‘Boushie Update’

“The family of a Saskatchewan man who was shot and killed by a local landowner in 2016 plans to appeal an internal investigation by the RCMP that cleared officers of wrongdoing in how they interacted with them in the wake of his death.

“Colten Boushie, 22, was shot and killed in August 2016 on a rural property near Biggar, Sask. His death ignited racial tensions across the province and landowner Gerald Stanley — who has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder — goes on trial in February.

“But when seven officers went to Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,472 people} to inform his mother and siblings of his death, they surrounded and searched the family’s trailer. They were acting on a tip that a possibly-armed man had fled the scene of Boushie’s death to a trailer looking like that of his family…

“Alvin Baptiste, Boushie’s uncle, said the entire internal investigation was a “cover up“, and maintains his sister and her children were mistreated.

“We don’t have no rights here. It’s like we don’t have no rights at all, just sweep us under the rug, kick us under the bus, just move on, forget about what happened. That’s how they look at it. Just another Indian,” he said…”

–‘RCMP clears itself of misconduct in Colten Boushie investigation’,
Charles Hamilton, CBC News, Nov. 02, 2017

Feature IMAGE: Colten Boushie’s mother Debbie Boushie (L) and Christine Denny speak to the media outside of North Battleford Provincial Court House. (Gord Waldner–Saskatoon StarPhoenix)


“Colten Boushie’s family filed a public complaint with the RCMP in December 2016, expressing concern about the manner in which officers surrounded the family trailer on Aug. 9, 2016 and told Debbie Baptiste that her son was dead.

“In a letter sent to Boushie’s family, RCMP Supt. Mike Gibbs said a “thorough investigation” was done into the complaints and that there was no evidence to support the claims that officers were behaving inappropriately.

“The family said it was insensitive the way police vehicles surrounded Baptiste’s residence on the Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’, that it was unacceptable for an officer to tell a grieving Baptiste to “get it together” and ask if she had been drinking, and that it was illegal for officers to search the trailer.

“In his letter, Gibbs said no RCMP officers recalled hearing anyone ask Baptiste if she had been drinking or telling her to “get it together”.

“Gibbs writes that RCMP interaction with the Boushie family was “unique” because officers were still looking for a man who may have witnessed the shooting. He said a large number of officers were sent to the home for “safety and tactical reasons”…

“Boushie’s family also complained that the RCMP sent out a prejudicial news release about Boushie’s death that made Boushie look like a criminal. Gibbs said that wasn’t the intent of the release and that protocol was followed when it was sent out…

“Chris Murphy, the lawyer for the family, called Gibbs’ letter “shocking”.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that’s what police believed at the time. I believe that this is an after-the-fact justification of what the RCMP did the night Colten Boushie died because the two versions of events just cannot co-exist,” he said.

“He said that if police truly believed there was an armed person in Baptiste’s trailer, they would have cleared the residence first, rather than first informing Baptiste of her son’s death and then asking one of her other sons for permission to search the trailer.

“Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) Chief Bobby Cameron said he was not surprised that RCMP cleared the members of any wrongdoing in this case and that the FSIN will continue to stand behind the family.

“They know what they’ve endured, they know what they experienced and if they felt any wrongdoing or felt that they were being mistreated for certain reasons, they’re not going to lie just for the plain fact of lying,” Cameron said.

“Boushie, a resident of Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’, was 22 years old when he and four other people drove on to a farm in the RM of Glenside near Biggar on Aug. 9, 2016. Boushie was fatally shot during a confrontation with the property owner, Gerald Stanley.
{See below for background…}

“His death ignited racial tensions in the province. Some people suggested Boushie, a resident of the Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ {‘Siberian settler community’} deserved to be killed for trespassing. Others pledged vigilante justice against Stanley.

“Stanley has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and is set to stand trial in 2018.”

–‘It just leads to a feeling of hopelessness’: RCMP internally cleared of mistreating Colten Boushie’s family after fatal farmyard shooting’,


Colten Boushie – Facebook

The investigation was conducted by a senior RCMP officer from outside the local detachment, Inspector Teddy Munro, who is himself ‘indigenous’, according to the family’s lawyer. The official response to the family was signed by Superintendent Mike Gibbs.

“…Mr. Boushie’s uncle, Alvin Baptiste, calls it a whitewash.

“I disagree with this investigation totally. I think it’s bogus, it’s a cover-up,” Mr. Baptiste said. “The RCMP has done something wrong and they’re trying to cover themselves. When it comes to ‘First Nations’ people, we’re treated like third-class citizens.”

“On the night Mr. Boushie died, several RCMP vehicles were dispatched to his mother’s home on the Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ near Biggar, Sask. Mr. Boushie’s mother, Debbie Baptiste, said she was sitting in her living room around 10 p.m. when police vehicles with lights flashing drove up at speed, cut across the grass and encircled the house. The family said that was an unusual and disrespectful way to notify Ms. Baptiste of her son’s death.

“According to the report, the RCMP was faced with a “unique” situation. They believed they needed to simultaneously perform a next-of-kin notification and a search of the family home. Police say they believed that a witness to the homicide might be inside and might be armed…

“Shortly after telling Mr. Boushie’s mother and brothers that Mr. Boushie was dead, officers started searching the house. They looked through every room with flashlights…

“Police are not allowed to search a home without a warrant or without the informed consent of the occupants. The family alleged that the search was illegal and insensitive. They said a ‘white’ family would not have been treated that way {That’s a somewhat racist assumption}.

“The RCMP officers involved told the investigator they obtained consent before searching. According to the police account, Ms. Baptiste and one of her sons were still on the floor, where they’d been crying, when Corporal Jason Olney asked if he could

“take a quick look around to see if anybody else was in the residence”.

“Cpl. Olney said that one of Ms. Baptiste’s sons gave him permission to search, an account backed up by a second RCMP officer. But he could not say which of Ms. Baptiste’s two sons, William Boushie and Jace Baptiste, gave him the okay, “as he gets them mixed up“, the report said.

“In this incident, there was no definitive evidence other than the word of the witnesses and the police,” Supt. Gibbs’s letter states, in reference to the search. “Based on the difference in the recollection of events by witnesses and that of the officers, I am unable to support your allegation.” …

“The police said the search of the home was necessary because they were looking for someone who had “fled the homicide investigation

“The RCMP letter to the family said it could not support the allegation of “improper attitude“. The officers had to take a tactical approach, and in this situation their conduct was acceptable, the letter said. Supt. Gibbs drew the same conclusion about the decision to encircle the family home…

“There were two additional complaints filed with the RCMP, although they did not relate directly to the way the family was treated that night.

“The family was upset by the news release issued the day after Mr. Boushie died. It said police made it sound as though Mr. Boushie was a criminal who got what he deserved…

“The report looked at the national policy on news releases and had the Aug. 10 release reviewed by the force’s national communications office. It determined that proper protocols had been followed in this case. Supt. Gibbs said he did not support the family’s allegation. Nevertheless, he offered an apology.

“I apologize if you felt the media releases depicted your son as a thief, and caused your family further anguish, as that was never the intent,” Supt. Gibbs wrote.

“The RCMP in Saskatchewan subsequently changed its procedures, so that Aboriginal Police Services now reviews all news releases involving “serious or sensitive matters” involving ‘indigenous’ people…”

–‘RCMP probe clears force for its conduct after Colten Boushie shooting’,
JOE FRIESEN, Toronto Globe and Mail, NOVEMBER 3, 2017


Aug. 9, 2016
“After a day of drinking and swimming, 22-year-old Colten Boushie and four of his friends are driving home to Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ when they stop at Gerald Stanley’s farm in the Rural Municipality of Glenside. Boushie is fatally shot.

Aug. 11, 2016
“Stanley, 54, is charged with second-degree murder. Someone starts a ‘GoFundMe’ webpage to help pay for his legal fees {which was subsequently closed down by aboriginal pressure tactics}. In a press release, RCMP identify Boushie and say three people who had been in the car with him were taken into police custody as part of a related theft investigation. Boushie’s family tells the ‘Saskatoon StarPhoenix’ that Boushie and his friends had driven onto Stanley’s farm because they needed help with a flat tire. Many people discussing the story online suggest Stanley’s actions were justified because ‘indigenous’ people are responsible for rising crime in rural Saskatchewan, which is leaving farmers scared and with no alternative but violence.

Aug. 12, 2016
“The Federation of ‘Sovereign’ ‘Indigenous’ ‘Nations’ blasts the RCMP for its “biased” news release. F‘S’‘I’‘N’ Chief Bobby Cameron says the law-enforcement agency

“provided just enough prejudicial information for the average reader to draw their own conclusions that the shooting was somehow justified.”

Aug. 14, 2016
“Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall condemns the “racist and hate-filled comments” that have become prolific on social media and online forums since Boushie’s death.

“None of us should be jumping to any conclusions about what happened. We should trust the RCMP to do their work,” Wall wrote on Facebook. “I call on Saskatchewan people to rise above intolerance, to be our best and to be the kind of neighbours and fellow citizens we are reputed to be.”

Aug. 18, 2016
“Hundreds of people chanting and holding signs reading “Justice for Colten” rally outside Battleford Court of Queen’s Bench when Stanley appears for his bail hearing.

Aug. 19, 2016
“Stanley is released on $10,000 cash bail, ordered to remain within a six-kilometre radius of his home on electronic monitoring and have no contact with Boushie’s family. F‘S’‘I’‘N’ vice-chief Kim Jonathan expresses disappointment with the decision and says it may further fuel racial tensions in the province.

Aug. 24, 2016
“Ben Kautz, a councillor for the ‘Rural Municipality of Browning’, resigns over an inappropriate social media comment he made about Boushie’s shooting. Kautz had written on a Facebook page that “(Stanley’s) only mistake was leaving witnesses”.

March 14, 2017
“Delegates at the ‘Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities’ (SARM) convention vote 93% in favour of a resolution calling on its leaders to lobby the federal government for more relaxed self-defence laws. F‘S’‘I’‘N’ vice-chief Kim Jonathan says she is “disgusted” by the resolution and worried it could lead to more violent confrontations. Lionel Story, deputy reeve of the ‘Rural Municipality of Kindersley’, which submitted the resolution, says it was not a response to Boushie’s death, but rather an effort to make would-be criminals “think twice” before trespassing on people’s property.

April 4, 2017
“Boushie’s family and friends flock to North Battleford provincial court for the first day of Stanley’s preliminary hearing, which is held so a judge can decide if there is enough evidence to order a trial. So many people show up that proceedings are live-streamed to an overflow courtroom and court security is ramped up to levels rarely seen.

April 5, 2017
“As the preliminary hearing continues, Stanley’s lawyer, Scott Spencer, tells media there have been “many threats” made against his client and “it has been a constant concern for the Stanley family”.

April 6, 2017
“A North Battleford provincial court judge decides there is enough evidence for Stanley to stand trial. Boushie’s family and supporters say they are pleased with the decision and ask the people gathered to respect the legal process…

July, 2017
“The Assembly of ‘First Nations’ votes to support a petition by Boushie’s family that calls for a new Crown prosecutor and an out-of-province lead investigator for the case. {Why?}

Stanley’s trial is set to begin on Jan. 29.”

–‘Colten Boushie shooting: A timeline’,
Andrea Hill, Saskatoon StarPhoenix, August 8, 2017


See also:
“Aboriginal activists and race-baiters have been having a field day accusing the Caucasian farmer of racially-motivated murder. The irresponsibility of these accusations goes without saying; yet, media outlets – particularly the CBC – continue to provide a platform for this racial propaganda…”

Race Activists Stir The Pot’ (Saskatchewan Murder) {August 24, 2016}:

“Once again, aboriginal leadership has impugned the integrity of the RCMP with unsubstantiated racial bias allegations. Perry Bellegarde used the opportunity to focus on the ‘racist’ nature of the backlash on social media, rather than the irresponsible attack on the police that provoked the controversy…”

Chiefs Fuelling Racial Tension{August 15, 2016}:
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  1. They said a ‘white’ family would not have been treated that way {That’s a somewhat racist assumption}. WOW!! The whole story from them stinks of Aboriginal perspectiside”!!!! Many “Whites’ have been treated in a legal matter as if they are guilty, as the Bouchie lad may/may not have been. Has there been trouble from residents on that reserve? YES!! This particular “group” are too quick to blame, play the victim, make up a story in their favor and not face the truth. Truth is something they have an aversion to but have no aversion to being racist!! Disgusting behavior!!


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