‘Race Activists Stir The Pot’

An incident in Saskatchewan has resulted in the death of a young aboriginal male, and a local farmer has been charged with second-degree murder {See our previous post. Link below…}. Aboriginal activists and race-baiters have been having a field day accusing the Caucasian farmer of racially-motivated murder. The irresponsibility of these accusations goes without saying; yet, media outlets – particularly the CBC – continue to provide a platform for this propaganda: 

“Up until a week ago I was having a pretty good summer.

“The inquiry into missing and murdered ‘indigenous’ women was off to a good start {Really? Are they subpoenaing aboriginal gang members?}, people were talking about {one-way} ‘reconciliation’, and the Olympics were sending out good vibes with events like the shared gold medal between Penny Oleksiak and Simone Manuel…

“Then Colten Boushie was killed and everything changed.

“A week ago Tuesday, Boushie’s family said he spent the day with friends swimming {AND drinking – Why do you deliberately leave that out?} in the Saskatchewan River east of the Red Pheasant reserve. According to the family, on the way home, they had a flat tire and turned into a farm to get help.

“What followed has been told by both sides {THAT’S not true. We have only heard one side!} and in the end, Boushie was dead and Gerald Stanley, the 54-year-old farmer is facing charges of second-degree murder.

{Here is the Stanley family’s statement:

“The Stanley family wishes to express condolences to the family of Colten Boushie. His death is a tragedy.


“A number of media outlets have contacted the Stanley family seeking their side of the story. While the circumstances of the incident are not as simple as some media reports have portrayed, the Stanley family will reserve comment until completion of the criminal process.


“Although the rampant speculation and misinformation is frustrating, it is not the place for, or reasonable to expect, the Stanley family to correct the public record. Rather, justice, for both Colten and Gerry, requires that the facts of this matter be presented and tested in the appropriate judicial forum.
{If only aboriginal activists showed this much sense…}


“We hope that all will reserve judgement until those facts are established.”

http://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/family-of-gerald-stanley-releases-statement-1.3034905 }

Gerald Stanley's family, North Battleford, Aug. 18, 2016. (Liam Richards - The Canadian Press)
Gerald Stanley’s family, North Battleford, Aug. 18, 2016. (Liam Richards – The Canadian Press)

“Bill Hanson was the head of an organization called the ‘Interprovincial Association for Native Employment’. He used to say that 40% of the people support ‘us’, 40% can be convinced and 20% won’t come around no matter what you do. His advice was to ignore the 20% and work with the rest.

“Last week, the 20% let their feelings be known and it wasn’t good.

“This is when social media came alive and people were jumping to conclusions like grasshoppers {You mean, like you’ve done???}. The RCMP sent out a press release that didn’t clear things up and it in fact added fuel to the bonfire of racism raging on social media.

{Nonsense. That was done by irresponsible aboriginal leadership. See our previous post:
 ‘Chiefs Fuelling Racial Tension’ {August 15, 2016}:
https://endracebasedlawcanadanews.wordpress.com/2016/08/15/chiefs-fuelling-racial-tension/ } 

“The RCMP release stated that the three survivors were taken into custody on a theft-related investigation. Later they were all released and no charges were laid. This gave people the opportunity to jump to the conclusion that the Aboriginal youth were thieves. ColtenBoushieFacebook

“Also the RCMP made the statement that charges were being contemplated for property damage. This ambiguity led to the belief that the youths had somehow done damage to the farm, in reality the truck’s windshield was smashed by one of the people at the farm.” {Really? You have PROOF of this, or is that just your bias talking?} 

A ‘Facebook’ page with the title ‘Saskatchewan Farmers Group’ lit up with racist comments… The page has since disappeared but for a while it was the focus of the province’s ‘racist underbelly’. But these were not anonymous bigots; they gave their names and were blatant in their condemnation of Aboriginal people. This lack of shame or hiding one’s name is an indication that racism is widespread in this province.

“The reaction in the Aboriginal community was much different.

{This would be laughable if it wasn’t so outrageous a lie. It is precisely aboriginals who have publicly convicted Stanley of murder, the moment that they found out he was ‘white’! They even sabotaged a fundraising campaign for Stanley’s defence!} 

No Defence Allowed

No Defence Allowed-2

No Defence Allowed-3

People were shocked at the callous and racist outpouring of hate before the family even had a chance to mourn their loss, hold the funeral and conduct the appropriate ceremonies…

{This should read: People were shocked at the callous and racist outpouring of hate before the family even had a chance to explain their side, hire a lawyer and appear in court.” }

The province’s political leaders took a stand against the racist comments but didn’t single out the ‘white’ farm group. Instead condemnation was ‘vaguely’ {‘fairly’} spread across the whole population.

Premier Brad Wall naively pointed out that racism has no place in Saskatchewan when in fact, it’s a part of this province’s fabric for generations.

“However, to his credit, Premier Wall also pointed out that,

“There are laws that protect citizens from what this kind of hate may foment. They will be enforced.” {Hopefully, against aboriginals as well…}

Today Aboriginal people have laptops and ‘iPads’ and access to social media. What many ‘white’ people don’t realize is that we have embraced technology and use it as a part of our culture. {Does this fellow live under a rock? It is precisely this technology that has exposed the racist underbelly of tribalism, and unleashed an unparalleled wave of bigoted and violent rhetoric from aboriginal youth. ‘Facebook’ has literally been inundated with tribal racism on a daily basis, as the admins of this page can personally attest…}

Stories and commentary are shared on ‘Facebook’ in the same manner that travellers would tell {‘exaggerate’} stories of their exploits.

This was behind the success of the ‘Idle No More’ movement and it will be behind the ongoing discussion on this case and subsequent demonstrations.

This case will no doubt drag on and every court appearance will be met with a demonstration. {Why?} Saskatchewan race relations will be in the spotlight and the 20% will most likely grow. {Just get a grip on your own poisonous attitude, or you have nothing to contribute to ‘fighting racism’…}

–‘Colten Boushie was killed and everything changed’,
Doug Cuthand, CBC News, Aug. 17, 2016


BoushieProtest(Image-Erica V Lee)
Boushie Protest (Image – Erica V Lee)

“A judge has granted bail to a Saskatchewan farmer charged with the shooting death of an aboriginal man on his property.

“The decision, which was released as the court was closing Friday in Battleford, said Gerald Stanley is to be freed on $10,000 bail… Stanley pleaded not guilty to the charge during a court appearance on Thursday. A bail hearing was held later in the day but a publication ban was placed on the details…

“Several people railed online again after the bail decision Friday.

“Adam Gaudry, an assistant professor of ‘native studies’ and political science at the University of Alberta, wrote on ‘Twitter’ that there’s not much that inspires ‘indigenous’ confidence in the justice system

“I fear this is only the beginning of a justice system that will give Gerald Stanley the benefit of the doubt and put the victim on trial,” he said {Someone should educate this fool on the reality that a person is innocent until proven guilty – or is racism blinding him to the fact?}.

“Gerald Stanley gets bail because the courts treat ‘white folks’ as rational and redeemable.” {And this race-baiting bigotry comes from someone who teaches at a publicly-funded institution. See below…}

“Hundreds of supporters for Boushie attended court Thursday. Some yelled at Stanley as he was led away by RCMP… 

Colten Boushie rally Saskatoon (CBC)
Colten Boushie rally Saskatoon (CBC)

“Stanley’s family also released a statement through his lawyer Thursday, saying there has been rampant speculation and misinformation about the shooting. They said they hope people will reserve judgement until the facts of the case are known.

“Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Neil Gabrielson imposed several conditions, including that the 54-year-old Stanley remain within a six-kilometre radius of his farm and wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. He must also stay away from the Red Pheasant ‘First Nation’ {a ‘nation’ of 2,209 people} and have no contact with the family of the man who was killed.

“Stanley is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie of the Red Pheasant reserve.”

–‘Judge grants bail to Saskatchewan farmer charged with murder of ‘First Nations’ man’,
CANADIAN PRESS, August 20, 2016



‘Gerald Stanley granted $10,000 bail after not-guilty plea in Colten Boushie shooting’

VIDEO: http://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/gerald-stanley-pleads-not-guilty-in-shooting-death-of-colten-boushie-bail-decision-reserved-1.3033284

VIDEO: http://globalnews.ca/video/2891608/judge-reserves-decision-on-bail-hearing-for-man-accused-of-killing-a-22-year-old-on-a-saskatchewan-farm

‘Bail granted to Gerald Stanley, man accused in Colten Boushie shooting’

Colten Boushie Court rally (CBC)
Colten Boushie Court rally (CBC)

The ‘unbiased academic’:
“Adam Gaudry…is Métis…

“Adam’s research explores nineteenth-century Métis political thought, the formation of a Metis-Canada treaty relationship in 1870, and the subsequent non-implementation of that agreement. This project argues the ongoing existence of a “Manitoba treaty” between the ‘Métis people’ and Canada necessitates the maintenance of a respectful and bilateral political relationship between the ‘treaty partners’…

Just another Aboriginal Industry activist using public funds to do biased research and advocacy…

“Adam received his Ph.D. from the ‘Indigenous’ Governance Program’ {of course…} at the University of Victoria…

“In solidarity with ‘Idle No More’, I worked with students at Yale and Columbia to organize an {anti-Canadian} ‘Idle No More Teach-In’ at both universities…


“In March 2011, I organized the First Annual ‘Indigenous’ Resurgence Week’ for the {segregationist} ‘Native Students Union’ at the University of Victoria.”


See also:
‘CBC Playing Race Games’ {August 17, 2016}:
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