‘Systemic Racism’ In Canadian Military?’

The CBC is at it again. This time, it’s “systemic racism” in the Canadian military, and it’s based on a ‘draft report’ produced by the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’, using a miniscule sample size of uninvestigated reports… Yes, more quality ‘journalism’: 

“‘Indigenous’ {‘Siberian settler’} members of the Canadian military face “systemic racism”, according to a draft report obtained by ‘CBC News’ that calls for an external review…

“Of the 230 ‘indigenous’ military members canvassed by the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’ group, only 16 responded, reporting 40 incidents.

Despite the low response rate, the group said the problem is widespread {?} and many incidents go unreported over fear of reprisal {Evidence?}… 

“There have been examples of abuse of authority,” according to the Aboriginal advisory group’s latest report. “This is not the military our Aboriginal members signed up for and this is not the military they dedicated their lives to. Victims are being forced out of the military, yet the aggressors continue on — some excelling at their careers.” 


“The CAF does not tolerate discrimination and any instance of discrimination is one too many,” wrote a Forces spokesperson in a statement to ‘CBC News’.


“Any case of [discrimination] is extremely serious,” said military ombudsman Gary Walbourne. “If this is actually as rampant as that report would lead you to believe, it needs to be stomped out of the organization.”

“Walbourne said his office stands ready to help ‘indigenous’ military members and could launch its own investigation if any of them file an official complaint.

“News of the draft report comes at a time when the military is actively trying to recruit and retain ‘indigenous’ members. These allegations of racism won’t help, Walbourne noted…

“In one case, a man alleged he missed his son’s birth when the military denied his request to attend a sacred naming ceremony.

“I was told by the course director that my religion is not recognized by the military,” he wrote. “I was furious. I missed the birth of my only son.”

“Others reported encountering the worst racism they’d ever faced, and described being regularly singled out, harassed and called derogatory names.

“I was on a military … course and I had several guys call me a dirty wagon burner and a squaw, another called me Tonto. I told staff and nothing was done,” one ‘indigenous’ member told the advisory group.

“The military ombudsman said he has investigated three cases of discrimination against ‘indigenous’ members over the last year. In two of the cases, the military acted swiftly and corrected the problem, he said. The third investigation is continuing…

“Walbourne said he hopes members of the Aboriginal advisory group or the ‘indigenous’ community will come forward to his office with these new findings and evidence to support it.

“CBC requested an interview with the Canadian Armed Forces, but no one was made available to discuss the draft report.

“The advisory group’s civilian co-chair who authored the report said she’s unable to speak to the media.”

–‘Indigenous’ military members endure ‘systemic’ racism, report claims’,
Ashley Burke, CBC News, Dec. 13, 2016


Canada's military ombudsman, Gary Walbourne (PHOTO: Ashley Burke - CBC)
Canada’s military ombudsman, Gary Walbourne (PHOTO: Ashley Burke – CBC)

“Based on ‘self-identification’ figures from June 2015, there are approximately 2,294 Aboriginal members currently serving in the CAF Regular Force and Primary Reserve Force combined, or a representation of 2.5%. (Self-identification is voluntary, meaning that enrolment numbers may be higher than they appear.) The Canadian Army has the highest percentage of Aboriginal people at 2.7%, the Royal Canadian Navy has a representation of 2.3%, and the Royal Canadian Air Force is at 2.2%. The CAF’s long-term Employment Equity goal {?} for ‘Aboriginal peoples’ is 3.4%…

“The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has acknowledged the practice of Aboriginal Spirituality as important for Aboriginal members. Aboriginal Spirituality consists of various customs and traditions which are unique to each Aboriginal community across Canada. The CAF have revised policies to ensure Aboriginal members are able to practise their specific Aboriginal customs and traditions, such as the wearing of the Métis sash or the wearing of long braided hair. The CAF also offers Aboriginal members the opportunity to participate in various cultural ceremonies (such as the sweat lodge) on CAF bases and DND property…

‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’
“The mission of the Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group is to advise Commanders on significant issues affecting the lives of Aboriginal people working at the Department of National Defence (DND) and serving in the CAF. The members of the Group support the chain of command in their mandate to foster awareness of Aboriginal issues and recruiting and retention issues, and also provide a forum for Aboriginal peoples to gather and support one another as they exercise their unique cultural, spiritual and traditional identities within DND and the CAF. All DND employees and CAF members, regardless of ethnic origin, are welcome to join the Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group. The Group provides essential advice to DND and CAF leaders, identifying current systemic problems and anticipating the impact of new policies and initiatives on Aboriginal employees and members…”


Logo of the 'Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group' (DAAG) of the Canadian Armed Forces
Logo of the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’ (DAAG) of the Canadian Armed Forces

From 2015:
“This year, the ‘Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group’ (DAAG) celebrates its 20th anniversary and a long legacy of accomplishments. The DAAG advises the ‘Defence Champion for ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ on significant issues and trends affecting the role and quality of life of ‘Aboriginal people’ serving in the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)…

“Lieutenant-General Marquis Hainse, Commander Canadian Army, is the current ‘Defence Champion for ‘Aboriginal Peoples’.

“I am very proud to be the Champion and delighted to congratulate the DAAG on their 20th anniversary,” said Lt.-Gen Hainse. “The traditions and values of Canada’s ‘Aboriginal Peoples’ contribute greatly to our nation’s history and its cultural diversity, as well as to the CAF. The DAAG offers valuable guidance to senior leadership to promote and create a fair, equitable and inclusive working environment for all members of the Defence Team.”

“During the last twenty years, the DAAG has influenced the creation of a number of valuable initiatives, directives and programs.

“For example, the DAAG has influenced the change in dress regulations that allows Aboriginal members to wear their hair in a traditional manner. It has also helped to increased acceptance for certain other aspects of Aboriginal culture and extended family life within the DND and CAF communities…

“Over the years, the DAAG has become so much more than just an advisory group: it has become a community. And I would like to thank all the people that have contributed to the group during the last two decades, including members, the ‘Directorate of Diversity and Well-Being’, the ‘Directorate of Human Rights and Diversity’, the ‘Champion’s office and so many other people and organizations,” Ms. Karen Shelton, National Civilian Co-Chair of the DAAG added.

–‘The Defence Aboriginal Advisory Group celebrates 20 years of accomplishment’,
Captain Caroline Massicotte, Army Public Affairs


Feature IMAGE: http://www.theartof.com/articles/lessons-on-leadership-from-the-canadian-forces


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