‘Chief Wants More Money’

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day continues his push for a ‘partnership’ in the Ontario economy: 

‘We Need To Be Full Partners in All Future Economic Growth through Treaty, ‘Inherent’ and Land Rights, Says Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day’

“This is the 166th anniversary of the signing of the ‘Robinson Huron Treaty’ {See below}. The lands and waters around Lakes Huron and Superior provided the resources for European settlers to farm, fish, mine and trade with our Peoples. The rich resources of our lands {and all the hard work, ingenuity and investment brought by Europeans and other immigrants from around the world} allowed the future economic growth of what would later become the Province of Ontario and the country of Canada. 

“…This is a critical time to ensure that improving the socio-economic outcomes of ‘First Nations’ becomes locked in as a high priority. We cannot lose the momentum gained through last year’s ‘Political Accord’ {See below} and last May’s ‘Statement of Reconciliation’. And we can no longer ignore the commitments made to our ancestors to protect and to share all the lands and resources {This is a self-serving lie. The word ‘sharing’ is not in the Treaties – the word ‘surrender’ is. See below…}, according to Treaties signed both pre- and post-Confederation.

“While the Ontario ‘Liberals’ {A more accurate name would be ‘Reactionaries’} plan to “refocus priorities” and “reset the legislative agenda”…it is critical that improving the socio-economic outcomes of ‘First Nations’ remains a critical benchmark of Ontario’s success and integrity of its promises made. At the top of that list is ending the human rights crisis over unsafe drinking water – Ontario has said it will stand with us and seek to jointly compel Canada to act. While this is largely a federal responsibility, the Ontario Premier and her Cabinet has pledged to voice this matter as urgent. 


“More importantly, we must forge ahead on the now three-year-old commitment – promised in the 2013 Throne Speech – to implement a provincial ‘Resource Revenue Sharing’ (RRS) policy with ‘First Nations’ {This would amount to theft from all the other citizens of Ontario, and is NOT required by Treaty!}. RRS will not only allow our communities to become financially ‘independent’ {You’re still taking the money from others, rather than generating your own!} but it will also generate billions of dollars in additional revenues for both Ontario and Canada {Because after the extortion money is paid, they will then ‘give Canadians permission’ to develop our own public lands…}. ‘First Nations’ must hear this commitment clearly from the throne…

‘First Nations’ also want to be reassured that we will be fully involved in the multi-billion dollar plans to combat ‘climate change’. Our peoples live on the front lines in the battle to fight ‘global warming’ {There hasn’t been any for 18 years}, from the Great Lakes to the boreal forests and muskeg. We are in a perfect position to protect and preserve our environment {As laughter echoes across Canada}, while at the same time developing and providing ‘green’ energy to the provincial power grid {As long as the province gives them the money for the ‘green’ projects and then buys the energy from them at inflated prices. Yup – sounds like Ontario, all right…}.

“This province, and this country, was built because Treaties were signed with our Peoples {No– this country was built because so-called ‘colonists’ had the ambition, vision, and drive to build something, rather than just live a barely-survivable ‘traditional lifestyle’!}. Now is the time to fully include ‘First Nations’ and realize that promise of shared prosperity for all. Treaty benefits can no longer be heavily in the hands of the ‘settler society’ in Ontario – the ‘Spirit and Intent of the treaties’ {Otherwise known as the ‘aboriginal fairy tale’} must be spoken and heard clearly from the Crown’s Throne Speech – there is no alternative {?}, the time for commitment to Ontario’s Treaty relationship is now.”

–‘First Nation’ Expectations from Ontario Throne Speech’,
Chiefs of Ontario, September 9, 2016
(The ‘Chiefs of Ontario’ is an advocacy forum, and a secretariat for collective decision making, action, and advocacy for the 133 {!} ‘First Nation’ communities located within the boundaries of the province of Ontario, Canada. For more info, please contact: Jamie Monastyrski, Communications: 807-630-7087,    jamie.monastyrski@coo.org  )


PHOTO: Aaron Vincent Elkaim - CP
PHOTO: Aaron Vincent Elkaim – CP

Despite the fact that ‘aboriginals’ are the exclusive Constitutional responsibility of the federal government, provinces are increasingly getting involved – even when, like Ontario, they lack the finances to do so. However, even with the monies allocated in the provincial budget, Chief Day still wasn’t satisfied:

“The Ontario budget focused on job creation and infrastructure investment but failed to include ‘First Nations’ in its ambitious plans for a new ‘low carbon economy’, nor was there any much needed funding to address the child welfare crisis,” said Regional Chief Isadore Day. “We must be included in future infrastructure spending – estimated at $160 billion over the next decade — especially as major partners in combating ‘climate change’ through ‘green’ energy and environmental protection initiatives.


“Perhaps the greatest stimulus funding program for ‘First Nations’ will be ‘resource revenue sharing’ (RRS), a long-standing commitment that the province has yet to implement. If Ontario implemented current RRS policies such as those in Quebec and B.C., many of our communities would be actually generating revenues that would contribute to the province’s economic growth.”

{In other words, if you give us a cut of the action that we’re not entitled to and haven’t earned, we’ll get out of the way and allow others to generate revenue…}

“Highlights of the budget include:
–$100 million over three years for “Walking Together”, addressing violence against Indigenous Women
–$97 million over three years to support Aboriginal post-secondary education and skills training
–$13 million in new funding for ‘First Nation’ ‘green’ energy projects and climate change activities. This is specifically aimed at eliminating diesel fuel use in northern communities.
–Aboriginal children and youth will be included in the $17.8 million special needs strategy.
–$2 million has been set aside for ‘Indigenous’ mental health strategies.
–$2 million has been set aside for ‘Indigenous’ poverty reduction strategies.
–$5 million has been set aside over three years to respond to ‘TRC’ education elements…

‘First Nation’ communities will be involved in tobacco and gas revenue generation opportunities, as well as a modernized ‘Ontario Gas Card’ {http://www.fin.gov.on.ca/en/REFUND/gascard/ }. There will be continued investments in the ‘Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy’. An ‘Indigenous’ housing strategy will be developed. Homeowners on reserve will be eligible for up to $900 per year in hydro bill assistance…”

–‘Ontario Budget Didn’t Include ‘First Nations’ – Regional Chief Day’, NetNewsLedger, 26 February, 2016



Back in November, 2013, we took Chief Day to task for his fundamental dishonesty where the ‘Robinson Huron Treaty’ is concerned:

‘Another Chief Lying About Treaties’
I normally hesitate to use such a strong word as “lying”, but see what you think.

Lake Huron Regional Chief Isadore Day, in a speech on Nov.19th to “a mining workshop attended by Chiefs and leaders from Lake Huron Regional ‘First Nations'”, claimed a “treaty right” to mining royalties:

“Chief Day, Serpent River ‘First Nation’, reminded participants that ‘Section 35’ of the Canadian Constitution guarantees existing Aboriginal and Treaty rights and defines them to include

‘rights that now exist by way of land claims agreements or may be so acquired’.


“We have determined that 60% of mining resources in Ontario are located on our {surrendered, former} ‘traditional lands’… Currently we receive no taxes or benefits from mining on our traditional to treaty territories {He doesn’t seem to have a clue about where the  government money they receive comes from…}.


“Far too long has the mining industry and the Crown not been held to task on ‘treaty obligations’. We must develop a secretariat, respond and enforce the ‘Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850’.

He said that the ‘1850 Robinson Huron Treaty’ recognized that ‘First Nations’ had mineral rights in “their traditional to treaty territories”, and used the following edited quote from the Treaty text to justify his claim:

“…and should the said Chiefs and their respective Tribes at any time desire to dispose of any mineral or other valuable production thereon, the same will be sold or leased at their request…for their sole benefit, and to their best advantage.”

Hmmm, it sounds like the Chief was right… right?

Well… being an intrepid reporter with old-fashioned journalistic values, i decided to proceed with due diligence and headed off to the lonely silence of the Treaty vaults, where ‘First Nations’ fear to tread.

O.K., here we are — the 1850 Robinson-Huron treaty — and by the extra fingerprints on the cover, i can tell that someone’s been here since i last perused these contents.

So, let’s just scroll down the text until paragraph 3, where — just after surrendering all title and interest in all lands EXCEPT THE RESERVES, we find the following — this time, UNEDITED:

“And should the said Chiefs and their respective Tribes at any time desire to dispose of any part of such reservations, or of any mineral or other valuable productions thereon, the same will be sold or leased at their request by the Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs for the time being, or other officer having authority so to do, for their sole benefit, and to the best advantage.”

If they want to sell any minerals FOUND ON THE RESERVES, they keep the proceeds:

“…SUCH RESERVATIONS, or of any mineral or other valuable productions THEREON…”

Now, let’s read Chief Day’s EDITED Treaty quote again:

“…and should the said Chiefs and their respective Tribes at any time desire to dispose of any mineral or other valuable production thereon, the same will be sold or leased at their request…for their sole benefit, and to their best advantage.”

It seems that “any part of such reservations, or of” has been edited out, without using ‘…’,
thereby changing the meaning of the Treaty clause.

That’s cheating.

And when you say it in public, that’s lying…

As to ‘sharing’ the land, the Treaty says:

“…the said Chiefs and Principal men, on behalf of their respective Tribes or Bands, do hereby fully, freely, and voluntarily surrender, cede, grant, and convey unto Her Majesty, her heirs and successors for ever, all their right, title, and interest to, and in the whole of, the territory above described, save and except the reservations set forth in the schedule hereunto annexed…”

‘Anishinabek have treaty rights to share mining revenues’
Canada NewsWire — SUDBURY, ONT, Nov. 19, 2013



The ‘Political Accord’ that Premier Wynne signed with aboriginal Chiefs:

“With this Accord, ‘First Nations’ and Ontario have committed to strengthening a new relationship. I look forward to working with Ontario in developing a comprehensive strategy and framework that will fully utilize this Accord to advance our jurisdiction and Treaty rights on our terms.”

–Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day
“NOW THEREFORE the ‘First Nations’ and Ontario agree:
1. That ‘First Nations’ have an ‘inherent right to self-government’ and that the relationship between Ontario and the ‘First Nations’ must be based upon respect for this right.

The ‘inherent right to self-government’ of aboriginal tribes was flatly rejected as part of the 1982 Constitutional changes; was flatly rejected at the four succeeding Federal-Provincial Constitutional conferences; and was flatly rejected by the Canadian people in the 1992 ‘Charlottetown Referendum’.

Now, Premier Wynne – in her arrogant ignorance — has overturned all of that and in the process, betrayed the trust of the people of Ontario and Canada… 


Here is one of the most ignorant, reactionary, anti-Canadian pieces of self-loathing {with not a single positive acknowledgement} ever presented in a Canadian Legislature or Parliament – the Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, May 30, 2016:

“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise today to express a personal commitment as Premier — and the commitment of the government of Ontario — to being full partners with ‘Indigenous Peoples’ on our journey towards {one-way} reconciliation and healing.

“I first want to thank the other parties for their co-operation in convening this special assembly… all of the residential school ‘survivors’, ‘Indigenous’ leaders and youth who are here today. I also want to thank Elder Jim Dumont for his opening prayer with Elder Shelley Charles and Métis Senator Verna Porter-Brunelle, who will provide a closing prayer. {Yet she has nothing but contempt for Christianity and Christian ritual. It would be one thing if she was honest about her atheism, but she constantly sucks up to aboriginal religious practices…and Muslim – anything to undermine mainstream Canada…}

“Indigenous Peoples are the ‘original occupants’ of this land… This long history means that we’re assembled in a ‘sacred’ and traditional gathering place for many peoples of {fictional} ‘Turtle Island’. I want to show respect for this by acknowledging that we’re on the {surrendered, former} ‘traditional territory’ of several ‘Indigenous’ ‘nations’ {Who fought and enslaved and killed over the land} and pay special recognition to the Mississaugas of the New Credit… {To which we say, ‘What an uneducated fool!’ See:
‘The Toronto Purchase’:


“…Treaties ‘granted us’ land to live on and water to drink{She lives in a fantasy world where the past is how she imagines it. No wonder she buys into this false narrative…} They are the foundation on which the short history of our country has carried forward… {No — British political traditions and law, and European-style commerce “are the foundation on which the short history of our country has carried forward”.} 

“…‘Indigenous Peoples’ became the target of colonial policies designed to exploit, assimilate and eradicate them. Based on racism, violence and deceit… When Canada became a country 149 years ago, the legacy of violent colonialism only gathered momentum.

“From coast-to-coast-to-coast, the residential school system set out to “take the Indian out of the child” by removing ‘Indigenous’ children from their homes and systematically stripping them of their languages, cultures, laws and rights. Children were physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Many died… {No mention of the majority of aboriginal students who attended the schools and found them a valuable and enriching experience: 


“…Echoes of their racist, colonial attitudes can still be heard. And the echoes of a society-wide, intergenerational effort of ‘cultural genocide’ continue to reverberate loudly and painfully in the lives of ‘Indigenous people’ today… I want to show my respect for all the ‘survivors’ and all the victims by offering a formal apology for the abuses of the past… I apologize for the province’s silence in the face of abuses and deaths at residential schools…

“In making this apology, as in making the ‘Political Accord’ last summer, I hope to demonstrate our government’s commitment to changing the future by building relationships based on trust, respect and ‘Indigenous Peoples’ ‘inherent right to self-government’. {We’ve already pointed out above the ahistorical and frankly, unconstitutional nature of this foolish and irresponsible remark…}

“I want to thank…Senator Murray Sinclair, the Commission, and all the ‘survivors’ who participated for helping illuminate a ‘dark past’…

“We will educate all Ontarians about the ‘horrors’ of the residential school system, the betrayals of past governments and our rights and ‘responsibilities as ‘treaty people’ — because in Ontario, we are all ‘treaty people’ {She has even swallowed the Aboriginal Industry catchphrase}. This will include the work we are doing to ensure our education curriculum teaches every child in Ontario the ‘truth’ about our past {A revisionist and reactionary version that teaches children to despise their own ancestors} and what it means for all of us today.

“In addition to further actions to commemorate victims and educate Ontarians, Minister Zimmer intends to introduce legislation today that would declare the first week of November as ‘Treaties Recognition Week’

“…It guides our actions to enhance ‘Indigenous’ voices in the administration of justice, and build a justice system that is responsive to ‘Indigenous’ ‘legal principles’, autonomy and cultures {Further undermining the principles of our modern legal system}… 


“Finally, we will rename the ‘Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs’, the ‘Ministry of ‘Indigenous’ Relations and {One-way} Reconciliation’. The commitments Ontario is making in ‘The Journey Together’ are supported with an investment of more than $250 million over the next three years {From a massively-indebted provincial government}

“…We are also working to incorporate ‘Indigenous’ elder and youth perspectives into decision-making across government {!?!}, because reconciliation cannot be compartmentalized…

“Mr. Speaker, ‘Indigenous partners’, my fellow Ontarians — there is no more denying the past or hiding from the truth. The ‘duty owed’ to ‘Indigenous partners’ is enshrined in our laws and in our values as Canadians…

“We are undoing the harm caused by our past, and building a society where future generations of ‘Indigenous’ and ‘non’-‘indigenous’ can walk together as equals {Then you must END RACE BASED LAW, instead of expanding it!} — living in peace and harmony on the land we now share… {You are sowing nothing but future discord…}

“Chi miigwetch; Nia:wen; Marsi; Merci; Thank you.”

–‘Ontario’s Commitment to Reconciliation with ‘Indigenous Peoples’, Kathleen Wynne, May 30, 2016



See also:
“The fiscally-challenged Ontario government has for some time provided an OFF-RESERVE (anywhere in the province) provincial sales tax exemption for anyone with an aboriginal ‘status’ card… No figures are available on what this annually costs the Ontario government and taxpayers…”
Race Based Taxation In Ontario{April 27, 2016}:

“We believe that you should be aware that if the government does not honor our Crown patent, all legal title to properties in Canada could be worthless if caught up in a native claim…”

“Dobson…said he has spent more than $60,000 in legal and expert fees to defend his title to the land since being made aware of a land claim in 1992 {by the Saugeen ‘First Nation’, a ‘nation’ of 215 people} and being named in the action in 1995. He said he fears the litigation could drag on for many more years, costing him much more money. Meanwhile, Dobson said he feels abandoned by the federal and provincial governments. He said Ottawa has shirked its responsibility to honour the Crown patent for the land…”
So You Think You Own Land?’ {August 14, 2015}: https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/08/14/another-treaty-adjustment/

“‘First Nations’ in Ontario will get the chance to buy shares in ‘Hydro One’ {An offer good for only one race of people, and paid for with money ‘borrowed’ from Ontario taxpayers}… The government says it has reached an agreement in principle with the province’s ‘First Nations’ to loan them up to $268 million to buy up to 15 million shares…”
More Government Discrimination…{July 13, 2016}:

“The ‘Consult and Accommodate’ dictum is nothing but structural racism and it is historically and legally unjust, based on erroneous rulings from a Supreme Court that puts the earnings of the legal profession ahead of the welfare and future of Canada. It forces companies to deal with {‘bribe’} numerous Band councils, the majority of which are, at worst, dysfunctional, and at best, simply corrupt. Both the Chief in the story below, and the Supreme Court, need a quick refresher course on the Treaties {in this case, the ‘James Bay Treaty’}, which they – and you – can find immediately after this news story…”
Dealing With Dysfunction’ (Ring of Fire) {August 20, 2016}:


“Two employees from a Sudbury-based junior mining company were held hostage for one day by members of a northwestern Ontario ‘First Nation’ Band…in an attempt to obtain payment from the company as it carried out a gold exploration activity… The company contends it was forced to pay $40,000 to the ‘First Nation’ to free two workers, who were “physically detained”, along with some equipment…”
Shakedown’ (Northern Superior Sues Ontario over ‘Consult and Accommodate’) {September 21, 2015}:

“All they have to do anymore is say, ‘Oh, that’s sacred ground over there. We don’t know where the bodies are but it’s up to you guys to go find them for us. And until you’ve done that, it’s all sacred ground. And you can’t do anything there until you get our permission…’ I think it’s virtually impossible to do exploration now unless you pay the ‘First Nations’.”
The Screwing Of Solid Gold Resources{September 1, 2014}:

IMAGE: Mac Baren
IMAGE: Mac Baren

“No doubt, as a partner in his new law firm, it’s “an exciting time to be practising aboriginal law.. In this area of litigation {‘aboriginal law’}…win or lose, counsel for Indian Bands usually get their legal fees fully paid by the Canadian taxpayer.,,”
A History Lesson for Bob Rae{August 26, 2015}: https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/08/26/a-history-lesson-for-bob-rae/

Ontario Refuses To Enforce The Law{November 26, 2015}: https://endracebasedlaw.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/ontario-refuses-to-enforce-the-law/

Mohawk Gang Costs Ontario $50 Million’ {Hydro Vandalism} {November 23, 2015}:
Post also at: 

Feature PHOTO:  RICHARD J. BRENNAN – TORONTO STAR ♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠♠


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