‘CBC Blames Canadians’

This is hilarious. Here’s a CBC employee {They used to be called ‘journalists’} complaining about the fact that whenever the CBC covers ‘aboriginal issues’, their audience declines. In their typically-blinkered ideological fashion, they have decided that it’s Canadians’ fault – for just not caring about ‘aboriginal issues’. 

It never seems to enter their politically-biased heads that people aren’t interested in the CBC’s reactionary, anti-Canadian, completely one-sided version of this ongoing story!

Our ‘national broadcaster’ — supposedly dedicated to fostering Canadian unity — has instead created the segregationist ‘CBC Aboriginal’.

Response in their ‘Comments’ section was so opposed to their one-sided coverage that the CBC has now banned comments altogether on ANY CBC postings concerning aboriginals! And these clowns blame Canadians, rather than their own reactionary bias, for the diminished audience: 

“… the audience isn’t really very interested in reading about ‘indigenous’ issues…

“I’ve learned that one guaranteed way to shrink my numbers is to write about Israel/Palestine {Another issue where the CBC’s bias is extreme}, or, to an even greater extent, ‘indigenous’ issues…

“After a column I wrote about the new {MM‘I’W} inquiry was largely ignored by readers, CBC Executive Vice-president Heather Conway told me weak numbers will not change our determination to make ‘indigenous’ issues a coverage priority:

“It’s disheartening, but doesn’t change my personal view that this is a — if not the — central issue facing Canadians this century.” {But should your ‘personal view’ be affecting news coverage? Is that not thoroughly unprofessional??}

“So. Why the indifference?

“Well, an obvious partial answer is plain racism {and they’re not talking about aboriginal racism… ever…}.

“‘CBC’s website, which is heavily invested in publishing reader comments, has chosen to turn them off where any story about ‘indigenous’ issues is concerned.

“In announcing that decision last November, CBC’s Senior Director of Digital News, Brodie Fenlon, wrote that

“These stories draw a disproportionate number of comments that cross the line … some comments are clearly hateful and vitriolic, some are simply ignorant. And some appear to be hate disguised as ignorance (i.e. racist sentiments expressed in benign language {?}).”

“Fenlon called the decision a temporary measure, saying CBC hoped to reopen comments on ‘indigenous’-related stories in about six weeks.

As of now, nine months later, comments remain switched off…”

–‘Why clicking on this story about Indigenous people matters’,
Neil Macdonald, CBC News, Sept. 07, 2016
(“Neil Macdonald is a Senior Correspondent for CBC News”)



Here is the same employee’s ‘unbiased journalism’:

“Governments have broken treaties, grabbed ever more land, forcibly displaced entire communities…and have effectively kidnapped generations of children, handing them over to be raised by non-Native families or reprogrammed as Christians in obscene “residential schools”.

And they blame Canadians for not being interested?

Image: CBC

December, 2015:
“This week, ‘CBC News’ has temporarily closed comments on ‘indigenous’ stories.

“It was not an easy decision to make. It took a lot of deliberation, including extensive discussion among managers and {only} ‘indigenous’ staff members

“Now, CBC management has tasked a group of ‘indigenous’ and ‘non’-‘indigenous’ staff members to develop guidelines and suggestions for reopening comments in the future.

“In the meantime, we wanted to share with the public the kinds of comments {except for aboriginals} that have been posted on our news websites…”



From 2013:
In January, CBC’s ‘Cross Country Check-Up’ did a feature on

“Does the meeting between aboriginal leaders and the Prime Minister mark the start of a new relationship?”

Their panel was composed of 5 ‘experts’: a Canadian Press Bureau Chief, an aboriginal consultant, and 3 aboriginal representatives. I guess that just about covers a balanced representation of 34 million Canadians, right?

So, where are Peter Best and Christie Blatchford and Tom Flanagan and Frances Widdowson on this panel — never mind Chief Louis and Anthony Sowan…?

The week before, the subject was “What do you think of the ‘Idle No More’ movement?”

That panel of 5 included the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, 2 journalists, and 2 Indian activists — an ‘Idle No More’ organizer, and a ‘Race-Based’ segregated fisheries advocate, who was also on the next week’s panel.

Why does our national taxpayer-funded broadcasting company not think it necessary to provide balanced political coverage?

And just how one-sided must a state broadcaster be before it is considered a propaganda organ, rather than a news outlet?


From the CBC mandate: 

“contribute to shared national consciousness and identity”



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  1. TheCBC refuses to cover the truth about aboriginal racism, and their mafioso non elected leadership. They pretend to be anti racist then cater to native hatred, blame and racism against Canada and all who are not their race.


  2. Who watches or listens to cbc anymore? You only hear one side anyway. I prefer to watch a TV station where you hear BOTH SIDES of any story.


  3. When indigenous kids are raised from birth , hearing the mantra that “We were here first; therefore the settlers owe us into perpetuity”…you are not going to get best effort undertaking to become educated and economically integrated. Without economic integration there will be a “cultural genocide” in the real terms as is evident from what is occurring from within (kids are opting for suicide).

    That is in my opinion morally reprehensible on the part of the Indian leadership… Instead they should listen to Chief Dan George who said this at the Canada Centennial Celebrations, Vancouver 1967:
    “I shall grab the instruments of the white man’s success – his education, his skills, and with these tools I shall build my race into the proudest segment of your society. So shall I shatter the barriers of our isolation.”.

    “Aboriginal youth , abandoned by leaders and academics for the cause of primitivist and collectivist ideology, desperately need the next chief of Assembly of First Nations to pick up on Dan George.”
    This was written by Colin Alexander , former publisher of the Yellowknife North West Territories “News of the North.”..now residing in Ottawa…

    Louis Riel, the great Canadian symbol of aboriginal resistance, recognised the force of argument and said in his treason trial in Regina in 1885 that

    “…Civilization has the means of improving life that Indians or half-breeds have not. So when they come into our savage country, in our uncultivated land, they come and help us with their civilization, but we helped them with our lands, so the question comes: Your land, you Cree or you half breed, your land is worth today one-seventh of what it will be when civilization will have opened it? Your country unopened is worth to you only one-seventh of what it will be when opened. I think it is fair share to acknowledge the genius of civilization to such an extent as to give, when I have seven pairs of socks, six, to keep one.”

    The words “intellectual property” had not yet been invented but he seemed to recognize the contribution European technology was making; mindful of the fact that when Christopher Columbus landed there wasn’t a wheel or a horse on the North American continent.

    The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) released its final report – five volumes & 3,500 pages – in the fall of 1996 after taking 5 years and $50 million dollars. The aboriginal population was larger at that time, than since European arrival.


  4. Bingo… The only thing worth watching the CBC is Rex Murphy… and I can hardly believe they still allow his monologues?


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