‘Bet Anyone Ten Bucks This Works’

I have not been at my computer much the last few months, but out on the town in Vancouver a whole lot, tweeting from my phone now and then, but mostly being face-to-face speaking with people about this issue. I speak with people from every walk of life and every nationality from around the world, in every culture.

I can tell you right now that I have yet to experience even one bit of negative feedback. It’s been 100% agreement that things have gone too far, they need to be pulled back, and we all need to start talking about unity.

Not one single argument…not one. I have had this conversation now with hundreds and hundreds of people, and not even one person fought me. They all got involved, listened, and felt safe saying “yes, we all know the Chiefs get it all, and things need to change”. 

Once you are face-to-face with people and they are given permission to tell the truth, they do. They are sick and tired of being made to pay for something they didn’t do, and listen to people carry on endlessly about blaming school, when most people’s histories are far, far worse. It was school, not a holocaust, and people are getting really sick of hearing those full-on lies about how it was a holocaust to go to school, when they won’t talk about the alcohol problem to save their lives…literally.

It IS alcohol and everyone knows it, and we are all being bullied into not being able to say it.

Their leaders don’t care about fixing that problem, and saving lives, they care about bullying us all into not talking about it. If they can keep blaming others, they can keep up the extortion racket.

They’ll take the time to go to the CBC to complain about how it’s racist to mention alcohol, and the CBC will more than indulge them, but if anyone, anyone, ANYONE dares speak the truth in this, they are crucified. They are even ruined for life. They can lose their jobs, and reputations, and the CBC will be more than happy to oblige.

The CBC should start a website where they just put up the names of all the people whose lives they have disrupted and ruined accommodating a bullying story from hysterical professional victims, and what happened to them as a direct result of the CBC story that incited hate against them. ‘Cause you know the CBC is the biggest bully in town, and that they fully cater to native supremacy. They attack people, then leave them in ruins, and never look back. It’s done all the time by the CBC and everyone is being given the same message…’DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE OBVIOUS TRUTH, JUST ALLOW RACE AGENDA BLAMING BULLIES TO WALK ALL OVER YOU AND BLAME YOU FOR THINGS YOU DID NOT DO, OR YOU ARE A GENOCIDAL MURDERER & A WHITE SUPREMACIST KKK RACIST.

It goes exactly like that.

Well, not when I have the floor it doesn’t.

Here’s to letting you all know that this is going to work.

Online, people are reluctant to be vocal in this issue, but get them in a small group, and one-on-one, and it’s all over.

Talk to your family, neighbours, friends, and don’t make any concessions, and don’t allow the brainwashing to make you feel ashamed. There is nothing but good reason to want to contribute to unity for this ONE NATION, ONE LAW country we all call home.

There are people from all around the world here. I talk to so many, and listen to so many incredible stories. It’s glaring how little the natives know about Canadians, where they come from and what they have been through to get and stay here. It’s story after story ten times more challenging and inspiring than the lame excuse of school as a reason why to pass off any and all accountability. The 3 old ladies I spoke with today, together, had far more challenging pasts than Residential School.

It’s just gone too far…way, way, way too far and we can all smell the con now. It’s burning a hole in our pockets and tearing our country apart.

There is no reason why these hard-working, simple-living people should be paying out for Residential School and every other grievance and demand when it’s a well-known fact many declined therapy and chose the money, much of which went to drinking binges. Many died from those payout binges. Watch them try to sue for that now, too.


Either get the therapy and do the work, or shut up. Deal with the alcohol and fetal alcohol syndrome issues and don’t even dare shift one bit of blame. The only way out is through accountability, so take it, because we are all going to start to make you take it.

Learn to be grateful and say thanks for the education. People risked and still risk their lives to be here in Canada to go to school. Learn to say thanks and see how that works for a change. Just try it. You never have before. Try being accountable. Just try it. See if it works. I will even bet you ten bucks.

Michele Tittler

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