and begin to build a future together.”

{The “hidden history” is the cruelty, violence and betrayal of the Mi’kmaq ‘warriors’. What the British did is well known…}

“Others echoed Paul’s sentiment that removing the statue is not erasing history, as some critics have said, but that it’s a way to reveal the ‘real’ history of Nova Scotia and Canada.

“Ifo Ikede, who immigrated to Canada from the Niger Delta two decades ago, attended Sunday’s ceremony. He said Canadians need to start acknowledging and telling their ‘true history’.

{Where do they find these people? The sheer arrogance…}

“When we were coming here, nobody told us that there were Mi’kmaq people here,”
he said, speaking to the crowd.

“They only showed us pictures of white people; they told us it was a white country created by England. That’s fiction!”

{We don’t believe they told you “it was a white country created by England“…and you sound like a racist…}

Mi’kmaw 'Warrior' Toby Condo where Cornwallis statue stood. (APTN)
Mi’kmaw ‘Warrior’ Toby Condo where Cornwallis statue stood. (APTN)

“Mi’kmaw ‘warrior’ Toby Condo said Sunday’s gathering was an example of the kind of {false} education that can happen when history is discussed ‘respectfully’ {?} and in a way that includes ‘indigenous’ voices and perspectives.
{Not if they’re lies…}

“What this statue did, it doesn’t just affect Mi’kmaq people, it affects all [people],”
he said.

“Being in Canada, where we welcome all nationalities, I think this was a good step to [remove it]. And I would like to thank the council of Halifax for doing that and finally recognizing that this is unceded territory, that this is Mi’kmaq territory.”

{No, it is NOT. It is CANADIAN territory and we WILL get a government that will put an end to this traitorous nonsense…}

“Many ideas have been floated by council and members of the public about what to do with the statue, and with the space and name of Cornwallis Park, where the statue stood.

“We want the park renamed, we don’t want this to be Cornwallis Park,”

Patles said Sunday, explaining the park was temporarily renamed “Peace and Friendship Park” last July 1 during an ‘indigenous’ ceremony at the statue.

{Stand Up for Canada!’:
“A member of the ‘Proud Boys’ — proud of Canada – is told by an anti-Canadian protester that he can’t display the Red Ensign. He then asks why, since there is a Mi’kmaq flag being flown {talk about ‘Cultural Appropriation’!} and an upside-down Canadian flag, and is told that the Red Ensign is “a flag of ‘Genocide’” — a clearly aggressive and provocative insult on Canada Day.”

https://www.facebook.com/ENDRACEBASEDLAW/photos/a.336196793149227.59519.332982123470694/1080218702080362/?type=3&theater }

“Patles joins Paul in supporting that name for the park, inspired by the 18th century ‘Peace and Friendship’ Treaties signed by the Mi’kmaq and British.

“What can we do as a society, as governments, as people who are change-makers to make that change possible,”
she said.

About an hour after the ceremony ended Sunday, Mi’kmaq warriors erected a tipi. The tipi was taken down Monday during high winds and rain {That’s why they all live in culturally-appropriated houses now}, but ‘warriors’ say they are planning to put it back up soon.”

–‘Mi’kmaq, allies unite in ceremony at former Cornwallis statue site’,
Justin Brake, APTN News February 5, 2018


The Founding of Halifax, 1749, by Charles W. Jefferys
The Founding of Halifax, 1749, by Charles W. Jefferys

“The comic book version of Cornwallis paints him as a bloody-minded racist intent on killing every native in the most gruesome manner possible. The indisputable evidence of his scalping bounty certainly bolsters that argument. But a closer look reveals Cornwallis is not the villain of this piece. He’s more like the victim.

“When Cornwallis arrived in Halifax harbour in June 1749 with 2,500 settlers, his task was to establish the first permanent English colony in the area. And to do so as cheaply as possible. Lacking substantial military resources, he sought to maintain a pre-existing peace treaty with nearby Mi’kmaq tribes and asked the neutral French-Catholic Acadians to take a loyalty oath to the British crown. For New France, however, which considered the region to be within its sphere of influence, this new colony posed a significant threat. A response was necessary. Enter Father Jean-Louis Le Loutre.

“Le Loutre was an intensely puritanical Catholic missionary operating throughout the Maritimes as an agent for the government of New France. One of early colonial Canada’s most fascinating figures, he considered the Acadians under his remit disappointingly lax in their religious and political outlook and found common cause instead with the Mi’kmaq, who shared his aggressive zeal and sense of opportunism.

Quebec City ordered Le Loutre to do whatever necessary to get rid of the English at Halifax. Since England and France were not currently at war, Le Loutre’s solution was to convince his Mi’kmaq flock to attack Cornwallis’ settlers.

“We cannot do better than to incite the Indians to continue warring on the English,”
he wrote to his political masters.

“I shall do my best to make it look to the English as if this plan comes from the Indians and that I have no part in it.”

For their part, the Mi’kmaq stood to gain from any conflict between English and French — both in terms of regional power and booty. And the appearance of a large new colony left them worried.

“Where will the Indian live? When you drive me away, where will I seek refuge?”

a Mi’kmaq delegation asked of Cornwallis. Two weeks later, in October 1749, native warriors seized the initiative and attacked a sawmill on the outskirts of Halifax, leaving five dead. Immediately thereafter, Cornwallis enacted his infamous scalping bounty. Advantage: Le Loutre.

“Plenty of atrocities followed on all sides, with Le Loutre generally at the centre of it all. In addition to arming Mi’kmaq, Abenaki and Maliseet warriors for raids on English settlers, the abbé has also been implicated in the murder of a peace emissary sent by Cornwallis under a flag of truce.

Father Le Loutre’s War. (1749–1755)

Le Loutre further threatened to unleash his Mi’kmaq allies on the peaceable Acadians if they took the English oath or refused to fight for the French. And given the present-day prominence of Cornwallis’ decision to pay for scalps, it seems relevant to note that Le Loutre was also paying cash for hair — he doled out 1,800 French livres to Mi’kmaq warriors for 18 English scalps. Cornwallis was not the only one engaged in this ghastly practice.
{And he most certainly didn’t initiate it…}

“So pivotal was Le Loutre to this conflict that today historians call it “Le Loutre’s War”. And by 1751, both he and his Mi’kmaq allies had what they wanted; Le Loutre was holding the new British colony in check while the Mi’kmaq were profiting greatly from French supplies and bounties, as well as ransom payments from the British. For Cornwallis, the war was a disaster. The entire budget for the Halifax colony was £39,000, but he spent £174,000 defending it. He even put a special £50 bounty on the head of his nemesis, the “incendiary priest”, to no avail. Sharply criticized by his superiors for his inability to contain the situation, Cornwallis resigned as governor after just two years in the country.

“But the scope of Le Loutre’s impact is much broader than simply getting the better of Cornwallis. His success in mobilizing the Mi’kmaq eventually led the British to seek a conclusive end to the conflict through the application of overwhelming military force. And it was the Acadians, reluctantly drawn into the fight by Le Loutre’s threats, who bore the brunt of the Redcoats’ hammer. In 1755, Cornwallis’ successor used the conflict as a pretext to order their mass expulsion — the much-lamented Acadian deportation.

“In successfully banishing Cornwallis from Halifax for a second time, modern-day Mi’kmaq can lay claim to another convincing victory over their old adversary. If we’re looking for the villain responsible for all that bloodshed and sorrow almost three centuries ago, however, we’ve punished the wrong man.”

–‘The true history of Cornwallis shows he’s more a victim than a villain’,
Peter Shawn Taylor, National Post, February 2, 2018


Cornwallis Plaque

‘Cornwallis Plaque (On statue)’

“After an active career in the British Army, Corwallis, the founder of Halifax, was appointed Governor and Captain General of Nova Scotia in 1749. Ordered in that year to establish a fortified settlement as a buffer between New England and New France and as a counterpoint to the Fortress of Louisbourg. He arrived at Chebucto Bay with a large body of settlers and proceeded to clear the land and lay out the town of Halifax. He returned to England in 1752, leaving behind the beginnings of a thriving town. He later resumed his army career in 1762 and was appointed Governor of

More on Cornwallis:
Demonizing The Past: Cornwallis{July 12, 2017}:
“While Edward Cornwallis was far from a saint — see his brutal repression of the Jacobite uprising of 1745 — in Canada, Cornwallis was simply one participant in a much larger series of wars that included scalping on ALL sides…”


See also:
Tearing Down Canada’s History’ (Cornwallis Statue) {July 14, 2017}:
“In April, Halifax Regional Council debated reconsidering the use of Cornwallis’ name on public infrastructure. Councillors voted 15-1 for a staff report to create an expert panel to weigh in on commemorations of Cornwallis.”

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  1. Just one more thing that will be added to the roster of disgust and mistrust, intolerance of many Aboriginals!! they are shooting themselves in the foot every time they demand to have their own way about something while failing to see the consequences of their actions/bullying/abuse and denial/aversion to and of the truth!!!


  2. White supremacy is going out of style. Very slowly butSurely. See you in hell. How would you like it if there was a bounty on your head and the head of your partner and the kids!


    1. These are the kind of sick threats that one receives for wanting the legal equality of all citizens regardless of Race/ethnicity. It used to be considered ‘progressive’ and common sense. Now, it seems to provoke violent responses from programmed clones…


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